Awesome Home Decor Items List – Must Check (May ’22 Report)

An initiative to make every corner of your home look awesome with our recommended Home Decor items

Be it a small or a big home, the need for home decor items that match the theme of a particular section of a home and generate a theme-matching is the first desire of any individual. Be it a decor item for walls or the one for any other section, the sense generated out of these home decoration items imparts mental peace and a sense of accomplishment to the homeowner.

home decor items

If you own a home, congratulations to you and thanks to the almighty for allowing you to live a peaceful life in an environment of love and positive energy, and if you are yet to get your dream home, may the almighty fulfils your wishes without any further delay. Whoever you are, your presence on this page lauds that you are a home lover, and for people like you only we have gone extensive to shortlist the best home decor items for your entire home.

Our current report on Home Decor Items will guide you through the following sections:

Artificial plants for home (Artificial plants with pots for home): The recommended artificial plants are natural-looking and chemicals free and can be used as Decor items for bedroom; living room decor items; kitchen and other areas of your home.

Indoor Planter stands that you can place through the different sections of your home. You can now keep decor items like artificial plants with pots, planters and other showpieces in a beautiful but segregated manner using these indoor planter stands.

Pots for plants: Natural or Artificial, now place your plants in a pot you love with our recommended pots for home and garden.

Planter for Railings and other hanging pots and Planters: This section will guide you through some best planters for railings and hanging pots cum planters.

We have already recommended wall decor items in one of our reports earlier. Please click on the highlighted link to read it.

So are you ready to enter your dream home? Let’s Get In.

SECTION a : Artificial plants with pots for home decor items

1. Artificial Bamboo Plants by Fancy Mart

Key attractions:

  • Natural-looking
  • Beautiful look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Needs no Water
  • 20 Cm height
  • Built material is high-quality Plastic
  • Polished Hexagonal wooden Pot

Brief Description: 

Artificial bamboo plants by Fancy Mart are well made to look natural and add beauty to their place. The edge cutting is smooth, and it is printed with perfection to reflect uniformness in the colour pattern.

 Bamboo leaves are believed to be sacred and bring good luck to the person who owns them. Add beauty to your home by getting these beautiful artificial bamboo leaves with a hexagonal wooden pot.

 The building material is Plastic & Wood, Color of bamboo leaves: Green,

Polished wooden pot included. The package contains 1-artificial bamboo leaves plant With a hexagonal wooden pot. The size of the plant is 26 cm x 26 cm x 20 cm. Easy to wash, regains its original colour on a light wash. One among perfect home decor items for living room.

2. Artificial Lily Flower Plant with Pot

Key attractions:

  • Natural and realistic look
  • Green leaves purple lily flower
  • Pot included
  • Safe and high-quality plastic used as materials for construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 22 Cm in Height

Brief Description:

Artificial Lily Flower plant with Pot by Flyngo with green leaves and purple lily flowers looks hyperrealistic. The reason behind this is excellent manufacturing and printing craftmanship. The plant comprises green leaves and purple lily flowers. You can use it as a decorative item for your home or gift it to your loved ones.

 The build material is harmless high-quality plastic, and the pot has been designed to be stable where placed.

 The artificial Lily flower plant gives a realistic view to the visitors. You can make it even more natural-looking by splashing little water on it. It is easy to maintain these flower pots as they do not need watering.

· Further, a light water wash helps them regain their original colour.

 It is indeed an attractive one among the home decor items for placing in living room. It will add livelihood to your home.

3. Artificial Bamboo leaves with Pot by Fancy Mart

Key attractions:

  • Natural-looking
  • Green colour
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Material: Plastic
  • Artificial Bamboo leaves in Pot – 1 no in package
  • Height: 32 cm

Brief Description:

Artificial Bamboo leaves in Pot by Fancy Mart is yet another fine printed, glossy, and beautiful home decor item that can add naturalness to the place of your desire inside your home.

 You can place it on a table or keep it at the doors or in the washroom- wherever it is; you will love to see it again and again.

 As we know, Bamboo leaves are believed to bring good fortune and create a positive environment; you should consider purchasing this beautiful home decor item.

 It is easy to clean and maintain and regains its natural beauty on a light wash. Made from fine quality harmless plastic, this artificial bamboo leaves plant comes in a pot that stays stable and does not fall free.

Artificial colourful plant, made from eco-friendly, safe plastic material, printed with perfection in vibrant colour- ensures to add beauty at the place it is stationed. The height of this plant is neither too large nor too small. The 9.45-inch height gives a gentle impression of a well curtailed and maintained plant. Easy to clean and maintain, this colourful artificial plant finds a comprehensive application. Place it anywhere you feel to add some colour.

