Top 10 best water Purifier in India for home 2022 (Nov 2022)

Writing on the best water purifier in India for home 2022, so far, has been a challenging task if I compare my other works on home appliances at this website. It took more than 120 hours to find facts, figures and contents that every buyer should be aware of prior to buying his “best water purifier in India for home 2022”. The reason for so much of toil is simple- It’s not just an ordinary appliance where you look for better performance, durability, reliability etc. It’s a kitchen appliance, so crucial that a wrong selection may not only result in monetary loss but a health loss as well.

best water purifier in India for home use

This report, apart from giving a list of the Top 10 best water purifier in India for home 2022, is going to uncover conceptual facts and figures related to understanding the drinking-water chemistry. It will answer the most sought of questions like; when we need a water purifier, why we need a water purifier, How do water purifiers work, What are the best water purifiers in India for home in 2022, what are the different water purification technologies i.e RO, UF,UV; What should we check before buying a Water Purifier, What is the quality of water we drink in day-to-day life? And how to know if we are consuming right quality water.

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There is a lot of information on the internet. Still, the content satisfying a common man’s lookout for information on the importance of water, and help him/her find the best water purifier in India for home in 2022 is hard to find. Folks looking out to understand water purifier need more than just the water purifier reviews.

To unlock answers to the above questions and many more, make sure you do not skip reading this article, especially the Buyer’s guide section and the FAQ section. Both these sections carry tons of useful information on drinking water and water purifiers for home.

Let’s dive-in on the Table of Content and see everything that we are going to discuss in this article.

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A brief outlook of our selected best water purifier in India for home in 2022

1HUL Pureit 8 litres – Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF – 7 stage water purifier
2HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver 10 litres Water Purifier with Mineral RO+UV+MF technology
3Aquaguard Aura 7 Litre Water 8 stage water purifier with Active Copper and Mineral Guard technology-(RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS )
4HUL Pureit Ultima 10 litres Water Purifier with Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage purification technology
5Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze 7L Water Purifier with RO+UV+MTDS technology
6V-Guard Zenora 7 Litre Water Purifier With 7 Stage Purification and RO+UF+MB purification technology
7KENT Supreme Extra 2020 8 Litre tank, RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV in Tank, Zero Water Wastage Water Purifier
8AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre with RO+SCMT Technology
9AquaSure Delight 7L water purifier from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard with 6-stages of purification and (RO+UV+MTDS) technology
10AO Smith Z8 Green RO 10 Litre Water Purifier with RO+SCMT technology

Now, Let’s move to our next section and understand how these water purifiers are truly contemporary in design and functioning and why we have included these 10 water purifiers out of many, in our list of the best water purifier in India for home in 2022.

Best Water Purifier in India for home 2022

1. HUL Pureit 8 litres – Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF – 7 stage Tabletop cum Wall Mountable Black & Copper colour Water Purifier

Product Overview:

HUL Pureit 8 litre water purifier with Copper+ Mineral RO+ UV +MF technology and 7 stage purification is a beautiful and capable water purifier that imparts brilliance to your kitchen’s look, and serves you with absolute safe and healthy water. Capable of dispensing dual water, one with copper-enriched RO filtration and other with RO purification, it is one of the best water purifier in India for home use purpose in 2022.

Key Features:

| Copper Charge Technology

Copper charges the RO water by inducing 99.8% pure copper in the right amount in every glass of water.

| Dual Water Dispensing

You get the option to choose between RO water and Copper-charged RO water.

| Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning

Infuses fresh copper by smartly sensing and schedules copper auto-cleaning.

| 7 Stage Advanced Purification

7 stage purification removes all harmful ingredients ensuring 100% RO Purified Water while retaining essential minerals for health.

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 8 Litres
  • Purification Capacity: up to 2000 mg/L (TDS)
  • Purification Speed: 28 lph
  • Black and Copper colored beautiful and compact design
  • Advance Alert System
  • Can stand free on a tabletop or can be mounted on wall
  • Warranty:1 year on product (Consumables and additional accessories not covered in warranty)

Product & its features description:

HUL has made it big by introducing the copper enriching technology in water purifiers for home. There are other brands too with Cooper technology in our list of the best water purifier in India for home, but of its 8 litres storage capacity and he option of dual water dispensing, I would prefer the current water purifier to others. The dual dispensing mode allows you to bypass the copper enriched water and drink the RO purified water alone.

We will take a glimpse of health benefits of copper in a section ahead, please keep reading.

2. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver 10 litres wall-mountable cum Tabletop placable Black Water Purifier with Mineral RO+UV+MF technology

Product Overview:

The HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver 10 litre is a massive storage-capable water purifier for home that comes with an additional ability to save water. Equipped with 7 stage purification involving Mineral RO+UV+MF technology, it is indeed one of the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

Key Features:

| Eco Recovery Technology
ERT Ensures minimum water wastage in purification. Reject water minimised to less than 1-glass per glass of purified water, saving up to 80 glasses per day.

| Mineral enriched drinking water
The RO purified water obtained is enriched with essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.

| Large 10 L Storage tank
Large storage tank enables fulfilling drinking water needs for even a large family, conveniently.

| 7 stage purification
The inlet water undergoes 7 stage purification that removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and other impurities like heavy metals and pesticides.

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 10 Litres
  • Purification Capacity: up to 2000 mg/L (TDS)
  • Purification Speed: 24 lph
  • Black colored beautiful and compact design
  • Advance Alert System :Germ Kill Kit Change Indicator & others
  • Can stand free on a tabletop or can be mounted on wall
  • Warranty: 1- year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

Product & its features description:

If you area large family, the current HUL Pureit water purifier with 10 litre water storage capacity can be a better water purifier for your home. The water purifier senses the germ kill kit’s effectiveness and alerts you 15 day in advance of the expiry of Germ Kill Kit. Up to 24 lph purification speed meaning, you fill 3 one-litre bottles in around 7 minutes. 10 litre water storage capacity; 60% water saving ability; 24 liters per hour purification capacity, and 7 stage purification of water altogether makes it one of the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

3. Aquaguard Aura 7 Litre Water Purifier with Active Copper and Mineral Guard technology- 8 stage purification with RO+UV e-boiling + MTDS (Black & Copper)

Product Overview:

Auaguard Aura 7-Litre water purifier with a beautiful built design and 8 stage purification process purifies the water with advanced RO+UV e boiling + MTDS technology. Apart from protecting the essential mineral contents, it enriches the water Active Copper. You get water with better taste and essential minerals. It is one of the best water purifier in India for home, available as of now.

