How to choose a Washing Machine – 7 points Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to purchase a washing machine and are flounder thinking “how to choose a washing machine. This article will give you the necessary information and help you select a washing machine that matches your need and budget the best.

Washing clothes manually is tedious work; it consumes energy, creates fatigue, and takes a considerable amount of time- that too in a competitive environment when the human being is already running short of it.

Taking the help of technology is something people are bound to opt-in for activities like washing and others. Purchasing a washing machine, indeed, could be the right aid to ease the laborious washing activities. A wrong selection- a washing machine that doesn’t meet your family needs, or that, for some reason, troubles you with operation/ maintenance fault could further stress you. In contrast, the right selection will bring you cheers by saving both your time and energy and converting the wearisome washing job into a child’s play for you. 

Given the above, knowing how to choose a washing machine is the first thing we should learn when planning a washing machine buy.

Listed below are the factors, arranged in a step-by-step manner, that should govern your washing machine purchase:

How to choose a Washing Machine in India

  1. Your Budget

Budget spanning should be the first thing to do in how to choose a washing machine.


I suggest- take n overview of the prices of different types of washing machines available in the markets; make a price range chart and see which one suits you the best.

If you are running through a constricted budget that doesn’t qualify a brand machine, you may choose a local brand provided it ensures good after-sale service. Or, you may go with a brand machine with some compromises in the features. Like, maybe a compromise in wash load capacity or a less automated washing machine and so on. But, do not make a compromise with the durability of the washing machine parts.

 An early failure of the machine parts may incur surplus expenses on you. Please read the warranty documents thoroughly if you are going with some local brands.

Suppose you are flexible with budget but confused by the advance feature promises of the companies. In that case, you may visit an online seller website and apply filters to compare washing machines under a fixed price range.

One best way to help you make the right selection is by reading the review blogs or the best type blogs like the best semi automatic washing machine. The bloggers’ recommendation of equipment pieces is usually based on research, observations, and tracking. You can take advantage of that. You will find similar articles visiting our best product section in the menu, too.

  1. Your Family size

The next thing to consider when choosing a washer machine should be the wash load capacity. It depends on your family size. You may need a 6 kg washing machine if you are a small family of 2 to 3 members. And, for big families- the wash load capacity required will be on the higher side.

family size

All that matters is the number of wash cycles increases with a small wash-load capacity washing machine chosen for a big family.

Referring to the below chart will help you know how to choose a washing machine based on wash load capacity

The chart has been prepared considering the unit weight of an average size cloth.

Size of the FamilyRecommended Wash load Capacity
Single person or couples5 Kg to 6 Kg
A Three-member Family ( Small Family)6 Kg to 7 Kg
Three to Four member Family7 Kg to 8 Kg
A Family with more than  Four members( Large Family)  10 Kg      
Family size chart
  1. Type of Washing machine 

By the washing machine types, I mean the automation technology you want out of your washing machine. It could be a semi automatic wash technology, a fully-automatic washing machine (Front-load or Top load), or a Washer Dryer Combo.

 If you wish to read more and understand the washing machines types, please go through our different articles on washing machines on this website.

In general, I recommend my readers to go with a front load washing machine, we have recommended top 10 best front load washing machines in India, 5 best Top load washing machine in India, best washer dryer combos etc., please check once if you want to buy a front loader. But, there may be conditions where it may not match your requirement. For instance, a full-automatic washing machine or a front load washing machine always needs running water from the tap. In contrast, a semi-automatic can wash the clothes with the stored water in the bucket of your bathroom. So make sure you understand the requirement of your washing machine and make the selection accordingly.

  1.  Features of the washing machine

Modern washing machines are coming with advanced features to give a better wash to your clothes. Different brands are continuously innovating and adding unique features to their washing machines, which sometimes creates confusion for the buyer in choosing the right washing machine. Some basic features affect the wash output, durability, and maintenance requirement of a washing machine. A few of them are listed below:

  • Wash drum material

Washing machines come with either polymer (Plastic) wash-tubs or with stainless steel wash-tubs. I recommend looking out for a stainless steel wash drum if available in your price range or brand selection. You can also go with a plastic drum; they are equally good.

  • Agitators or pulsator

Most washing machines are coming with a pulsator these days. But, if the device you have chosen has an agitator, I recommend you to go with the one with a pulsator. Agitators have been found ungentle to clothes and also reduces the space inside the wash-tubs.

  • Wheelbase

The presence of the wheelbase enables smooth & easy movement of your washing machines. Consider one if it falls in your price range. If it is not available, you can purchase a washing machine stand, which comes with a wheel to facilitate the washing machine’s easy movement.

  • Motor type

Modern machines are coming with Direct-drive motors; however, you should check it, for sure, before purchasing one. Unlike the motors with pulley-based drive, direct-drive motors are more energy-efficient. They have less vibration due to less moving parts, resulting in fewer washing machines’ maintenance requirements.

  • Spin RPM

Right Spin RPM is a vital factor to understand when searching how to choose a washing machine- It is the number of revolutions per minute of spinning inside your washing machine—more RPM results in better removal of water from your laundry. Thick fabric clothes like jeans and blankets require higher RPM for better dryness of the laundry and reduce the time needed to lay your clothes under the sun for total dryness.

  • Heater Availability

Heaters in a washing machine make the water warm that helps to loosen tough stains on the clothes. Consider choosing a washing machine with an inbuilt heater if it is available in your price range.

  1. Water consumption

A top load washing machine has the advantage of its ability to work with stored water- running water not necessary as needed in front load washing machines. But they consume more water, whereas a front load washing machine gives better cleaning with less water consumption. So, if water availability is a constraint in your area, you should go with a front load washing machine.

  1. Wash Quality

The front-load washing machine gives better cleaning than the top load washing machines because of the laundry agitation orientations inside the wash drums. Brands like LG offer six-way wash orientations in their front load washing machine, which gives better cleanness to the clothes.

  1. Dryer

Spinning based washing machines remove the water from your laundry but do not give total dryness. There are separate dryers available in the market for this job. However, some washing machines come with all in one feature, i.e., they will wash your clothes, spin them, and dry them in a single drum. Though these machines, called “Washer dryer combo,” are available at a higher price, you should check if it is available in your budget range. These machines are handy in the cold or the rainy season when there is little or no sunshine.



The washing machines’ price ranges from as low as 5000 INR to 2.5 lac and above; if the price is not a constraint for you, You can choose high priced front load washing machine and get the advanced features in the washing machine. But if you want to select a washing machine smartly, Make sure you check the above points before bringing home the washing machine. 

I hope you liked the article on “How to choose a Washing Machine.” Please share it with your loved ones and help them understand the washing machine better.  

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