which geyser is best Instant or Storage

Elecrtic geyser is the most preferred and widely used Water heater/ Geyser in India. If you are planning to buy an electric geyser, you must be obsessing which geyser is best instant or storage. To get an answer of this, it is imperative that the knowledge related to this home appliance be accquired. The know how of an electric geyser working or its related parts would help to lead a less cumbersome possession. We will discuss all important facts in this article. so let’s start by understanding what it is?

What is an electric geyser

Electric geysers are water heaters wherein the electrical energy gets converted into heat energy. The conversion occurs through a heating element (similar to an immersion rod ), directly contacting water. The heating element connects the electric source through an electric wire. There are two thermostats installed, which detect the water temperature and directs power-cut to the heating element, once the desired temperature, as set in the thermostat, is obtained. The water from the primary storage tank (the tank which collects the municipal supply water) enters the geyser, gets heated, and is available for use at the faucet or other points of use. By heating, we mean raising the temperature of water from its initial stage to a higher stage. The heating process may be instant or time taking depending on the type of geyser used. 

Look and layout of an Electric geyser

The Electric Water heater/ Geyser comes in different shapes, sizes, types, and layouts. They may have a storage tank inside to store heated water or may come without a storage tank. The storage geysers are bigger than the instant type geyser. They may not suit the available space in your bathroom, especially if your bathroom is small. But, they come in the horizontal layout also. So if you want to install a storage geyser in your bathroom but have less space, you can choose the storage geyser with a horizontal tank layout.

Electric geysers are easy to install and less hazardous as compared to the gas geyser. But both, Its initial purchase price and its operating cost, are higher than gas geysers. The operating cost can be as high as twice to that of a gas geyser. The operating cost depends on the other factors like; Initial temperature of cold water; The temperature it has to be raised to; The quantity of water required to be heated, etc. Both for saving electricity and water, an instant geyser is highly recommended. 

Price and Maintenance of Electric geyser

As far as maintenance of electric geysers is concerned, Electric geysers are very durable and require much less maintenance than the gas geyser. When it comes to the purchase cost- It is important to note here that though the electric geysers come at a higher purchasing price, requires a high operating cost; they require very less maintenance. They also are safer as compared to the gas geyser. These features have made an electric geyser more prevalent then a gas geyser, especially in India.

Noteworthy to mention here that we are not making any comparison with the third type, i.e. a solar geyser, due to its high initial purchasing price. But, Solar geyser is the best one. We will discuss the features and advantages of solar geyser in our Solar geyser section. As of now, if we have the option of choosing one from the gas geyser and Electric Geyser. I recommend checking your requirement, budget, space availability, and safety parameters before finalizing one. I recommend using an electric geyser.

Types of the Electric Water heater/ Geyser

An Electric geyser comes in two types:-

1) Storage-type Electric Water heater/ Geyser– These geysers consist of a storage tank to store hot water. The water in the storage tank maintains its hotness for 4-5 hours. The storage geyser needs time to heat the water to the desired temperature. The heating process takes a minimum time of 10 minutes before its ready for use. However, the time required to heat the water depends on the initial temperature of cold water; the temperature to which the water needs to be heated; the water quantity required to be heated. Most companies recommend heating the water to 65 deg centigrade, a suitable temperature for human skin.

which geyser is best Instant or Storage

2) Tank-less electric Water heater/ Geyser or Instant Geyser– Geyser, which comes without any storage tank provision called a “tankless electric geyser” or an ‘” Instant geyser”. Instant geyser because it provides hot water instantly, unlike the storage geyser where you have to wait until the water gets heated before ready for use. Instant geysers are the best choice if you:

  • Have limited space in your bathroom.
  • Need to install a geyser in some small place in the kitchen.
  • Do not have enough time to wait until the water becomes hot.