Key Features:

| Active Copper Technology

Active Copper TechnologyInfuses 99.8% pure copper ions in right quantity into the water.

| Mineral Guard Technology

The Mineral guard technology helps to retain essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium to give you healthy drinking water

| UV e boiling technology

Boiling kills harmful bacteria, and other pathogens from water, the UV e-boiling technology ensures the output water is as pure as water underwent 20 minutes of boiling.

| Advanced taste adjuster technology

Purified water usually loses the natural taste while undergoing purification; the advanced taste adjuster technology induces sweetness in water irrespective of its source.

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 7 Litres
  • Purification Capacity: Up to 2000 PPM TDS
  • Purification Speed:
  • Alert system
  • Black and copper colored beautiful and compact design
  • Can stand free on a tabletop or can be mounted on wall
  • Warranty: 1 Year on product

Product & its features description:

The health benefits of copper is well understood since our childhood days. Even today people store water in copper jars before sleep and drink it in the morning. The eason is simple, it has got numerous health benefits, some are listed below:

  • Copper itself is an essential ingredient for our body, its deficiency causes low white blood cells in human body.
  • Copper enhances the hemoglobin production in body as it helps in food breakdown.
  • It helps fight Cancer by enhancing Melanin production in our body, thereby protecting from the cancer caused by the harmful UV radiations. Within the body, it neutralises the free radicals; free radicals are a major cause of cancer.
  • Recovers wounds fast, fights hyper tension, acts as anti-aging agent, increases the brane cells functioning thereby keeps you more alert and active, prevents anemia, helps in digestion etc.

Back to the description part- the Aquaguard Aura 7 litre has been perfectly designed to look beautiful in your kitchen. It decorates and imparts beautiness to the place it is kept at. Be it a tabletop or a wall, it can be installed both the places. In other words, it will be little wrong to say this water purifier also acts as a home decor item.

We have already seen the other specifications above, indicating that this water purifier for home is one of the best water purifier in India for home 2022.

4. HUL Pureit Ultima 10 litres Water Purifier with Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage purification technology-Table top/Wall mountable

Product Overview:

Hul Pureit Ultima, apart from a giant storage tank capacity (10 litres), has a high purification speed of 28 LPH. So if your need for drinking water is high, bring home the HUL Pureit Ultima water purifier. It uses Mineral RO + UV + MF with 7 Stage purification technology to give you safe and healthy drinking water. Ahead in the features and description section, you will witness other good reasons for its inclusion in our list of the best water purifier in India for home use 2022. Let’s move ahead:

Key Features:

| Purity Indicator

One of its kind, the HUL pureit Ultima, indicates the purity of the purified water in its digital display panel.

| 7 stage purification

Advanced 7 stage purification with RO+UV+MF+Mineral cartridge
ensures every drop of water is pure, safe, health, and of-course,- “tasty”.

| Double check Purity lock

The purity of water is crossed checked as it is displayed in the display panel, ensuring that the water your receive is absolutly safe and healthy.

| Large storage capacity of 10 Litre

With 10 litre storage tank, you get sufficient water to fulfil all day need for a large family.

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 7 Litres
  • Purification Capacity:2000 PPM TDS
  • Purification Speed: 28 lph
  • Advanced Alert System
  • Food grade engineered plastic tank
  • Flexible Installation: Wall Mountable/ Tabletop placeable
  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Soft Touch Button
  • Warranty:1 year on product

Product & its features description:

The diffrence between the HUL Pureit Eco water saver 10 litre storage capacity water purifier (one that we saw at s/no 2) and the current HUL Puriet water purifier for home is as follows:

The later model has high purification speed capacity i.e 28 litres per hour as compared to 24 litres of former, while with the former model HUL claims to save more water. So if water availability is an issue at your place or if you are a water savvy person, go with the former best water purifier in India for home or if you want more water purification speed per hour choose the current one. Rest all features are same.

In the current best water purifier for home, all water passes through RO ensuring no mixing of purified and impure water. Only 100% RO can remove harmful chemicals like Lead, Mercury, etc.

Situation arises when your water purifier needs some parts to be replaced with a new one like the Cartridge or Germ kill kit, the adance alert system keeps you informing some days in advance of an upcoming maintenance requirement. Further, there is an Auto shut off valve that shuts off the water supply on Germ Kill Kit expiry. This way you stay away from any unsafe water at the outlet knob.

Your water purifier glows to a beautiful colour due to the presence of Neon Flash Belt. Apart from getting a mineral enriched water you have the option to modulate the TDS content of purified water with the TDS Modulator.
The water purifier has been designed to treat inlet water with TDS content up to 2000 PPM (1 PPM = 1 mg/L)

Noteworthy to mention here, the display panel is Digital type and not just an LED Indicator that also displays the Germ Kill kit’s life. A thumbs-up point when we compare it with other water purifiers. The purity sensor works minutely and senses the water quality up to 5000 times a second. The beautiful look is enhanced by the soft touch-buttons that dispense pure water at a press.

overall, No second thought is needed, it is indeed one of the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

5. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze 7L Water Purifier with RO+UV+MTDS technology

Product Overview:

AquaSure Amaze 7 litre is another popular water purifier from Eureka Forbes’s house that comes with TDS regulator, allowing you to adjust the water’s taste as per its source. It ensures safe drinking water with advanced RO+UV+MTDS technology and 6-stages of purification. With its beautiful design embedding LED indicators, this water purifier is sure to add value to your kitchen.

Key Features:

| 6- Stage Purification

6 stage water purification with advance technologies like RO+UV+MTDS ensures that the water you receive is safe and healthy 

| 6000 Litre Lasting Cartridge

Eureka Forbes claims the cartridge to last till 6000 litres of water purification based on its internal lab test.

| Save Energy option

There is an energy-saving mode that reduces your monthly consumption of electricity. It switches off the purifier once the tank is full.

| Smart Purifier with LED Indicator

The LED indicators inform you of the tank full and power-on status

Other features:

  • 7 Litre storage
  • Purification Capacity: up to 2000 mg/L (TDS)
  • Purification Speed:
  • Taste Adjuster
  • Great look: Black color with white color branding; Compact Design
  • Advance indicators
  • Easy to Install: Free standing or can be mounted on a wall
  • 2000 PPM TDS Purification Capacity
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product & its features description:

With Aquasure amaze 7 litres, you control the TDS content of outlet water and hence its taste.

