Mini Washing Machine or Portable Washing machine-5 best

A Mini Washing machine or portable washing machine can prove to be an efficient tool to solving laundry issues, especially to bachelors or couples, given the line drying conditions are optimum.

So far, we looked at the basics to advance concepts of washing machines, including the best available washing machines categorically, at this website. To name a few: best washer dryer combosfront load washing machinesbest top loaderssemi-automatic washing machines etc.( Please visit the washing machine section at this website to learn in details).

You may refer to the reports stated above to choose a washing machine that suits your needs. But, if instead, your search is a small washing machine like the modern foldable washing machine/ portable washing machine bucket, we have come up with a list of 5 best mini washing machines that the users have widely accepted, are handy to use, comes at a nominal price and are easy to operate and carry. These portable washing machines are straightforward to maintain, has less scaling issues and a fault encountered can be easily rectified.

Before we move to our list, let us see the parameters/ factors that formed the basis of selecting these Mini portable washing machines.

How we picked the 5 best Mini Portable Washing Machines 

  1. Existing Users experience: Technology does matter, but when it comes to a piece of equipment we don’t have many substitutes for; the experience of pre-users help selecting the right machine among the few. In our mini washing machine shortlisting process, we have prioritised the existing user’s opinions.
  2. User-friendliness: When searching for a mini portable washing machine, the user means a less cumbersome, easy to carry washing machine that he/she can easily operate. We have got several different types of portable washing machine, including the high-performing folding washing machine that take the shape of a bucket when unfolded and can even be accommodated in a briefcase when moving out.
  3. Durability: The next factor we have considered is the build quality; we have analysed the materials used for different parts of these mini washing machines. What sort of testing they have undergone. Many a time, the manufacturers testing standard do not become accessible. In those conditions, we took the help of the existing user’s experience to conclude the sturdiness.
  4. Technology: A mini washing machine incapable of providing a better wash output can never be popular among users no matter how good it has been built. We have focussed on the essential technologies presence that enables good wash outputs.
  5. Cost: Last but not least, several other factors have been analysed when selecting these mini portable washing machines; the cost plays a significantly important role. Many users may not prefer to spend much. In other words, many users may be looking for a washing machine that solves the basic wash problems without costing much to them. We have tried to include low to high range portable washing machines in our list to feed all our readers.

Best Mini Washing Machine in India 2021

1. Onida 9.0 kg Washer Only (W90W, Lava Red)

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Have you ever thought you can get a large family type washing machine at a throw-away price, that too, from a renowned brand? The Onida team has done an excellent job with the introduction of this 9 Kg washer. First available in November 2017, this portable washing machine has gained wide popularity among users due to its feature, durability, and purchasing price.

Let us look at its features followed by the description ahead.

Product Key Specifications:

Wash Capacity9 Kg
TypeTop Load Washing machine
ControlSemi- automatic
Maximum Rotational Speed780 RPM
Number of wash Programmes2
Motor270 W
Item Weight12.6 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.6 x 1.5 x 3 feet
Noise level washing/ Spinning65 dB/73 dB
 Anti-rust with rat guard, Buzzer
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Product, 7 Years Warranty on Motor  

Product Description:

  • 9 Kg Washing Capacity; 780 RPM rotational speed; 270 W motor, Hydrologic pulsator

With a 9 Kg wash capacity, you can wash sufficient clothes at one time. So if you are a large family of 4 to 5 adults or if you need to wash heavy clothes like the double bed-sheets or the blankets, the Onida W90W washer only portable washing machine can help you meet your needs, efficiently.

There are two wash programs that you can utilise to get better results based on the fabrics of clothes. With the help of a 270 W motor, the portable washing machine rotates the hydrologic pulsator to up to 780RPM. The 780 RPM rotational speed of the hydrologic pulsator self-explains the level of thrusting your laundry experiences, making the tough stains lose quickly. The motor comes with a warranty of 7 years, and the overall warranty (comprehensive) on the product is 1 year.