 A perfect Home Decor item that adds colour along with greenness.

4. Artificial colourful plant by DecoratingLives

Key attractions:

  • Natural-looking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made from eco-friendly soft plastic.
  • Natural fresh colour artificial plant
  • Perfect for office table, bedroom home decoration, computer desk, bathroom, 
  • Top to bottom height: 9.45-inch 

5. Artificial Money Plant with Pot

Key attractions:

  • Natural-looking
  • Easy to maintain
  • Plant size (lxbxh)- 18x10x 23 cm
  • Pot size (lxbxh)- – 10x10x 8 cm
  •  Material used for plant: Silk leaves and plastic stems
  • Pot material: Melamine

Brief Description:

Artificial Money Plant with pot by Pindia is a perfect home décor item, especially for your bedrooms or living room where the conditions don’t support a natural plant. The 23 Cm height gives it a prominent look. The money plant’s leaves have been printed with perfection and look shiny and green. Fine quality plastic material has been used to manufacture this artificial money plant with pot. Among many other home decor items, a Money plant is a must buy item.

6. Natural Looking Green Shrubs

Key attractions:

  • Material: Plastic,
  • Colour: Green
  • 2 Plants with 2 Pots
  • Size: 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
  • Natural-looking
  • Beautiful glossy look
  • Easy maintenance

Brief Description:

The Natural-looking Green grass shrubs are perfect for placing on tables, wall racks or at the window side. Adds beauty to your home. A perfect home décor item in the form of an artificial plant. It comes in a set of 2. The shrubs are placed in white colour plastic pots that are easy to clean. A light water wash helps remove the dust and the shrubs gain their original colour. Bring home this beautiful home décor item and place it at a location of your choice

Section B: Indoor Planters for home decor items

1. Oval shaped railing planters by TrustBasket – popular among the home decor items

Key attractions:

  • Product Dimensions: Length: 31 cm, Width: 15 cm, Height: 12.5 cm (12.2 x 6 x 5 Inches)
  • Material: GI Metal
  • Powder coating paint to fight rusting 
  • Package contents: 5 planters 
  • Detachable hook to hang it on railings
  • Lightweight

2. Round ribbed railing planters

Key attractions:

  • Product Dimensions: Length: 15 cm, Width: 15 cm, Height: 15 cm
  •  Material: GI Metal
  • Powder coating paint to fight rusting Package contents: 5 planters
  • Detachable hook to hang it on railings
  • Lightweight

3. Iron Railing Planter by Green Gardenia

Key attractions:

  • The package includes: 1 x Railing hanging basket and 1 x planter
  • Basket Material: Iron
  • Planter Material: GI metal
  • Both painted with anti-rust paints
  • Perfect for decorating cum planting flowers and plants at the roof railings and boundaries
  • Basket size: (l x b x h) = 8 X 8 X 6 Inches
  • Planter Size: Basket size: (l x b x h) = 7.8 X 7.8 X 6 Inches
  • Drainage hole at the bottom of the pl

Brief Description:

Once again, Green Gardenia brings a simple but much robust and useful product that fulfils your wish to plant flowers on the concrete enclosing (boundary) of your roof. Where we usually don’t get an option.

 The Iron made, strong and durable, hanging basket works as a robust enclosure to hang the pot inside it. The size is sufficiently big to accommodate a medium pot that supports an average length plant. Curiously, Green Gardenia is providing a pot also along with the railing basket to place inside it.

Dimensions for basket and pot are as follows:

 (l x b x h) = 8 X 8 X 6 Inches for basket, and

 (l x b x h) = 7.8 X 7.8 X 6 Inches for pot

The pot is made of Galvanized Iron that assures strength, and the rust-free coating paint on it ensures long life.

 There is a hole at the bottom of the pot that removes excess water in the pot. The assembly’s look adds style and colour to the railings and works as a beautiful home décor item.

4. Chain hanging Pots– Most attractive looking among the planter home decor items

Key attractions:

  • Chain hanging round-bowl-shaped
  • Wooven look and texture
  • Best for use with artificial creepers
  • Pack of 7, all coloured differently
  • Add value as a home décor item apart from being a planter
  • Hang it on your balcony, front porch, inside your home, or in your garden
  • Long-lasting, as made from 100% UV stabilized BPA free polypropylene plastic.
  • Fine constructed and painted with perfection
  • Extremely beautiful in look and appearance
  • Dimensions: 4.8 inches in height
  • 7.1 inch in diameter
  • 13-inch long chain 

5. Railing Planters by Cinagro

Key attractions:

  • Comes as a pack of 5
  • Multicolour
  • GI metal fabricated; Durable.
  • Powder coating painted; rust-free.
  • Dia: 7 inch; Height: 6 inch
  • Detachable hook

Railing Planters by Cinagro, Detailed Description:

Cinagro metal Hangings pots come as a set of 5 in one unit. All five are painted in different colours. The unique thing about these railing planters is the handcrafted designs and manual paints on these railing pots’ outer surfaces.