The water purifier can treat input water with as high as 2000 ppm TDS content.

The water purifier has been designed sleek and beautiful to look luxurious on your kitchen wall or selves top.

The water purifier can stand free on a table or at your kitchen shelf or mounted on a wall at your desired location.

The 7-litre water storage tank ensures sufficient water availability to feed a large family.

In few words: the design and features makes this water purifier stand tough in the league of best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

6. V-Guard Zenora 7 Litre Water Purifier With 7 Stage Purification and RO+UF+MB purification technology (Black Colour)

Product Overview:

The V-Guard claims that Zenora with 7 stage purification technology is made for Indian water condition- this raises a question of how India’s water is different from the other parts of the earth. The answer is “Yes”, it’s different because the quality of water depends on the soil-type or the minerals it encounters in the soil. V-guard has done an excellent job giving due consideration to the water conditions through Indian soil. Apart from a compact design, it comes embedded with advance RO+UF technology, making it one of the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

Key Features:

| 7 Stage Advanced Purification 

seven stage purification ensures pure, tasty and safe water for your family.

| Long-lasting filter

Long lasting filters ensures smooth service and les maintenance in the long run

| Pre and post RO treatment

Water treatment before and after RO ensures safe and healthy water for your family

| Large Dirt capacity pre-filter

Large Dirt capacity pre filter means better performance for longer time.

Other features:

  • 7 litre storage capacity
  • Smart Indicators
  • Can Treat Water with TDS up to 2000ppm
  • Free External Pre-Filter
  • Warranty: True One Year Comprehensive ( Covers RO Membrane, Filters and Electrical Parts | Free Replacement of 2 Pre-Filters | Two Pre-Emptive Maintenance Services )
  • Installation: Free standing and Mountable on a wall

Product Description:

What unique has the V-guard done with this water purifier for home that makes it fit for Indian soil conditions and one of the best water purifier in India for home in 2022?

The answer is:

V-Guard has thoroughly analysed the tough Indian water conditions. They went to examine the extent of hardness and impurities that Indian soil carries and produced a water purifier with and world-class Ro membrane and large filters.
Their RO membrane offers a wide surface area, regulates better water flow and delivers higher efficiency.
Further, they have used intelligent pre-RO and post RO membrane safeguards: In its 7 stage purification, the water passes through a large size pre-filter, an Anti-Microbial Pre- carbon filter, and a sediment filter. The post-Ro membrane filters and enhancers include the UV disinfection, Post carbon GAC + Mineral balancing filter, and a Micron filter. As a result, this best RO purifier delivers mineral-rich natural tasting water.
V-guard claims their water purifier requires minimum maintenance as they have used large size external Pre-filters that can last for 6 months or up to 3000-litre water filtration. Other filters can last for 12 months or up to 6000-litre water purification. Regarding UV lamp, they say the UV lamp used in their water purifier last for 24 months or 12000 litres of water purification.
These data indicate you need not worry about any frequent replacement.
This water owns a contemporary design and comes equipped with indicators that indicate the tank full, purification on, and the low-pressure status.
This water purifier for home, as a whole, is a perfect match to your need for the best water purifier in India for home in 2022

7. KENT Supreme Extra 2020 8 Litre tank, RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV in Tank, Zero Water Wastage, Wall Mountable Water Purifier

Product Overview:

The Popular, the Famous-KENT Supreme Extra is the most advanced RO water purifier among the Supreme series, as of now. What’s astounding is the Zero Water Wastage Technology. Kent claims to have zero wastage of water during the purification process, it comes with an inbuilt pump that recirculates the reject water into the overhead tank. Another eye catching feature apart from the RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control technology is the in-tank UV disinfection. Let us explore the reasons why we say it to be one of the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

Key Features:

| 7 stage water purification technology

With advance purification technologies such as RO+UV+UF+TDS Control+Alkaline + in-tank UV disinfection, the Kent supreme extra ensures 100% pure and healthy water for your family.

| Mineral RO Technology

The Mineral RO technology in Kent’s supreme Extra helps retain essential minerals for health, in quantity desired by the user. This is done by adjusting the TDS of purified water. Since TDS is controllable here, the taste of purified water reflects the sweetness of minerals.

| Gives Alkaline Water

KENT Supreme Extra is capable of increasing PH of the water in the range of 8.0 to 9.5, providing alkaline water which is a primary requirement in staying healthy.

| In-Tank UV Disinfection

In-tank UV Disinfection is another eye-catching feature that ensures the water remains pure for a longer duration. Further, the formation of the germ is also ruled out with in-tank UV disinfection.

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 8 Litres
  • Purification Capacity: up to 2000 mg/L (TDS)
  • Purification Speed: lph
  • Simple but robust Design
  • Zero Water Wastage Technology
  • Advance Alert System: Computer Controlled & Automatic Operations
  • Can stand free on a tabletop or can be mounted on wall
  • Warranty:1 year on product

Product & its features description:

KENT Supreme Extra RO water purifier comes with an in-built pump that transfers the water rejected during the purification process back in the overhead tank, leading to zero water wastage. This is really unique and pleasing features besides the other performance outputs that make it the best water purifier in India for home use.

8-litres water storage capacity with 20 lph purification speeds makes it a perfect water purifier for home use that fulfils the drinking water consumption need of even a large family.

Automated features like indications/alarms when the filter needs a change or when UV lamp moves towards inefficiency, apart from the auto on/of features eases your work of calling for a timely maintenance call. This way, you conveniently maintain your purifier’s health that inturn ensures zero downfalls in outlet water purity.

8. AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre with RO+SCMT Technology, Wall Mountable, Table Top placable Water Purifier Black colour

Product Overview:

At AO Smith, water purifiers have been categorised in three series. The X-series, the I-series, and the Z-series. Among all models from these three series, the Z9 Green RO 10 litres is the one that we would recommend as the best water purifier in India for home use. Credit goes to its 8 stage water purification system and advanced recovery technology apart from other superior features like RO + SAPC & SCMT.

