Types of Washing Machine – A Comprehensive Report

Understanding the types of washing machine have always been a matter of great interest as a washing machine is the No.1 best home appliance that a common man first prefer to bring home. Modern brands are making all sorts of changes to ease the washing process and improve the quality of every single wash. As a result, Today we have best washing machines, so well designed and specificated that all we need to do is just put the laundry inside the machine, and press a button. The rest- your washing machine type will take care, and take care in a way that you want it to follow.

Discussing the unique features of the modern washing machine is a vast topic in itself. We have designed other articles where we have explained the high-end features of the top washing machines available in markets today, these include all types of washing machine. Please visit the washing machine category at this website, if you wish to know more regarding them.

Right now, we will discuss the different types of washing machine available in your city, and simultaneously we will also recommend you some popular washing machines under each washing machine type that you may love to bring home.

But, before that, let’s see how we define a washing machine?

What is a Washing machine? 

A washing machine is an automated, electrically powered, and operated device that washes the laundry through the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy. It uses washing detergent and water (cold or warm depending on your washing machine type); rinses the laundry, injects water removes dirt, squeezes to remove the water by spinning, and dry the clothes for you. All these steps are done either in a full-automatic manner or in a semi-automatic way depending which type of washing machine you choose/own. You need to provide instruction to the machine with the available options and buttons on the panel. The panel look and features gain differ with different types of washing machine. It saves time and reduces manual labor when compared to the washing clothes manually. The comfort extent maybe 90 percent better or even more.

Types of Washing Machine

Based on the operation or cloth loading principle: The washing machine can come in two major types:

Front-load washing machines always come in full automatic operating type, whereas the Top load washing machines can be:

  • Semi-automatic operating washing machines or
  • Full-automatic operating washing machines

The price range of the above-stated types of washing machine varies according to the features these machines carry. You can choose a washing machine that suits your budget best.

Here is a schematic diagram explaining what are the types of washing machine we have on the markets, based on the method of loading clothes in the washing machine.

types of washing machine

Now let us understand each of these types of washing machine in detail. Later in the article, we will make a Front Load washing machine Vs. Top load washing machine comparison.

1) Top load washing machine

types of washing machine

The Outer body shape of top load Washing machines can be rectangular or circular. But the central rotational part i.e., the Wash Drum (Where agitation and spinning take place) is circular and stands tall, giving a comfortable operational height to the machine. This height is perfect to operate as you do not need to bend yourself. Users who face pain-problem while bending find this design very helpful. The opening (Gate) for putting the clothes inside the washing cabin is available at the top of the washing machine. The digital or analog controlling panel also resides at the top of the device. The panel layout may differ in machines depending upon the design.

The panel consists of basic and advanced features that allow the user to obtain the desired result. The wash-tub, where the washing or spinning occurs, is driven by a motor that can be a direct driving motor or a motor driving the wash tub through a belt and pulley assembly. The wash-tub rotates 3/4th of a circle in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, and also in a complete circle to give better wash; rinse to the laundry. Several other rollers rotate counter to each other to obtain better friction with the clothes and remove the dirt more efficiently. The motor arrangement locates at the bottom in a top load washing machine. 

 Based on the operational features or better say technology used, there are two types of washing machine where we load clothes from top.

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i) Semi-automatic Washing machine

Types of washing machine

The semi automatic washing machines come with the technology that barres users from taking the pain of manual cleaning labor. But, since it is not a completely automatic process, the users need to supervise the process and make changes as per his observations and calculations. In semi-automatic mode, the top load washing machine comes with two different chambers: First- the washing chamber, and second- the spinning chamber.

The calculations of feeding water and mixing the detergent are done by the user here.

After the clothes get washed in the washing chamber, the user needs to shift them manually to the spinning chamber. After that, set some time for the auto-spinning of the clothes and get the dried laundry. The dryness is not 100% but enough to get 100% dryness under the sun exposure in little time. 

Let us take a look at the instruction buttons. It will help in understanding the process and differentiating it from a full-automatic washing machine.

1 Water SelectorIt helps you direct the water in the wash chamber or the Spinning chamber
2 Wash SelectorThe wash selector enables you to direct the type of wash you want to give to your clothes. i.e., light wash, Medium wash, or heavy/ strong wash. You select the wash as per dirtiness on the clothes or the fabrics of your clothes.
3 Wash TimerFor setting the wash time, you want your clothes to be in agitation.
4Drain SelectorFor draining the water in the wash-tub.  
5Spin TimerFor setting the time, you want your laundry to undergo spinning, i.e., removing water from laundry.

A quick image of the panel in a Semi-automatic types of washing machine is given below for an easy understanding of its operation.

Types of washing machine

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ii) Fully-automatic Washing Machine

 The full-automatic Washing machine is your need if you do not have much time to stand by your washing machine side. It helps you in managing time to accomplish some other work while your machine does the laundry. All you need to do is drop your clothes in your full-automatic washing machine, choose a washing mode, and press the start button on the panel. The machine will take care of the rest. Once you press the start button after selecting the wash program (Mode), it displays time duration; the full process will run for. It automatically uses the washing detergent that you placed in a sliding pocket just above the wash-tub, and take water as per the need, according to the load. It washes, rinses, and spins the clothes in the same tub, unlike the semi-automatic machines where we had a separate tub for spinning the clothes. The tap water needs to be kept running, which the machine uses according to its need.