 The handcrafted designs have been painted manually in prominent colours on a uniform but attractive background paint- That’s a unique idea. 

Since hanging pots are often used outdoors, they have been painted with anti-rust powder coating to fight rust and retain the original shiny look for a longer time. 

The construction part: These railing pots have been constructed in galvanized metals that make them robust. So even if they fall due to mishandling, they will not break. This is a great advantage if compared to its contemporary home decor items.

The pots hang on railings or gills on an S-shaped hook. These hooks can be detached if not needed somewhere. 

These pots enhance the railing look where they are hung and act as a home décor item. With 7 inch dia and 6-inch height, these railing pots can accommodate sufficient soil to support a moderate length flower. 

One fair use of these pots will be to plant creepers and vines in them. 

Though often used as an outdoor railing planter, these railing pots play an equally attractive role when placed indoors. Choose color that matches near to your other home decor items and bring them home.

6. Plastic Balcony Railing Planter

Key attractions:

  • Patent design 
  • Clampable with railings
  • Good quality plastic sed for manufacturing
  • Two removable trays in each unit
  • No drip drainage problem
  • Comes as a pack of 2
  • Ideal for decorating railings with small flower plants
  • Available in more than one colour

Plastic Balcony Railing Planter, Detailed Description:

The Plastic Balcony railing planter is a uniquely designed and patented product by M/s Antier. It holds the railing securely with the help of anchors. The anchor mechanism also provides theft protection to these railing planters.

These Railing pots contain in-built trays (Two trays in each unit) that restrict drip drainage of excess water. The trays can be detached for cleaning reasons. It implies that users need not worry about dirt accumulation due to drip drainage and can confidently mount these railings.

 The material used for manufacturing these railing pots is high-quality plastics. They are available in more than one colour, enabling you to choose a colour you justify best for your railings.

 The multicolour railing planter comes as a set of 2. Their varying colours and unique design differentiate them from the other similar home decor items.

 The railing planters are ideal for small flower plants.

 Choose your choice colours and bring home the Antier railing planters to decorate your railings with colour and fragrance.

Section C: Pots for Plants

1. Metal pots for Plants by Ecofynd

Key attractions:

  • Metal Constructed, Galvanised, Powder-coated
  • Beautiful look, Paint colours are soothing to the eyes, and a band-type paint at the top gives it a royal look.
  • Designed and constructed to be stable and do not topples 
  • Extremely Durable: Service claim of 5 years by company
  • Light Weight
  • Base size: 8 Inches X 8 Inches
  • Top size: 12 Inches X 12 Inches
  • Big enough to accommodate sufficient soil for a moderate length plant
  • Wide application: Equally suitable for indoor as well as outdoor plants
  • Comes in a set of 5
  • Made in India

Metal Pots for plants by Ecofynd, Detailed Description:

As we discussed in the brief description, these metal pots have been galvanized to fight weather attacks and do not get rusted easily. The rust-fight is further strengthened by a metal powder coating that enhances its rust and corrosion-resistant properties and hence its life. The company claims a service life of 5 years- that’s complete recovery, even more, of your investments in these pots. The reason for its good life claims lies in its metal-built properties that takes-off the wreckage obsession on free falls and strikes.

By this time, I am sure you are confident of a reasonable return if investing in these metal pots y Ecofynd. Let’s talk of its look and size now.

The looks, as you can see in the picture, are royal in appearance. The band-type metal paint towards the top gives a catchy look to the visitors. These pots, in my view, should be placed first at the entry of your house. For auspicious logic and reasons, you can choose a colour that, by assumption, brings good fortune- just tips, though I do not give much weight to these assumptions. Nevertheless, these pots are going to add profound beauty to any place you station them.

 The house entry stationing of the metal pots by Ecofynd can be justified for their big size. They can take in enough soil to support the life of a moderate-length plant.

Since light in weight, approximately 1.4 Kg per unit, you can also use them as hanging pots. They are sure to add beauty to Creepers or Vines. Just for-see a creeper, hanging at terrace running down to the ground floor with a red spot at the centre- awesome to me.