Key Features:

| 8 stage water purification

8 stages ensures 100 percent safe and healthy purified water

| SCMT Technology

Serves as second layer of microbial disinfection, ensuring microbes-free pure water

| Advance Recovery Technology

Ensures minimum water wastage

| Mineraliser Technology

Adds minerals essential to our health like Calcium and Magnesium to water

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 10 Litres
  • Purification Capacity: up to 2000 mg/L (TDS)
  • Purification Speed: lph
  • beautiful design with LED guide lamps
  • Advance Alert System
  • Can stand free on a tabletop or can be mounted on wall
  • Warranty:1 year on product

Product & its features description:

Purification stages:

Pre-filter –> Sediment filter –> Carbon block –> ART MAX (Advance Recovery Technology)–> Patented Side Stream RO Membrane –> MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) –> ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (SAPC + SCMT).

9. AquaSure Delight 7L water purifier from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard with 6-stages of purification and (RO+UV+MTDS) technology (White Colour)

Product Overview:

Aquasure Delight, 7 Litre from Aquaguard Eureka Forbes with 6 stage purification process, is another model that has been analysed to serve best to the expectation of the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022. With RO+UV+MTDS technology, the water obtained from this water purifier is safe, tasty and healthy.

Key Features:

| Multi-Stage Purification

6 stages of purification that removes suspended, dissolved and colloidal impurities; Kills germs and pathogens and enriches taste.

| Up to 6000 Litre Lasting Cartridge

The Company ensures the cartridge to last till the purification of 6000-litre waters.

| LED Indicators

With LED indicators, the water purifier updates the Power on, process on and the tank-full status.

| Energy Saving Mode

Once the tank is full, the Energy-saving mode automatically switches off the water purifier, saving from extra electricity consumption.

Other features:

  • Storage Capacity: 7 Litres
  • Purification Capacity: up to 2000 mg/L (TDS)
  • Purification Speed:
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Advance Alert System
  • Can stand free on a tabletop or can be mounted on wall
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product & its features description:

Lets us see how the 6-stages purify water in the Aquasure Delight 7 Litre water purifier.

Purification stages:
I filter –> Chemi Block –> Taste Adjuster(MTDS) –> RO Membrane –> Mineral Cartridge –> UV Chamber

  • At stage 1, there is a filter that removes fine coarse particles like dirt, dust, etc. from water.
  • Stage 2 ensures removal of excess Chlorine and other inorganic impurities with the help of carbon blocks leading to the removal of bad taste and odour. 
  • Now since the water is free from bad taste and odour, at stage 3, the taste of water is enhanced by controlling the TDS of the outlet water. The extent of enhancement required in taste depends on the source of water/This is done with MTDS technology.
  • At stage 4, the RO membrane plays its role of eliminating bacteria, viruses; reducing TDS, hardness and heavy metals like arsenic and lead in water.
  • At stage 5 presence of Mineral Cartridge balances the PH level of water and makes it alkaline, reviving its original taste.
  • At 6th and last stage, UV disinfection is carried out with the help of UV Chamber. This disinfection kills the microbial left out in the water, and the water is safe and healthy to drink.

Cartridge life up to 6000 litres of water purification ensures low annual maintenance cost. This claim is in accordance with the internal lab test of Aquasure.

With a 7-litre storage tank, you will have sufficient drinking water to counter situations like Power cut.

The water purifier can treat pureness the water with an initial TDS content of as high as 2000 PPM.

Sleek and Compact Design occupies less space in your kitchen and looks beautiful on the wall or the kitchen countertop. This further indicates that it is easy to install this water purifier. The purifier takes up minimum space and complements your kitchen perfectly.

10. AO Smith Z8 Green RO 10 Litre Water Purifier with RO+SCMT technology, Wall Mountable, Table Top Black in colour

Product Overview:

The AO Smith Z8 Green RO water purifier with 10 litres storage capacity is the second Z series water purifier in our list of the best water purifier in India for home use 2022. With a beautiful look and stylish design, this water purifier acts as a complement to your kitchen apart from providing 100 per cent purified and healthy water (AO Smith claims).

Key Features:

| Silver Charged Membrane Technology

The Silver Charged Membranes is the second layer of microbial disinfection that ensures the water to be free of any microbes as it neutralises any potential secondary microbial contamination.

| 8 Stage Purification

8 stages ensures 100 percent safe and healthy purified water

| Mineraliser Technology

The Mineraliser Technology (MIN-TECH) adds minerals essential to our health like Calcium, Magnesium etc. back to the purified water. Mineral addition makes the water taste natural and fresh.

| Advance Recovery Technology

The ART ensures minimum water wastage during purification. Based on their internal test data, the AO Smith claims to recover 2X more water

Other features:

  • 10 Litre Storage Tank
  • Purification Capacity : Up to 2000 PPM
  • Hot Water Mode
  • Easy Night Operation
  • Advance Notifications
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

Product & its features description:

Purification stages:

Pre-filter –> Sediment filter –> Carbon block –> ART MAX (Advance Recovery Technology)–> Patented Side Stream RO Membrane –> MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) –> ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (SAPC + SCMT).

Capable of providing hot water in the temperature range of 45-degree centigrade to 80-degree centigrade at a button press. This feature is a lofty feature for cold weather conditions.

The water purifier is easy to operate even in darkness with the Night Assist Feature. There is an LED glow effect that makes easy to reach your water purifier. This glow effect also enhances its look in the night hours.

The Advance Notifications (Alerts) notifies you of a needed change of RO membrane or filters.

Buyer’s Guide

How we picked the best water purifier in India for home 2022

If I have to choose a water purifier for home, I will consider two factors:

  1. Initial water quality in my area: This will help me decide which water purification technology or type of water purifier I should bring home. For instance, depending on initial water quality, you may not need an RO water purifier, a simple UF water purifier, or a UF+UV water purifier may be sufficient for you. In many cities, people drink municipal water and they look a water purifier for municipal water; at some places people intend searching a water purifier for borewell water. Similarly, Different water source may require a specific water purifier type, then why always bring the RO water purifier and loose health-essential TDS.
  2. Components in Water Purifier: Once done with purification technology, I will check and compare the details of the elements that lie in the water purifier. Many water purifier manufactures, in order to compete the market-competitions, have been found using poor quality elements. Irrespective of the water purifier brand name, we should make a thorough analysis of the components present in the ro water purifiers. We have taken absolute note of components wile finalizing our list of the “top 10 best water purifier in India for home in 2022”.

