5 Top washing machine brands in India

Since already discussed the best front load washing machines and the best top load washing machines in India; it will be no less interesting to know about the top washing machines brands in India; the technologies they use to produce world-class washing machines and other home appliances, and the roots of these best washing machines in India.

While researching the best semi-automatic and the best front load washing machines, we came across many astonishing technologies that these top washing machine brands in India uses to develop highly technological washing machines. As a result, a desire to let you know the roots and technologies these best washing machine brands were using aroused in me. Embedding these pieces of information on the product-focused articles could have cluttered the paper with words that you may have preferred to avoid; thus, we decided to bring a separate note on that. Hence, We bring you our report on “5 top washing machine brands in India,” that have been producing quality washing machines for Indian consumers.

 It is noteworthy to mention here that the listing has been done considering the use of technologies, production of high-end featured washing machines, and not according to the companies’ market share. For instance, Bosch may not be among the top 5 best selling washing machine brands in India. Still, as we found, it is a very customer-oriented company, producing premium washing machines and has sold more than one million washing machines in India according to its official statement, a year back, in October 2019.

Moving ahead, Let’s take a look at our list.

Top washing machine brands in India.


Top washing machine brands in India- Bosch

The root of Bosch starts right since November 15th, 1886, when Mr Robert Bosch began to the “Workshop”- for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart, Germany, with only two employees. The first business was manufacturing and supply of low voltage magneto for gas engines. The last 133 years have witnessed continuous growth and innovation excellence in different engineering sectors of this organization. Today, Bosch is spread worldwide, with more than 3 lac employees.

Bosch stepped into the production of home appliance since 1929 and produced its first Electric refrigerator in the year 1933. Twenty-five years later, in the year 1958, it started the series production of washing machines. 

These washing machines didn’t have dryers in them. Bosch introduced the first washing machine with dryer in the year 1972.

Today it is one of the favourite washing machine brands, selling the best washing machines apart from its other diversified businesses. 

Before we talk about its business operation in India, it is crucial to mention that the massive growth of Bosch has never been that easy as it may sound today. The history of transition includes the dark period when its plants at Stuttgart were bombed, and everything got ruined, the story of which you find at their website.

Getting back to India’s business, Bosch first started its business in India as an agency at Kolkata (then Calcutta) supplying automotive parts in 1922 in partnership with C. Illes & Co. Though consistent in industry, it struggled to achieve real sales in India till 1949 when Bosch partnered with the Gaziabad Engineering company (GEC) led by the Saran brothers. The same Saran family, the youngest son of which Mr Raghunandan saran is the founder of Ashok Leyland, and the GEC, founder, his father, Mr Payelal Saran (popularly known as Motorwale) helped Bosch strengthen its root in India.

Technology Used in Washing Machines by Bosch

The high growth and sales of Bosch Washing machines were backed by the continuous development in the technology of its washing machines. It has introduced several technologies that have made it one of the top washing machine brands in India.

Some features which are unique and special among themselves are:

  • The VarioDrum washing tub in its machines,
  • The EcoSilence Drive Motor
  • The AntiVibration Design
  • Adaptability to remote access and the Smart Diagnosis ability of its washing machines.
  • The User-friendly and Fabric friendly wash programmes.


Top washing machine brands in India- whirlpool

Whirlpool has a history of more than 108 years in the manufacturing and supply of home appliances- what’s more acceptable. Its prime business started with the production of washing machines.

Today, it is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of home appliances with more than 92000 employees and market revenue of approximately 21 billion USD. It has more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centres worldwide, where its research team continuously develops its products.

It entered in India in the late 1980s in partnership with TVS group and established the first manufacturing unit for washing machines in Pondicherry.

Technology Used in Washing Machines by Whirlpool

Whirlpool, for its innovation and research, has earned many rewards from the auditing and design organizations. If we talk of its technology, it has got patented advanced technologies which include-

  • 6TH SENSE Technology
  • Hotmatic Technology
  • Dynamix Technology

The use of these technologies has made whirlpool a top washing machine brand in India, manufacturing some of the best washing machines. 


Top washing machine brands in India- lg

LG Electronics is one of the leading business group in four different sectors: Home entertainment; Home appliances; Mobile communication and automotive spares. We will discuss the technologies related to their washing machines.

As we saw in our list of the best front-load washing machines, there were four front loaders from the LG house, all of them are truly modern and contemporary in their segment.

Technology Used in Washing Machines by LG

LG has introduced its washing machines with many technologies that thas differentiated them from other products in the market. A few of them includes:

  • 6 Motion DD technology
  • Inverter Direct Drive
  • SmartThinQ   wifi_control  
  • Steam wash
  • TurboWash   

In brief, these technologies have made LG one of India’s largest home appliance selling company and one of the top washing machine brands in India.


Top washing machine brands in India- IFB

IFB is an Indian origin home appliance company, Founded by Mr Bijon Nag, that started its operation in 1974 in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The company has manufacturing units in Bangalore and Kolkata and around 250 retail outlets in different parts of the country.  

Technology Used in Washing Machines by IFB

According to a report published by CRISIL, iFB holds a washing machine market share of around 27% in India. This data certainly proves the popularity of IFB washing machines in India. Indeed, it is one of the top washing machine brands in India- in fact, among the best washing machine brands in India. IFB washing machines are best known for their wash quality; user-friendliness and the fabrics’ quality being taken care during the wash cycles. Few technologies that have made it possible are:

  • Air Bubble Wash
  •  Ball Valve Technology
  • 3D Wash Technology
  •  Cradle wash Technology
  • Aqua Energie wash technology
  • 9 swirl wave motion technology


Top washing machine brands in India- Samsung

Samsung produced its first washing machine in the year 1974; it was a semi-automatic washing machine. Five years later, in 1979, it launched its first automatic washing machine and, since then, it has successfully become a significant market acquirer of washing machines in India, and one among the top washing machine brands in India.

Technology Used in Washing Machines by Samsung

In its washing machines, Samsung uses many technologies that have enhanced the wash quality of its washing machines and have also made them more energy efficient.

To mention a few, these technologies are:

  • The Ecobubble wash technology
  • The Wobble 3D Dynamic wash technology
  • The active wash technology


There are several manufacturers of washing machines in India, and many of them have really given top-performing washing machines to Indian consumers. However, in our research, the above-listed brands as “the top washing machine brands in India” have been widely popular among the users for their outstanding contributions in easing the daily washing activities without being harsh on clothes.

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