 The metal pots are made-in-India products, showing excellent craftsmanship. They come in a set of 5 and can be used with all types of plants and flowers- for instance, dried flowers, grown herbs, silk flowers and succulents.

You can also gift them to your loved ones. I believe they can be unique as gifts, especially to a garden lover. And to occasions, like a wedding ceremony or any other event, they are sure to add charm and delight.

So if you are looking for a beautiful metal pot or planters as one of your loving home decor items that add beauty to your home besides giving an elegant look to plant itself, you should go with metal pots for plants by Ecofynd. I am sure you will love it.

Ceramic Pots for Plants and Flowers by ExclusiveLane comes in a set of 2; their flawless beauty makes them an attractive home décor apart from being planters. They can be an excellent choice to bring home. Let’s look at its features:

2. Ceramic Pots for Plants and Flowers

Key attractions:

  • Best for Indoor plants, Outdoor plants, for placing on the terrace
  • Set of 2 planters
  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Colour: Blue, White & Yellow 
  • Removes Excess water through the drain hole at the bottom
  • Acts as a home décor apart from being a planter
  • Dimension of Pot : 9.4 x 9.4 x 7.9 Centimetres

Ceramic Pots for Plants and Flowers, Detailed Description:

Ceramic Pots for plants and flowers by ExclusiveLane are ceramic made. They look beautiful as they have been made and painted by hand in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh.

They come in s asset of 2 and can be an excellent choice for planting small flowers both indoors and outdoors. They make an ideal decorative item for their beautiful look and add value to your interior home décor. 

To avoid logging excessive water in the plant’s root, a hole has been provided at the bottom of these pots that drains off the excess water. Your plants/ flowers suffer no risk of shrivelling. The total volume of water that can be accommodated in these ceramic pots is 300 ML. Hence it is recommended that these be purchased only for the plantation of small plants or flowers.

The length, breadth, and height dimensions for these ceramic pots are 3.7″ (L), 3.7″ (W), 3.1″ (H)

The ceramic pots for plants and flowers come in three colours: Blue, yellow, and white. The colour combination gives an elegant and royal look. It enhances the surrounding beauty of the place it is kept at.

They can be an excellent choice, especially for indoors and suitable buy to bring home.

Plastic Pots for plants and flowers by GardenNeed are other good decorative pots that can be purchased for medium-sized plant and flower plantations. 

3. Plastic Pots for plants and flowers by GardenNeed

Key attractions:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: White (also available in other colour options)
  • Pot Dimension: 25 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm 
  • 3-Pieces Pot in package
  • Flexible hence do not crack, break 
  • Suitable quality paints so do not fade 
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean 
  • The perfect gift for gardeners of all levels 
  • New design 
  • The bottom tray collects the extra water that has been drained off
  • The bottom tray also makes it stable at the place it is kept
  • Made in India Product

Plastic Pots for plants and flowers by GardenNeed, Product Description:

If you are looking for lightweight plastic pots for plants and flowers, GardenNeed’s plastic pot can be an excellent product to buy. 

The 10 Inch height of these plastic pots supports the plantation of medium length plants and flowers. There is a hole at the bottom to drain extra water. Further, the drained water does not pass/splash on the floor. A tray has been provided to take off the excess water that can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

This is a very innovative addition to the pot and may be why it is so p[opulayr among the buyers.

The package includes three plastic pots and makes a match for plants and flowers in similar coloured pots. 

More than 5 colour options are available, and you can buy a pot in a colour of your choice. 

They have been well painted to retain their colour for a long time. These plastic pots for plants and flowers are round in shape and are easy to clean.

So if decided to go with plastic pots for plants and flowers, this plastic pot will be a right addition to your other home decor items.

4. Groot Flower Pot

Key attractions:

  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: Wood colour
  • Multi-purpose: Flowerpot, Pen holder, as Showpiece
  • Inspired Hollywood movie 
  • Size: 16x14x13 cm 
  • Weight: 400 gm 

Groot Flower Pot Detailed Description:

Groot flower pot is an innovative pot that has multiple roles. It can be used as a flowerpot, as a showpiece, and as storage for Pen and Pencils. Inspired by the Hollywood movie character Groot, this flowerpot looks fantastic on the table. You will love to see it again and again.

 Made from Polyvinylchloride (PVC); the Groot flower pot is waterproof and can also be placed inside the fish aquarium. Your fishes will enjoy playing hide and seek across it.

 With around 8 inch height and only 400 gm weight, the Groot flower pot has been designed to be stable at the place it is kept.

 If you have kids in your home, they are sure to love this piece most among all your home decor items. Make a Great Choice, Bring home the Groot!