In this section, since the water quality is different in different areas, we will be discussing the components that went through analysis while shortlisting the best water purifier in India for home 2022.

To get acquainted with the right way to choose a water purifier for your home, make sure you read the “How to select water best water purifier for home” under the Buyer’s Guide Section.

In the drive to recommend you with the best water purifier in India for home use, we have compared, reviewed, and analysed more than 32 water purifiers from the top 7 water purifier brands in India in all the three technologies i.e RO,UV and UF.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • The material of Construction for UV Chamber: The material of construction for the UV chamber should be stainless steel or anodised aluminum at minimum. 
  • The layout of UV Chamber: The layout of UV chambers may come in the horizontal or vertical direction. The horizontal one should be preferred.
  • The UF membrane orientation: The UF membranes are available in straight and spirally laid inside the casing. The spiral one should be preferred.
  • Size of Filters: The larger the size, the better its purification strength and life. best water purifiers in India 2021 usually come with a large filter.
  • TDS Enhancer: Often, it has been found that some RO water purifiers come with TDS controller/ TDS booster. We have assured that these controllers are not just bypass valves. They must not mix the unpurified water with the purified one to boost the TDS content in water. If it’s a Cartridge, then it’s okay, but the cartridges should come with genuine mediums inside. The cartridges must come with naturally extracted ceramics and not the artificial one. 
  • The Material of construction for Storage tank and other Parts: The material used to develop storage tank and other parts should be stainless steel or food-grade plastic. Nothing less than that.
  • Quality & quantity of Activated Carbon in the purifier: Better quality & more quantity of activated carbon results in better absorption of Chlorine and enhanced water taste.
  • Membrane Make & Capacity is another factor that should not be left unexplored if looking out for best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

How to select a Water Purifier

As discussed earlier in this article, the selection of water should involve two essential considerations:

  1. The initial quality of water in your area, and
  2. The Parts that make the water purifier.

We have already discussed the second point above in the “How we picked our top 10 water purifier in India” section; let’s now discuss the first point.

  • If the TDS level in the water in your area is less than 300 PPM, No need of water purifier, provided the water is free from pathogens or better choose a UF Water Purifier that comes integrated with the UV radiation feature.
  • If the TDS level is higher than 300 PPM but less than 2000 PPM, go with a RO+ UV Water Purifier.
  • If the TDS level is higher than 2000 PPM, the domestic Water Purifier may not work. In this scenario, you should buy a water softening solution.

There are many reasons behind the above recommendations. Please continue reading ahead to get thorough know-how.

TDS>300 PPM but<2000 PPMRO + UV (or RO+UV+UF technology)
TDS>2000 PPMWater purifier not recommended, go with a water softening solution
water purifier recommendation based on TDS content

Let’s start with the characteristics of drinking water.

Characteristics of Drinking water

When it comes to drinking water, three characteristics define its suitability to drink. These are:

  1. Physical Characteristics 
  • It should be Fresh; Colourless; order less
  • It should be free from bodily impurities, i.e., Turbidity or other solid particles
  1. Chemical characteristics

It should be free from hardness: By hardness, we mean the presence of carbonates & bicarbonates, and compounds like sulfates, chlorides, nitrates, etc. Carbonates and bicarbonates of Magnesium and calcium cause temporary hardness in water. They can be removed by simply boiling the water. But to remove the hardness dues to other compounds (permanent hardness), we need to treat the water with certain technological aids (Water Purification technologies). That’s where the water purifiers play a significant role and so has been segregated the best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

  1. Biological Characteristics

It should be free from pathogens: Raw water, during its journey from lakes; dams to the water treatment plant, comes in contact with various mediums. These mediums contain bio-films that constitutes of microorganisms. Not all are harmful to our body. Still, some, usually called Pathogens, cause diseases in the human body, and our drinking water should be free from them.

Impurities in Water

Impurities in water are just the opposite of what the characteristics define. In its natural form, water is free from any content, whether useful or harmful for health. But as it passes through the different mediums, it carries many minerals and natural extracts present on earth’s surface; unfortunately, it takes some impurities. These impurities are mostly the chemical waste from the industries or the human-made contaminants buried with soil. 

impurities exist in three forms in water:

  • Suspended Impurities
  • Dissolved impurities, and
  • Colloidal impurities

Let’s understand them step-by-step.

  •  Suspended impurities: These impurities are found in the solid form in water, as particles.

The suspended particles’ size is 1 Um and above (regarded as suspended up to 10 Um). Their presence in water makes the water Turbid. The physical visibility of the extent of Turbidity in drinking water depends on the amount of suspended impurity in water. Generally, Turbidity is visible in the water when the suspended impurities are more than 5 PPM.

 Some examples of these impurities are: Silt, Clay, sand, decays of vegetational matter, and microorganisms like algae, bacteria, Protozoa, fungi, etc.

  • Dissolved Impurities: The dissolved impurities include:
  1. Organic compounds like pesticides, animal and plant decay deprivation, herbicides, etc.
  2. Inorganic Ions: Some examples of dissolved organic ions are calcium, Magnesium, fluorides, chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, etc.
  3. Dissolved Gases: High concentration of dissolved gases like Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, and oxygen can alter the PH of water and cause acidity in the human digestive system.
  4. Dissolved impurities constitute to the hardness of the water. It means the more dissolved impurities in water, the harder it will be.
  5. Dissolved impurities in water have a direct relation with the color of the water. The more dissolved solids present in water, the harder it will become, and also the color will tend towards the darker side.
  • Colloidal Impurities: The size of these impurities ranges between .01 um to 1 um (.00001 mm to .001 mm). These impurities are very hard to remove, and their presence in water gives rise to hazardous diseases.

Now, let’s see what the Indian standard regulatory body, BIS, says about drinking water.

Drinking-Water Quality Standards in India

Based on these characteristics and necessity to remove the above-discussed impurities, WHO (World Health Organisation) issues guidelines for setting Drinking Water quality standards, and agencies of different countries set measures for its People. The measures for India has been kept at reference during our selection of the best water purifier in India for home.

These standards vary from country to country.