Pre-soaking is an efficient way to loosen the specks of dirt on the clothes; for better results, pre-soak your clothes at least for 30 minutes before initiating the wash programs.

The entire washing process is not much noisy, if not that calm. The company promises a noise level of 65 dB and 73 dB for washing and spinning, respectively, and the existing users’ opinion is also positive.

There is also a buzzer that sounds upon completion of wash timing.

  • Anti-rust Body; Rat Guard, and Body dimension

The body of this mini washing machine is made from superior quality Plastic, ensuring no rusting in the long run, hence promises extended durability. Secondly, to protect it from the pesky rodents that enter inside and damage the wirings, a rat guard has also been provided.

  • Control Console

The control console for this portable washing machine is semi-automatic in operation. It works similar to a regular washing machine with the spinning feature, except it doesn’t come with a spin tub. 

Added Advantage: Light Weight and Compact design, making it a handy washing machine. It takes tiny space and is a free-standing type of washing machine.

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2. Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput, Lava Red)

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The next best mini washing machine on our list also comes from the house of Onida. This time with a 6.5 Kg wash capacity one. After the success of the 6.5 Kg model only, the 9 kg model, stated above, was introduced. This portable and lightweight washer was launched back in June 2015. Onida has emerged as a leader in the portable washing machine segment with these two mini washing machine models.

The Onida washer only 6.5 Kg mini washing machine, popularly known as “Liliput”, is identical to the 9 Kg W90W model stated above. The difference lies in the wash capacity, the motor rating, weight and somewhat in dimension as the last machine. 

The washer has a 6.5 Kg washing capacity sufficient for a family of 3 to 4 members. 

Product Key Specifications:

Wash Capacity6.5 Kg
TypeTop Load Washing machine
ControlSemi- automatic
Maximum Rotational Speed740 RPM
Number of wash Programmes2
Motor270 W
Item Weight12 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.6 x 1.5 x 2.91 feet
Noise level washing/ Spinning65 dB/73 dB
 Anti-rust with rat guard, Buzzer
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Product, 7 Years Warranty on Motor  


Please read “how to choose a washing machine” if you wish to learn how to select a wash capacity that meets your family size needs.

Product Description:

  • The Onida 6.5 Kg mini washing machine has a transparent lid, making the ongoing internal motion visible to users; a very comfortable height of around 3 feet which usually makes up to the waist of an average person with 5’7″ or 5’8″ height, thus operating it is easy and comfortable.
  • It weighs only 12 Kg hence lite and easy to move from one place to another, unlike the washing machines with the spin tub that weighs in the range of 21 to 30 Kg. The body has been designed compact, so it fits even in a small space/ corners.
  • The body is built of high-quality plastic, making it durable in the long run. Rat cover has also been provided with the machine to safeguard it from possible damages due to rodents entry inside the machine.
  • From an operation and functionality point of view, the Onida mini washing machine, popularly called “Liliput”, has two wash programs, one for “Normal” and the other for “Hard” wash cycle selection. The rotational speed for these wash programs goes up to 740 rpm. The hydrologic pulsator combined with a 270 powerful motor provides ample rotations in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction, eliminating tough stains on the fabrics.
  • It is suggested to pre-soak the laundries for 30 minutes before starting the wash cycles. The wash timer in this portable washing machine can be set to 15 minutes at maximum.

Please note that it is a washer only unit and doesn’t come with dryer.

How the Onida Mini portable washing machine is different from the regular semi-automatic washing machines?

How are the above two Onida portable washing machines different from the semi-automatic washing machines with spinning mechanism? Why we shouldn’t bring home those spinning based semi-automatic washing machines.

There are two knobs in the Onida washer only units; one assigns the type of wash (Wash cycle selector), i.e. Normal, Heavy and Drain, while the seconds assigns wash times up to 15 minutes. The water inlet point is just adjacent to the knobs. All these three locates at the backside of the lid, hence very safe from damages due to water spillage. Dran pipe locates the right bottom of the machine.