Section D: Stands for Pots and Planters

1. Iron Planter stand by TrustBasket

Key attractions:

  • Comes as a set of 4
  • 2 to 3 pots can be placed on each stand
  • Load withstanding capacity: 20 – 25 Kg
  • Metal Constructed
  • Galvanized and powder-coated painted: rust-free

Iron Planter stand by TrustBasket, Detailed Description:

TrustBasket is known for its poular home decor items. The Iron Plant stand by TrustBasket is a horizontal rack type stand with the top at the height of just 9.5 cm. Its length is 61 Cm meaning two pots can be comfortably placed on each stand. It comes as a pack of 4, meaning you can place 8 pots overall on these stands combined. The width i.e. 22.5 Cm, is wide enough to take in the base of large pots.

 The stands are durable as they are made of galvanized metal with 8 strong legs and painted with powder coating paints known for their anti-rusting properties.

 As claimed by the company, the load withstanding capacity of these racks is 20 to 25 Kg.

 These pots find a suitable application in the area where the pot’s placement leads to dirt accumulation along the ridges. In these areas, the iron planter stand by TrustBasket enables the height placement of pots, and the floor at the bottom is free for cleaning jobs.

Wooden plants stand by Edge Interior- 5 Pots holder

2. Iron Stand for Flower Pot by Green Gardenia

Key attractions:

  • SIZE: L-32 x W-10 x H-29
  • Rust-proof painted
  • Black Color
  • 6 Pot Holding Shelves
  • Metal constructed
  • Beautiful design
  • Can be placed indoor, outdoor or can be gifted to some gardening loving person

3. Tricycle stands for plants by GIG Handicrafts – White Color

Key attractions:

  • Durable and Sturdy stand
  • Metal Constructed (Iron)
  • 4 pots can be accommodated
  • Rust free; painted with powder coating paint
  • Overall weight 3 Kg
  • A beautiful home decor item
  • Can be used for Indoor, outdoor or to gift some garden lover

Tricycle stands for plants by GIG Handicrafts – White Color, Detailed Description:

GIG Handicraft has come up with another plant stand in tricycle design with all the properties of becoming a good home decor item apart from serving the purpose of a pot stand.

This Tricycle’s white colour stands for plants that will help enrich the look if assembled with multicolour pots. It can take on itself 4 pots (3 big and 1 Small) out of which 3 are grill enclosed, and one that will accommodate the small pot has a holding clamp type design.

 All these shelf designs provide a gripped fixture to the pots and protect them from free fall even in heavy wind conditions. The stand as a whole unit also stands firm as it has three legs- just like a tricycle. However, we suggest assuring firm gripping if these stands are placed in open areas like a garden.

The LXBXH dimensions for this Tricycle stand for plants are 67 x 20 x 56 Centimetres, and the overall stand is 3 Kg.

Once Again, this is a perfect perfect item that will décor your home apart from serving the purpose of a pot accommodator to bring home. In brief, this is a perfect decor for other home decor items like pots and showpieces.

4. Iron flower pot stand by D&V Engineering

Key attractions:

  • Galvanized Metal Constructed
  • Rust-free; use of anti-rust paint
  • 6 Pots can be placed on it
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • 40 Kg Load Withstanding capacity on each self
  • Durable and sturdy stand

Iron flower pot stands by D&V Engineering, Detailed Description:

D&V ENGINEERING has come up with a 2.6 ft tall iron flower pot stand that has 6 shelves for holding pots. The width f the shelves is around 10 inches, where the pots can be placed stable.

The company claims that these shelves can withstand a load capacity of 40 Kg each, signalling that the stand will not collapse even with a heavily filled pot. However, we suggest staying well within the specified limit.

 Being a solid metal-constructed pot stand, it guarantees durability in the long run. Durability is further enhanced by powder coating paint that does not allow rusting of this iron flower pot stand.

 With a 3.5 ft length and just 10 inches, this iron flower pot stand is perfect for segregating the pots in a confined space.

 The design of this pot stand makes it a beautiful home décor item. It can be placed inside the home, on stairs, on balconies, or as an outdoor flower pot stand.

 A beautiful and robust pot stand- make it a member of the home decor items you own.

Final Words on Home Decor Items Report

 Home decoration is a subject of choice, and hence we have tried recommending home decors for bedroom, home decors for living room and others, all separately. With best-in-class home decor items sorted in a way that matches the essence of various parts of your home, I am sure you would have loved reading this report.

Please share this report with your loved ones and help our findings be explored and appreciated. 

We also welcome you to ask your queries regarding decorating your home or other related home decor items. We will be happy to search and answer your questions.

Thank you so much!

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