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) sets quality standards for Drinking Water. The detailed document for BIS standards for drinking water (IS 10500:1991) set in the year 1983 and revised in 2002 can be seen here or at

some of the essential parameters in our drinking water that we generally look out for are listed below:

*Acceptable Limit signifies the specific limit beyond which the water quality is not suitable for drinking.

*Permissible limits are the limits up to which the water, though unsuitablebut still may be tolerated in the absence of an alternative source.

From the chart above, we, now, know the different impurities limits that should not exceed in our drinking water.

When we need a water Purifier  

Case I

If your municipal corporation is providing you with drinking water under acceptable limits of impurities ( as recommended by BIS), Do you need to purify the water further in a water purifier?

 The answer comes ahead- read on. 

The status of drinking water changes at your faucet from what it was at the municipal corporation— the reason is its journey from the Municipal corporation to your house, through the pipes.

The water, just after the municipal corporation, is free from bacteria and other pathogens as they add Chlorine to water or make it pass through UV radiation. But as it travels through pipes, it collects the harmful bacteria which get accumulated in pipes and at valves due to biofilm formation on prolonged time.  

Are these bacteria harmful?

No, not all. Some bacteria are good for us.

According to the 2013 issue of Water Science and Technology, four types of bacteria: 

  • Sphingobium
  • Xenophilus
  • Methylobacterium
  • Rhodococcus 

are harmless to the human body. These bacteria, though found in soil, on leaves, and in lakes, if present in the biofilm is not an issue to our body, but these biofilms may contain some diseases causing pathogens. Our drinking water needs to be free from them. The best water purifier in India for home use presented in this report has been found efficient in removing these pathogens.

That’s the reason; I recommend purchasing water purifiers that comes equipped with UV radiation feature. 

One additional thing which I would suggest is, even if your municipal corporation is adding Chlorine under the acceptable limit. Get the water at your faucet tested for its chlorine content. Excess consumption of Chlorine has serious health implications.

So, the answer to the question asked above is: Yes, we may need to purify water further that we receive from the municipal corporation. 

Yet, we may not need a water purifier.

These pathogens can be killed by simply boiling the water.

Case II

If your municipal corporation is supplying water above acceptable limits or if you are using water from some other natural source.

In this scenario, we assume the TDS of water is above 300 PPM, and Now you need a water purifier.

Please refer “How to select water purifier” section above to know which purifier you should choose based on the TDS level in the water.

Now since we know how to choose the water purifier, let’s understand how these technologies matter and how they are different from one another.

Water Purification Technologies in India

1) UV Technology: The UV technology does not remove the dissolved solids or any other suspended impurities in water. It only kills the biological microorganisms in water or damages their DNA so that they do not replicate in our body if consumed. All the water purifiers presented in our list of the best water purifier in India for home comes embedded with the UV technology.

The mastery of this technology is using an Ultra Violet radiation in the wavelength range of 198 nm to 400 nm. The UV rays pass through the water, where it encounters the different germs and kill them or damage their DNA.

Note :

i) When buying a water purifier, always prefer the units which have the UV chambers installed in the horizontal direction. Because when laid flat, there is a swirling motion of water, and an excellent contact ratio between the light and microorganisms is feasible. However, this factor should not become a reason for rejecting a water purifier, which has some other good reasons to buy.

ii) UF Technology: UF (Ultra Filteration) water purifiers purify the water by filtering it under gravity pressure, and hence no electricity is required. And thus, their initial cost is low as compared to the rest technologies of water purification. These are the most suitable water purifiers when it comes to the place where there is no electricity, or the power cuts are frequent. These are the best non electric water purifiers.

How UF Water Purifier works?

In our list of the best water purifier in India for home use, you may have found MF technology. For Instance in the HUL water purifiers. The MF terminology stands for Micro filteration that works similar to the UF technology, the difference lies in the hole sizes inside the membrane. Let’s see how t works?

Water passes through Ultra Filteration semi-permeable membrane bearing micro holes of the size in the range of 0.1 to 0.01 Micron. The holes in the semi-permeable layer are small enough to counter all types of suspended impurities and colloidal impurities, including the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

But, they cannot remove the dissolved solids. As a result, the TDS content of water remains more or less the same as what it was before. TDS under the specified limit is a good thing for our bodies. These are the essential minerals that our body needs to function efficiently. But if the TDS content in water is above the recommended limits of BIS, this water Purifier is not suitable to use.

Though it can remove the colloidal impurities, still the possibility of some tiny microorganisms passing through the membrane cannot be ruled out. The smallest known virus, so far (Source: Wikipedia), is 17 NM in dia (equivalent to 0.017 microns), which is close to the size of pores in the UF membrane. Hence it is always recommended to use this purification technology along with a UV radiation chamber.

So, if you have the municipal water supply with the TDS under the recommended limits, you should go with a UVF+UV combination of water purifiers. And, If you are using water from some other source, a well or some pump-driven groundwater. Use this combination of water purifier only if your TDS meter counts safe.


  1. Make sure you keep a TDS Meter and PH meter in your home. It will facilitate easy checking whenever required, especially when you feel some difference in the taste of your drinking water. we have recommended some best performing TDS meters down below, You may order one from them if you do not yet own one.
  1. A UF water purifier is available in two types-One where the small hollow pipe type membranes lye straight and the second where you get these in spiral layout. Always prefer the later one.
  1. NF Technology:  This is an intermediate technology between UF and the RO. The pores size in NF technology lies in the range of 0.01 microns to 0.001 microns. One of the useful properties of these filters is their ability to retain 40% to 70 % of minerals found as TDS in water. Our body, therefore, doesn’t get deprived of the essential minerals for its functioning. The PH output also is better with NF technology filters.
  1. RO Technology: RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology, by far, is the most advanced technology of water purification. The membrane’s pores are so small that it removes all types of impurities in water. They are around 0.0001 microns small.  All our water purifiers under the list of best water purifier in India for home essentially has the RO technology.

If we talk of the TDS content in an RO purified water, it is very less-around 20PPM to 50 PPM, depending on the original TDS content in water. It removes up to 90 % of TDS in water, thereby leaving a minimal quantity of minerals essential for health. Drinking mineral-less water has its disadvantages. So modern RO purifiers are coming with Alkaline cartridges, which increases the TDS content of water and gives a better PH value water. our recommended best water purifier in India for home use comes equipped with these alkaline cartridges.