Semi-automatic washing machines with spin tub

Regular washing machines come with 4 knobs: Wash and spin tube selector, Wash timer selector; Drain selector and the wash selector. 


Since there is no spin tub in the Onida mini washing machine units, the Job done by extra 2 buttons in semi-automatic washing machines with dryer is not required here.

Wash cycle: The regular semi-automatic washing machines have three wash cycles, i.e. Normal, delicate and Hard wash. And the motor comes with a rating starting around 300 Watts. This implies that the present washer only unit from Onida have good specifications to meet the washing needs.

The regular washing machines offer spin speed in the range of 1000 to 1450 RPM, the Onida washer, the only unit is a game different; it has no spin tub. The rotational speed offered by the motor for wash cycles is in the range of 740 RPM TO 780 RPM. This rotational speed is sufficient to deliver better rotations of the cloth inside the washtub.

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3. HOMEICE Mini Folding Washing Machine

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In our list of 5 best mini portable washing machines, the third washing machine is a folding washing machine that takes the shape of a bucket when unfolded. The manufacturer is Homeice. This mini washing machine is best for students, singles working away from home, or for families for washing babby clothes, inner wears, pets clothes, washing vegetables and fruits. You can even wash a shirt or pant that can be well dipped and rotated in 10 litres of water.

Product Key Specifications:

Wash Capacity2 Kg
TypeFoldable Washable machine bucket type, semi-automatic category
Wash ouput320 W
Item Weight4 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH14x14x7.1/15 inch

Product Description:


Because this folding washing machine can take up to 10 litres of water in it.

The net weight of this mini washing machine is 4 Kg. The process of filling water is manual. The folding washing machine comes in other types also. One that takes power through USB, battery-operated, and the current machine take works on a direct plugin to the electrical socket board.

The Rated Voltage for this washing machine is 220 V, and the washing power is 320 W.

As per users’ experience, you can wash thick and hard clothes but delicate clothes washing is not recommended with this mini washing machine.

Please check the warranty before buying as this item may not be returnable.

The Cons of this washing machine is non-sturdiness structure and short electrical cord which measures ½ a meter only.

Though the washing machine has some limitations, it is indeed a very useful washing machine for the type of jobs discussed above. So, if you want a washing machine for any such type of Job, bring home the foldable washing machine from Homeice.

Looking for USB Powered foldable washing machine, buy this :

Openja Mini Folding Washing Machine Portable,Foldable Compact Ultrasonic Small Automatic USB Powered Cleaning Washer for Travel Home Business Trip


Kashtbhajan World Mini Folding Washing Machine Portable, Foldable Compact Ultrasonic Small Automatic USB Powered Cleaning Washer for Travel Home Business Trip – Green- 

(Hight only 10 Inch for Kashtbhajan world’s mini folding washing machine)

The machine works on a semi-automatic control console- imparting forward and reverse direction to the laundry. As witnessed its working, the wash action is superb. There is a knob that enables setting timer; you can set 15 minutes wash time with it.

Launched n December 2020, the Homeice mini folding washing machine is gaining popularity among the users, primarily for its lightweight, compact design and multipurpose use.

Make use of technology, bring home the folding washing machine and save considerable time and energy.

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4. DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket (DMR 30-1208, Blue)

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Now comes the turn to discuss the popular DMR 3 Kg Portable mini washing machine with dryer basket. As the name indicates, it comes with a dryer basket. This mini washing machine stood firm on our selection parameters, i.e wash output, compactness, performance etc. 

Let’s look at its key specifications and see how this equipment is one of the best mini washing available online.

Product Key Specifications:

Wash Capacity3 Kg
TypeMini washing machine- top loading door
ControlSemi automatic
Motor watt240
Item Weight6 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH40x40x55 Centimeters
Warranty1 year comprehensive warranty on product
Wash timer15 minutes
Spin Timer6 minutes
Control knobs2- wash and spin selector, Wash timer

Product Description:

  • Wash capacity

The assigned was capacity is 3 Kg meaning you can wash 3 to 4 adult size clothes (gents) comfortably, and the machine performs very well with this quantity. For ladies clothes like Kurti, leggings etc. it can accommodate 7 to 8 clothes easily. I think that gives an idea of how helpful this machine could be in saving your time if you are a single person or a couple. 

