10 best steel stand for Utensils

Among the kitchen organisers, steel stand for utensils or utensil stand for kitchen, more popular as Bartan stands for kitchen, is one of the best organiser-type equipment that not only eases the cumbersome work of segregating utensils but also acts as a beautiful kitchen décor item.

Nevertheless, other kitchen tools will have to be considered; Still, in my opinion, a homemaker would consider bringing home an organiser rack first if asked to plan a new kitchen.

Now, the next important question is how to choose a steel stand for utensils that can accommodate your daily use utensils, at least. What type of stand should it be- Hanging or Countertop placeable?

The type may be a subject matter of space available in your kitchen, but the size should be appropriate; appropriate to hold all your daily use utensils.

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Today, in this report, based on analysis of types and size, we have enlisted 10-best steel stand for utensils that you should check if you are looking to buy a bartan stand for your kitchen.

Ahead in the report, we will discuss the sizes and features and emphasise why these bartan stands for kitchen are better and popular.

Let’s move to our utensil stands for kitchen list now:

1. Dish over the Sink steel stand for utensils by Amaze Kitchen- Black -Size 85x32x52 cm

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension(LxWxH)85x32x52 cm
Weight3.9 Kilograms

Product description:

  • Robust by design and beautiful by look, the Amaze kitchen’s Dish over sink steel stand for utensil is a premium quality product. Made from high-grade stainless steel and coated for antirust properties, it gives double protection from damages caused by heat and moisture.
  • The manufacturer claims this bartan stand for kitchen to last enough ( in a kind like a lifetime) to be considered the best value item for your family.
  • The next eye-catching thing is its compatibility to sink over placement. If you have a small kitchen, it’s going to save space apart from keeping your kitchen dry; the leftover water droplets fall directly in the sink. Be it your plates, bowls, spoons, knife or ladles; it can accommodate all. 
  • Additionally, there is a small bracket just below the top rack; you can keep your washing bars or liquids here. As we see, washing bars always dissipate soap-water that causes spots where they are kept. With this front-projected bracket, the water scattered from bars falls directly in the sink.
  • This Bartan stand for kitchen is rectangular in shape, making it more stable over the sink and not toppling down even when hit accidentally. 
  • Because it owns a simple and open front design, maintenance becomes easy. This steel stand for utensil can be cleaned throughout with a cotton cloth piece easily. Hence, the simple and open design also helps it look new for a long time. 

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Looking for more tiers in the same design: Check: 

Eigen Over Sink Steel stand for utensils

  • Unique 3 Tier utensil rack
  • SS304 constructed
  • expandable (65 Cm- 90 Cm) bartan stand for kitchen.


2. 304 grade Stainless Steel Over The Sink Space Saving Dish Drainer Storage Organizer Rack for Kitchen Utensils-60 x 28 x 60 cm by Kurtzy 

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensionlength 60 x width 28 x height 60 cm.
Weight3.2 Kilograms

Product description:

  • The next steel stand for utensils in our list is also an over sink utensil rack, which has got same design as our last bartan stand for the kitchen. The difference lies in coating and size. This time there is no coating, but as this is an SS304 constructed kitchen vessel stand, it will not rust. The size this time is 60 Cm wide. So if you are looking for a shiny thing in your kitchen, bring home this piece- Smooth Finished, beautiful design, and SS-304constructed.
  • The SS 304 materials are resistant to heat and moisture and do not catch rust. They find application in much industrial equipment manufacturing where atmospheric conditions are humid. 
  • Dimension measures about length 60 x width 28 x height 60 cm.
  • It can take up 13 plates on the top compartment and hang ladles, spoons, whisk, saucepans on the detachable hooks. Compartments for placing soap, bars, boards, knife etc., have also been provided in this utensil organiser rack.
  • Open from the front and rectangular, it is stable over the ink and can be cleaned easily with a cotton cloth piece. The compartments can be detached and fixed as per the convenience of use, so they are convenient.
  • It is a sturdy and durable steel stand for utensils and can take up to 25 Kgs of load (manufacturer claims). The item is even lighter in weight than our last kitchen vessel stand; it weighs only 3.2 Kgs. The contents of the package are as follows: 
  1. 1 x Steel frame
  2. 1 x Cutting board slot
  3. 1 x Cutlery bowl
  4. 1 x Detergent holder
  5. 8 x removable hooks

So if space is a constraint in your kitchen or you love an over sink steel stand rack for kitchen, bring home this kitchen organiser rack; you will love it.