Let’s see how they look if we compare them with one another.

To help you with the first step in selecting the best water purifier in india for home in 2022, we have come up with some TDS meters recommendation. These TDS meters have been found performing satisfactory in checking the TDS content of water. A large number of people are using them: you can too give them a try. Their performance history is impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some questions and their answers that may help you in selecting your best water purifier in India for home use in 2022.

1. What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

Experts say that we should drink alkaline water. They cite several reasons in support of their recommendation. Some of those reasons are:

  • Alkaline water regulates the pH level of the human body.
  • Drinking alkaline water slows down the aging process in human beings.
  • The human body produces acidic juices, drinking alkaline water helps neutralise the acidity. It helps in easy digestion of food by our body.
  • Alkaline water increases the viscosity of blood in the human body, thereby it flows more smoothly and is good for peoples who have Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Alkaline hydrates have mineral hydrates that are easily absorbed by our body cells. So it is good for people who do a lot of physical works.

Now before we ahead, let’s see how the pH value of water affects our body. It is essential to mention here that excess alkaline water is also not good for our health, especially in the long run. And, the water purifiers that we recommend you as the best water purifier in India for home delivers alkaline water under limit.

Let’s see what problems our body can face if it’s too acidic or if it’s too alkaline.

  • Too Acidic water consumption:

The too acidic content in our body may give rise to problems like Dry coughing, weakness in muscles, Nausea, breathing problems (Frequent sighs), Irregular heartbeats, anxiety, etc.

  • Too Alkaline water consumption:

Much alkalinity in the body may lead to Non-absorption of minerals by our body, especially potassium and calcium. The calcium, instead of going inside the bones, gets deposited on the outer surface of bones.

Another problem that may occur includes Hyperglycemia (Low blood sugar level); You get cramps in the calves, twitching, arthritis, allergies, etc.

So, drinking water under the right PH limits is essential.

2. What is TDS in the water?

TDS, as we know, is the measure of total dissolved solids in water. The total dissolved solids include Impurities like salts, heavy metals like arsenic, lead, copper, Chlorine, etc., and some useful minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.

We measure the dissolved solids (TDS) in terms of Parts Per Million (PPM)

1 PPM = 1 Mg/L (Milligram/Litre). 

So when we say that the TDS of some water is 200 PPM, we mean that there is a quantity of 200 Milligrams of dissolved solids in 1 Litre of that water. 

3. What a TDS controller does?

You must have seen, a number of times, that the term TDS Controller/ TDS aduster has been mentioned while discussing the best water purifier in India for home. Now what these TDS controllers do?

The TDS controller regulates the flow of water in a proportion between the UF membrane and the RO membranes to maintain the TDS in the outlet water. For more details, please read our report on “How a water Purifier works?”.

Please note:
Some water purifier selling companies have been found selling water purifiers where the TDS controller directly mixes the unpurified water with purified water. This mixing gives a better TDS in the outlet. Still, it’s a complete compromise to purification technology, and we strongly encourage our readers to avoid purchasing these types of water purifiers and we have not included any such product in our list of the best water purifier in India for home 2022.

4. What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water is the natural water that we use in our day-to-day life, with additional hydrogen molecules added to it. The additional hydrogen molecules react with the free radicals that generate during the various metabolic process and mechanisms in our bodies. Some examples of their generation are reduction and oxidation reactions, exposure to radiation; exposure to smoke and pollution; reaction with transition metals like Iron (Fe2+), Copper (Cu +), Manganese (Mn+), etc.

What happens is that the molecular oxygen, available as biradical, takes free electrons and gets reduced to Superoxide & Peroxides. The Peroxides, further, produce Hydroxyl radicals in the presence of Iron & Copper. These hydroxyl radicals are the most reactive of all the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). During their reaction, they probably produce most of the oxidation stress in the human body. That’s why too much Iron or copper can increase oxidation stress.

The human body produces Antioxidant enzymes and small molecules that react with the free radicals and gives them hydrogen to make a stable compound. But this process of neutralising the free radical leads to aging in human beings.

Now comes the role of Hydrogen molecules in our hydrogen water. These act as boosters and helps the body neutralise the free radicals without much effort. That’s why it is said to act as an anti-aging element.

Some research agencies have cited many other advantages; still, the sample size, as of now, is not sufficient to support the use of hydrogen water as miraculous. However, the use of hydrogen water has been approved as safe by the FDA.

5. What is MTDS?

The MTDS is a taste regulator system usually found in the water purifiers from Eureka Forbes. What it does is regulate the TDS in the water outlet when the source water comes with up to 2000 ppm TDS. In other words, It allows you to adjust the TDS in the outlet water manually.

6. What is E-Boiling?

E-Boiling is another name for UV technology. Please refer to our UV technology to understand the details.

7. What is Alkaline Pitcher?

A pitcher is a small water storage device. What alkaline pitcher means is a pitcher with arrangements to make the water alkaline in nature. It consists of cartridges. When you fill water in the pitcher through the lid, it passes through the cartridge, increasing the pH level of water.

8. What is GPD?

The full form of GPD is Gallons per day. It defines the purification capacity of a membrane (RO/NF/UF) per day.

 Final Thought and Disclaimer

In the present days, when human life is facing entrenched contamination from all sides, the necessity of eating healthy food and drinking pure water cannot be put aside. As such, water purifiers have gained importance in our lives. But before we bring home a water purifier, it is imperative that we know the mechanism of a water purifier and how it helps us get the right-quality water. The present report on “the best water purifier in India for home” apart from giving a list of top 10 water purifier in India, lays down much-needed information on the best water filter in India. You can choose a water purifier from the list that you find suitable for your family. If you wish to know more or have some queries, please let us know in the comments section. We will try to answer your question in the possible early time.

Disclaimer : The information shared on this page under the title ” best water purifier in India for home 2022″ has been researched to be true to the product manufactures/ seller’s declarations, still we do not claim the information to be 100 % correct. Please make a personal level check with the seller before purchasing a product.