  • Spin capacity

Spin capacity is 1.5 Kg; some users say the spin tub is too small and useless. But wait, please do not assume a 3 kg mini washing machine to carry a 3 kg spin tub. The 1.5 Kg spin tub will prove fruitful when there is no a little sunshine or when you need to get some professional cloth ready soon. All you need to do is fill the spin tub with half the quantity as recommended for washing.

  • Wash quality

In one word: Excellent. This mini washing machine will not disappoint you with its wash outcomes. I insist, consider it a small protocol of the spin tub equipped semi-automatic washing machines when considering the wash quality.

Body, design, durability and user-friendliness:

As a priority point, I would first say: it’s indeed a user-friendly washing machine, Just plug in and rotate the knobs, That’s it. 

Easy to operate and carry, there is a handle at the back of this mini washing machine, holding which you can easily carry when empty.

The body is designed ergonomically with two control knobs allowing you to select wash/ drain activity and set a wash timer to your laundry. The body of the machine is made from superior grade plastic, giving it a shiny look.

The wash chamber is transparent, so all activities going inside are visible to you. There is a transparent lid at the top that opens in the way the other top load washing machines open.

Since compact in design, it can easily be placed at a place of your choice, provided there is a water supply tap and a basin for the drain water.

  • Control Console and Moving parts

It operates on the semi-automatic console where the machine has got a pulsator mounted on a 240-watt motor. There are two knobs: one for the wash and spin cycle and the second for setting the wash and spin timer. The maximum wash and spin time that can be set in this mini washing machine are 15 minutes/ 6 minutes, respectively. The pulsator rotates in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction, giving an absolute thrust to the laundry and removing the tough stains. 

Presoaking followed by the wash cycle can be an excellent way to eliminate tough stains on the clothes. The washing capacity is 3 kg which is sufficient for a person staying alone. For filling water, a water inlet port has been provided, no need of filling and draining the washing machine manually.

During washing of clothes, please clamp the drainpipe in the upward direction restricting the water run out of the machine; there is a plastic hook to fix the drainpipe on the outer ridges upside.

Smooth in operation, this mini washing machine is not so noisy. There is a lint filter, too; the best part is its presence at the bottom, which is missing sometimes even in the high end specificated semi-automatic washing machines. Please note the lower the location of the lint filter, the better will it collect lint.

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5. Ultino-Pro” Original Indias Hyandy Washing Machine, Isi Copper Coil Motor, Yellow

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The Ultino-Pro handy washing machine is a mount-to-bucket type washing machine that comes with copper coil motor and shockproof body. This mini handy washing machine has been popular among the users since its launch in January 2020; the manufacturing company is an ISO 200:2015 certified company and is offering a 1-year replacement Guarantee along with 2 years additional warranty.

Buyer’s guide

Why should you buy a Portable small washing machine?

The mini portable washing machines have been designed for singles or for couples that frequently move from one place to another. If you fall in any of the below-mentioned categories, you should, without a second thought, spend a nominal amount and bring home these small washing machines. These washing machines will save your precious time and labour considerably.

You are:

  • A working single away from home,
  • A student in a hostel or rented accommodation.
  • An aspirant working hard to get through your dream profession.
  • A couple moving out for a small tour or a short-term Job.

If you fall in any of the above categories, the mini portable washing machine is a must-to-have a tool for you, provided you do not wish to waste your time and energy; instead, use it to achieving your goals.


As stated above, my personal experience says that these machines do the Job. Not all, but the selected above mini washing machines have been found a good return for the investment. All these portable washing machines have a wide and satisfied customer base. You may choose a washing machine that you feel more suitable to your family or personal needs. We all have quite different profiles and customise the profile in the best way. A mini washing machine can be very helpful. 

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