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3. Pure Stainless Steel made- Wall mountable steel stand for utensils by Gehwara.

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension26 inch X 26 inch X 10 inch
Weight4.3 Kilograms

Product description:

  • One good thing about the Gehwara steel stand for utensil is 4-tier make. Several hooks for hanging the ladles, pans etc., spoons, etc. Even there are holders to accommodate glasses. You can accommodate up to 18 plates in the plates tier, the 2nd rack from the bottom. So many good things- many reasons to bring home this beautiful bartan stand for kitchen.
  • This steel stand for utensil can be placed on kitchen shelves or can be hanged on the wall; it has 3 pairs of hanging grooves, assuring better stability at the wall. So if you do not want to cumbersome your kitchen shelf and want to hang this bartan stand for kitchen on a sidewall near the sink, this can be a better option in utensil organiser racks.
  • This kitchen rack is made of premium grade stainless steel, and it is highly durable and rust-proof
  • The material of construction is 202 Grade stainless steel. Though the last steel stand for utensil we saw was made from SS304 grade materials, even 202 grade works better for kitchen tools and equipment. SS304 is meant for industrial use like the milk processing industries and others; for the kitchen, the 202-grade steel is more economical. The main difference between SS 304 and SS 202 lies in the Nickle and chromium content. SS304 have a higher composition of these two metals.

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4. Stainless Steel stand for utensil – 3 Shelf by WINSTAR -Wall Mount Kitchen Bartan Stand -18 x 18 inches.

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension18×18 inches
Weight2.74 Kilograms

Product description:

  • The next bartan stand for kitchen we recommend you is a 3-shelf stainless steel stand by Winstar.
  • The size for this kitchen vessel stand is ’18 x 18 inches, but it is available in two more sizes.
  1. 18 x 24 inches – 4 tier stainless steel stand for utensils
  2. 18 24 inches – 4 tier Non-magnetic stainless Steel stand for Utensils
  • All these three utensils organisers can be mounted on the wall (No separate grooves) and stand firm on shelves top. Due to leg design, there are quite stable when placed on the kitchen shelves top.
  • The current model has a net weight of 2.74 Kgs.

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5. Stainless Steel stand for with 12 plates holding capacity- Stainless Steel – Silver Chrome Finish by LAPO

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension52.1 x 15.2 x 12.7 Centimeters
Weight916 Gms

Product description:

  • If you are looking for a steel stand for kitchen plates, the LAPO 12 plate holding plate organiser can be the best thing to bring home. 
  • It makes your plates well well segregated, and because it’s small in size, just 12.7 centimetres in height, it looks uniform with other stakings in your kitchen. 
  • It is easy to pick and shift on your kitchen shelf; it is a very handy plate organiser- Just916 Gms in weight.
  • This plate organiser can be placed on your dining tabletop or in a drawer- wherever you like. The stand looks beautiful with its fibre base and has been given a silver chrome finish. It makes a beautiful home décor/ kitchen décor item, too, and must buy if you own a modular kitchen.