The drain pipe needs to be laid in the washroom to enable the wastewater to leave the wash-tub. Once the displayed time duration gets over, you hear a musical beep, indicating completion of the washing process. You can now take your clothes out of the washing machine and lay under the sun for total dryness.

Since the full process is automatic, all you need to do is select the type of wash (fabric based) and hit the start button. However, you can design a wash program by making changes in the pre-set limits. These include setting the time duration for washing, rinsing, and spinning or selecting a new water level that you want your machine to rinse cloth in. 

An image of the display buttons at the panel of a full-automatic types of washing machine is given below for better understanding of its operational mode.

Types of washing machine

2) Front-load washing machine

Types of washing machine

The Front load Washing machines usually come square in shape. It has an opening (gate) in the center of the washing machine body, on the front side, through which the user puts the laundry in the wash-tub. It comes with a single tub where all the three operations: Washing, rinsing, and spinning occur. Apart from the basic full automatic features, some machines come with additional advanced features like “Eco bubble technology; Diamond drum wash-tub; ceramic heater; etc. These machines also recommend you the washing temperature, spinning RPM once you select the type of cloth you want to wash. However, the user can always make changes in this setting.

These advanced features allow better wash output and save energy as well. Close the gate and choose your preferred wash mode (Button or digital display panel). The canter of axis for rotation of the wash tube is horizontal to the floor; hence, these machines facilitate 360-degree rotation and rolling to laundry. The 360-degree swivel and rolling give a better wash to the laundry. The wash-tub, like in top load washing machines, are motor-driven, which can be a direct driving motor or a motor driving the agitator through a belt and pulley assembly.

An ultra modern washing machine type under the front loaders are the Washer dryer Combos. All the functions are quite same expect the dryness level, the washer dryer combos gives you absolute dry clothes that you do not need to line dry. If you wish to more about the washer dryer combos, please click here.

Since we discussed and understood the above two types of washing machine (Top load and the Front-load washing machines), it is now important, as a next step, to know which out of these two washing machine types you should buy. We also have an comprehensive report that you may read to understand how to choose a washing machine at this website. 

The paragraph below will give a detailed comparison w.r.t different parameters between full automatic- front load washing machine and Top load washing machine- Front-load Vs Top load washing machine. The comparison will help you choose a washing machine which suits your budget and need at best.


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Front Load Washing Machine Vs Top Load Washing Machine

 S/No ParametersFull automatic Top Load Washing Machines
Front Load Washing Machines
1PriceIf you have a budget of somewhere between 10,000 INR to 15000 INR, Top load washing machine is the right product for you.Price for Front-load washing machines starts somewhere around 15,000 INR. It can go up to 2.5 lakh INR or even more depending on its load washing weight capacity and features.
2DrynessThe dryness obtained is much less than the fronts load washing machines. Dryness depends on the spinning RPM of the machine. The maximum spinning RPM available with top load washing machines is 800.Front-load washing machines give much drier clothes than top load washing machines. The maximum spinning available is 1450 RPM with some models.
3Electricity ConsumptionTop load washing machines consume slightly more power than the front load washing machines.Front-load washing machines consume less electricity because of fewer moving parts and wash more clothes in one batch/lot.
4Water ConsumptionWater consumption in top load washing machines is 2X to 2.5X to that of front load washing machines.Front-load washing machines, though continuous need supply of water, consume much less water. (approximately 40% to 50% of water volume required in Top load washing machines)
5Detergent consumptionDetergent consumption is more in a top load washing machine.Front-load washing machines give better results even with less detergent quantity due to better inter circulation and rolling over in the wash-tub.
6Wash qualityThe output Wash quality is good but as clean as obtained in front load washing machines.The output wash quality is better with front load washing machines due to the 360-degree rotation and rolling over of laundry in the wash-tub.
7NoiseProduces more noiseSignificantly less as compared to Top load washing machines
8Wash TimeFinishes the load fasterNeed more time to finish one lot wash as compared to top load washing machines
9Water flowCan be used with stored water in a bucketNeeds continuous water flow
10Wash Tub SizeWash-tub are smaller than front load washing machinesWash-tub are slightly larger in diameter as compared to Top load washing machines
11MaintenanceRequires less maintenanceRequire regular maintenance, specially descaling around the pipes

Conclusion on the different types of washing machine

We have focused on explaining the core types of washing machine that includes other related explanations like  what is a washing machine? how the two fully automatic washing machines are different from each other i.e., Front-load Vs Top load washing machines. We hope the explanations will help you understand a washing machine better and help you choose the right type for your family. Still, if we have missed something that you were looking information on, please feel free to write in the comments section below. We will try to get back with an answer in a possible early time. If you liked the article, please share it wide through the social media icons given below.

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