Besides these advantages, Instant Geyser, if used carefully, saves both electricity and water.

which geyser is best Instant or Storage

Which geyser is best Instant or Storage

  • In order to understand which geyser is best Instant or Storage, we need to first self analyze that we do we really want out of a geyser. The below listed brief difference would further help us choose one that suit our requirement.
  • A storage-type electric geyser comes in different sizes, i.e., it can be of 3Litre, 6 liters, 10 liters, and so on. It is available in a vertical layout as well as a horizontal layout. If you have limited space in your bathroom and cannot accommodate vertical storage electric geyser, you can choose a horizontal storage electric geyser. However, your choice for size is dependent on the required volume of hot water. The Instant Geysers, on the other hand, are available in small sizes like One-litre, three-liter, and five-liter. The smaller the instant geyser, the better is its efficiency. They come in vertical layout only and are very handy to install. The small geysers of 1 ltr capacity are popular for use in the kitchen or at washbasins.
  • A storage type electric geyser comes with a power rating of 2 Kwh. In contrast, the instant geysers are available with a power requirement rating of 3 to 4.5 Kwh. Noteworthy to mention here that in both cases, your power consumption is nearly the same. A storage geyser uses less power but needs time to heat the water, whereas an instant geyser needs more power, but you do not have to wait, it provides the hot water instantly.
  • The notable difference is the temperature of the outlet water. A storage geyser takes time to heat the water but can provide you with constant hot water. Whereas, with Instant Geyser, the outlet water temperature may fluctuate if the consumption rate is higher than the supply rate to the geyser, making it unfit for shower use. With a storage type electric geyser, you may have a certain quantity of hot water, which can maintain usable temperature for 4-5 hours if left in the storage tank. While in Instant Geyser, you have to run the geyser each time you want to use it. This difference is notable if you are residing in the area where frequent power cut is a problem.
  • From the maintenance point of view, both the geyser requires less maintenance. Still, the maintenance cost is more in storage geyser, especially if you are using hard water. When heated and left in storage tank forms scale, hard water can reduce the efficiency of your storage geyser. But this scale deposition to the extent that rejects your geyser is a long period issue. It may come to such a stage after some 5- 7 years of use. One right way to maintain your storage geyser’s life and efficiency is to use all the hot water in the tank or drain the extra water. Draining the left out water is not recommended as it is a waste of money. Instead, it will be the right practice to maintain the storage tank life if you flush your geyser at an interval recommended by the manufacturer. The storage tank comes in different material which decides the life of stank. Some brands are offering a glass-lined storage tank, which gives good life to a geyser. An instant geyser comes with a copper tube inside ( usually 15 to 20 mm in diameter) where the water circulates and gets heated.

Parts of an Electric Water heater/ Geyser

Instant geyser

As we know, that an electric geyser comes in two kinds. The only difference between them is the availability of tank and its absence. The rest parts and their functions are given below:

  1. Inlet Pipe: This pipe is connected to the incoming water from your primary storage tank. It directs the water to fall smoothly on the base of the geyser. 
  1. A shut off valve: A shut off valve is provided at the inlet pipe to control or regulate the incoming water flow to the container.
  1. The Outlet pipe: This pipe extends until the container’s top to collect the hot water, which being lighter in weight, rises above the cold water.
  1. A heating Element: Heating elements inside the geyser are typical same as we see immersion rod, which we use for heating the water in the bucket.
heating element
  1. Thermostat: There are two thermostats in the electric Geyser- One automatic reset and other manual reset based. The automatic thermostat is preset to temperature by the manufacturer or installer, or the user can also change the setting based on his/her requirement. The automatic thermostat cuts off the power supply to the heating element once the water attains the preset temperature. Again, it powers the heating element to heat the water if the temperature falls below the preset point. There may be chances of its failure due to some electrical short circuits. In such a situation, the heating element keeps running, heats the water to a temperature where water turns into steam. The steam may develop pressure inside the container, leading to the explosion of the tank. For safety, a second thermostat is available in such conditions, which will cut off the electrical supply to the heating element at a design point. ( Usually 90+/- 6 deg cent). Once there is a power cut, the heating element will not work unless and until the user manually resets it.
  1. Indicator bulbs: There are two indicator bulbs –One green and another red, which indicates the heating of water and the power cut off supply to the heating element.

The space between the container and the outer body is filled with insulation materials ( Rock-wool or cold injected insulation) to enable the container’s heat-retaining.

Electric Geyser working

The working mechanism of en electric geyser is quite simple. Water enters the storage container through the inlet pipe. As the inlet water is cold, the thermostat powers the heating element, the water starts heating. Once it reaches the thermostat’s preset temperature point, as described in this article’s parts section, the thermostat cuts off the heating element’s power supply. The hot water is lighter in weight, rises above the cold water, and is available at the point of use.


The decision on which geyser is best instant or storage is indeed dependent on the requirement of the user. Please read on our recommendations on the top 10 best geyser in India.

Happy Selection and Happy Buying!

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