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6. L Shape Stainless Steel stand for utensil- 2 Tier Corner Shelf by AAPAEnterprise

BrandAAPA Enterprise
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension13 x13 inches

Product description:

  • Now shape your kitchen’s corner with the L-shaped steel stand for utensil by AApa Enterprise, and use the free space in the best way.
  • This kitchen organiser rack measures 13 inches on each side from the corner, meaning you get 52 inches of storage place and that too well designed, taking minimum space in your kitchen. So You do not need a three our Four-tier Bartan stand for kitchen.
  • Made from 100% stainless steel, this kitchen organiser can be hanged on a wall or placed countertop; Can be used as a kitchen vessel stand, utensil organiser stand, or storage for fruits and vegetables. It comes with wheels, enabling easy movement.

Looking for 3 tier in the same design?

Get it here:

 L Shaped Corner Steel stand for utensil 3-Tier by Zinbell.

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7. Steel stand for utensil by PALOMINO – 4 tiers- 24 * 24 inch 

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension24 X 24 Inches
Weight3.75 Kilograms

Product description:

  • The Palomino four-tier steel bartan stand for kitchen is made from stainless steel, and with premium seamless welding and rust proof plating, it has been given a smooth finish kitchen bartan stand rack is a perfect choice for a perfect home kitchen utensil stand wall mount dish rack
  • With a size of 24 inch X 24 inches in length and width and a 10 cm rack tier width, you can store up to 17 utensils on this bartan stand for the kitchen.
  • There are well-designed hooks to hang the spoons and ladles and hold the glasses.
  • With sturdy construction and robust legs, this steel stand for utensil is stable on the kitchen shelf top or can be mounted on the wall. (No separate grooves for wall mounting).

Looking for More tiers? There is a 5 tier rack too from Palomino; check it here:

PALOMINO Polo 5 Layer steel stand for Utensils 

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8. Dish Drainer steel stand for utensil-S shaped- Dual-layer by Moolten

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension41 x 37 x 25 Centimeters
Weight1.95 Kilograms

Product description:

  • The Moolten S-shaped steel stand rack should be first called a beautiful kitchen décor item. It has been beautifully designed with an attractive and sturdy base that makes it super stable on the kitchen shelves.
  • Besides providing 15 kitchen plates, it comes embedded with beautiful compartments to hold, spoons, ladles, chopping boards etc.
  • The lower tier can accommodate a really good number of bowls/plates/ cups or glasses as it is wide in size.
  • Easy to assemble and de assemble, this steel stand for utensils is a must item if you own a modular kitchen.
  • Item Dimension (LXBXH) :41 x 37 x 25 Centimeters
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight; 1.95 Kg

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9.Stainless Steel Corner Storage Rack by Kuber Industries, Silver

BrandKuber Industries
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension30 x 20 x 7 Centimeters
Weight0.4 Kilograms

Product description:

  • Fill your kitchen’s corners with a beautiful steel stand for utensils from Kuber Industries.
  • This steel stand can be used as a kitchen vessel stand or a corner steel stand for jars or can find beautiful application in your Bathroom.
  • With only 400 gm weight, this kitchen/ bathroom organiser comes in Silver colour with a Dimension of (LXWXH) 32×22.5×51 CM.

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10. Stainless Steel stand for utensil- 2 Tier Multipurpose Rack for kitchen by MD’s House

BrandMD’s House
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension16 x 8.7 x 15 Centimeters
Weight0.95 Kilograms

Product description:

  • Available in two types, the bartan stand for kitchen is a countertop type of rack made from stainless steel
  • It can be used to store utensils, spices, vessels or other general food items.
  • It has been constructed from stainless steel and plated with bronze assuring a rust-free life in the long run.
  • Product Dimensions : 16 x 8.75 x 15 cm
  • Product weight: 950 gms

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Choosing a steel stand for utensil may not sound like a tough job. Still, it needs to be done with caution as no bartan stand for kitchen would be fruitful if it does not serve the basic purpose of accommodating at least the kitchen’s daily-use utensils, giving a lavish look and serving you for a longer time.

We have tried to help our readers get a quick but detailed previews of some of the best kitchen organiser racks available online through this report.

Make a choice and bring home a bartan stand that brings cheers to your family members.

Happy buying!


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