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    • Dear Mr Rajkumar,
      With PWD supply water TDS of 24 and 32, the water, indeed, is very safe to drink but may not necessarily be healthy; a little more TDS could have been better. On the other hand, maybe the TDS content of source water is high in your area, and the PWD is assuring at least safe drinking water to its consumers. This is what I am assuming.
      Drinking the borewell water sounds like a healthy idea, as it will give you more minerals. Though the TDS i.e. 186, is well within the recommended limits of BIS guidelines, using a water purifier with UF+UV technology to reduce some TDS and assure pathogen-free water will really be a wise decision.
      We will come up with the best water purifiers for borewell water/the best UF+UV water purifier soon; please cooperate with us till then. Good content needs long research before release, sometimes. This includes finding the best players in a particular segment, analysing them on different parameters, and bringing the best for you.
      But if you are running short of time, I recommend you to go with any one from the below listed 3 best UV+UF water purifiers:

      1. Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier
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      3. AO Smith X2 5 L UV Ultra Violet + UF (Ultra Fine) Black 5 L Water Purifier

      I hope our recommendation will help you obtain the desired results.

      • I am staying in Goa where drinking water supplied from the dams. I think after treating this drinking water is supplied to the consumers of Goawhich is having a very low TDS 24 and 32.i know that it is not good for health, hardly any menerals left in it. but what to do? any way last year April Ishifted to my new house since than we are drinking boiled water and I am in a search of a good UV uf water purifier. you suggest me 3 uv uf water purifier out of that serial number 1 and 2 I know these are good water purifiers but that is not looking good by its design its look like bucket. Should I consider serial number 3, AO Smith X2 uv uf water purifier but in that uv chamber is in vertical position. I will wait for your reply or should I wait for your next artical on uv uf water-purifiers Regards.

        • In A O Smith X2 UV UF purifier UV chamber is made of stainless steel or is it made of aluminium. Waisting for your reply. Regards

          • Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply, usually we reply within 24 hrs. The material of construction for UV chamber is Stainless steel and it is placed vertically. This is in accordance to a reply by a registered page with the name of AO Smith servicers on Amazon. we cannot not validate the authenticity of the page.
            We have also left a query to AO smith, will update you once we get some reply. Though vertical in position, the AO smith X2 UV + UF water purifier ensures better contact of UV light with water for its design. The water enters the UV purifier through the bottom of the UV chamber and there is a loop at its top. This ensures pressure drop inside the UV chamber and hence better UV to water contact. You may go with it, it is indeed one of the best water purifier in India 2021

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      Some manufacturers are playing foul, they have slashed the rate of water purifiers and are using good for nothing-type materials. In fact, they harm our digestive system and produces problems like gastrology, acidity etc.

  5. Thank you AKS sir for writing such a good article on water purifier for home use. And thanks for suggesting me on best uv uf AO Smith X2 purifier. As I told you water supplied in my area have very low TDS that is 24 to 32.there may be no mineral left in it . I am worried the mineral in it. Can you suggest me uv uf water purifier with natural mineral guard cartage. how will be Aquaguard enhance NXT UV UF plus hot water purifier or Aquaguard crystal NXT plus hot water purifier. But both of price too high Rs. 16500 and 17500 respectively. What about AO Smith Z1 hot and cold water purifier and Aquaguard AURA 7 UV UF water purifier. Regards

  6. Respected sir,

    My new flat water has tds around 870 to 970. The demo guy from Kent has suggested Kent pride plus model. Can you please suggest which will be best for me?

    • Dear Mr Vohra,
      Why Kent pride plus and why not Kent Supreme extra or other water purifiers included in our list of the best water purifier in India 2021.
      Please note, for a TDS of 870 to 970 ppm, it’s right that you should own an RO system. Though UF+UV systems can also do the job, we recommend it better to have a RO+UV system. Companies provide additional UF systems to maintain the outlet TDS; additionally, some provide alkaline cartridges too.
      Hence the water purifier system you should own should contain RO+UF+UV+Alkaline cartridge assembly. Kent pride plus is a similar water purifier, and the demo man has recommended the right system.
      But please wait.
      There are many good options available to kent pride. We have to pick only 10 water purifiers; hence we preferred to include Kent supreme Extra over others from Kent in Our list of Top 10 water purifiers in India.
      The reasons for Including Kent supreme Extra are:
      Kent Pride was introduced in Mid 2018, whereas the Kent Supreme Extra was first available in mid-20. This shift in the model was attributed to making it even better.
      Kent pride is a bit bulky; it weighs around 15 Kg, whereas the kent supreme Extra weighs just 8.5 Kg.
      You get zero water waste technology and 7 stages of purification in Kent supreme extra model.
      One point where Kent pride leads is the free AMC service duration. Kent does not ask you service charge in the Supreme Extra model for 3 years in addition to a 1-year warranty, whereas for the Pride model, kent claims to provide the entire AMC free for 3 years. Still, PLEASE NOTE that there are terms and conditions for this. The company may change its policy anytime, so get confirmed with the customer care executive before you make the deal.
      Mr Vohra, you can make your conclusion and hence decision; we will also recommend reading the other water purifiers details that come with copper technology mentioned above in our report.
      I hope our reply will be helpful to you. Please write to us in case if you have some more queries.

      • Thank you sir for your reply. I have questions regarding HUL pureit. It doesn’t have tds regulator so let’s say of tds 970 it will give output water of 97 tds. So is it safe to drink?
        Also can you please guide about aquaguard royale.

        • Dear Mr Vohra,
          HUL has four types of Pureit water purifiers- Cooper RO water purifier, Eco RO water purifier, UV water purifier, and RO water purifier.

          Considering your question for the first two types, which we have included in our list of the top 10 Best water purifier in India 2021 at s/no 1,2 and 4; please note that all these three water purifiers are 7 stage purifying water purifiers. These 7 stages of purification come as a part of their so-called Germkill Kit. The Germkill Kit has the following items.

          Pre-SedimePre-Sediment Filter – 1 No., Pre-RO Carbon Filter – 1 No., Mesh Filter – 1 No., Post-RO Membrane – 1 No., TDS Modulator – 1 No., MF Membrane – 1 No., RO Membrane – 1 No.

          You must have noted a TDS modulator too, and it works in the same way as we have seen in the kent supreme plus; the only difference is the use of MF (Microfilter) instead of UF. You may have read it in our buyer’s guide section stating how UF water purifiers work.
          Both UF and MF are similar type membranes with pores size in the range of 0.1 to 0.01 Micron. So if you are interested in having a water purifier that comes with a TDS modulator/booster, you can choose any one of the two brands.

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