Best Washer Dryer Combo in India 2022 – A January 2022 report

Best Washer dryer combo in India is our next hunt after a detailed analysis on the the best washing machines in India, included among them are: best Top load washing machines, Best front load washing machine and the best semi-automatic washing machines, through various reports at this website .

We are going to figure out 6 best washer dryer in India followed by a detailed discussion on topics like what is a washer dryer combo; how does a washer dryer combo works, how it is different from a spinning-based front load washing machine, how we picked the best washer dryers and what are the options available to a washer dryer combo in India in 2022 , ahead in our buyer’s guide section. So, do not miss reading it. It will be a resourceful section for you if you want to understand a washer dryer combo better.


Front load washing machines with dryer and,

Top load washing machines with dryer

Above two links are must read if you really really wish to know more about some excellent washing machines with dryer beside the below given best washer dryer combo in India.

How we prepared the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022, list.

Among the many imperatives, the features that primarily contribute to:

  • Wash quality output
  • Hygiene of the washed clothes
  • User-friendliness of the washer dryer combo
  • Safety features
  • Use of advance technologies
  • less-Maintenance contributing factors, auto cleaning features like tub clean, and of course,
  • Durability in the long run

were among our prime considerations in making the selections. We also focused on better post-purchase service providers in India to facilitate our readers solving a future troubleshoot quickly and easily. In this drive, we went on to found the top 6 best washer dryer combo in India among around- 25 best washer dryer in India. Let us see and understand how our selected washer dryer combos make better sense.

1. IFB Laundrimagic 3-in-1 Washer Dryer Refresher with 8.5 Kg/6.5 Kg/2.5 Kg capacities (Executive ZXM, Mocha) -Our best washer dryer combo in India in 2022 first recommendation

“Sorry,” I’d say initially, before describing the IFB LAUNDRIMAGIC 3-IN-1 washer dryer combo.
Please accept my apologies for the delay in reviewing this equipment!
The main reason for the delay in this evaluation is its late availability on internet platforms, as well as a late practical interaction with this washer dryer combo.
This is, in reality, a Washer Dryer Refresher combination.
Washer dryer combinations are renowned for taking a long time to finish the full wash process, but with the IFB Laundrimagic washer dryer combo, you have options: 2 hour or 4-hour wash completion cycles, without sacrificing wash or dry quality. Please read the product description section to see how it achieves a compromise-free wash in a short amount of time. Since its introduction in December 2020, this washing machine with dryer has been a favourite tool for customers who want to not only get rid of nagging washing and drying difficulties but also acquire swiftly refreshed garments for special events. Let’s take a look at why we think it’ll be one of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022.

Key Features:

| Power steam technology

The Power Steam Technology in this washer dryer combo ensures that the clothing is germ-free, hygienic, odour-free, and wrinkle-free at the conclusion of the cycle.
This action is analogous to what we refer to as a booster, which refines the fabric texture while also keeping it safe and sanitary.

| Steam Spa technology

The Steam Spa wash is made for those exceptional garments that we wear only once in a while.
We no longer need to have these occasion-wears dry cleaned on a regular basis thanks to this technology.
It ensures that our clothes are free of germs and wrinkles in minutes.
It also provides aroma to the garments, similar to what fabric conditioners do.


| WiFi-enabled

The IFB laundrimagic washer dryer combination features WiFi connectivity, making it even more user-friendly.
The MY IFB APP integration/synchronisation allows you to control it remotely.
You may also keep track of its performance, schedule maintenance, and learn about the issues that this washer dryer combination encounters.

| 5 Star BEE rating

This washer dryer combo has a 5-star BEE rating for energy efficiency.
The firm promises to utilise a maximum of 350 kilowatts per year, based on a precise but pleasant usage pattern.
This, of course, adds to the appeal of this washing machine with dryer.
But wait, theirs is a more cost-effective option.
In addition, there is an ECO wash option that helps you to conserve even more energy.
We believe it is the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022 for the following reasons.

Other features:

  • Washer Dryer machine with 8.5Kg/6.5Kg capacity, Refresher capacity is 2.5 Kg
  • 19 wash programs
  • Maximum Rotational Speed 1400 RPM
  • 9 swirl wash technology
  • Quick/ express wash, power steam, refresh
  • Cup-board dry, Eco dry, Gentle dry
  • Aqua Energie, door shower
  • eco inverter motors both for washing and drying
  • Wifi enabled user-friendly
  • Other features like Child lock, Steam tub clean, delayed wash, drum lamp, Auto Restart etc
  • Elegant Look and Design
  • Warranty: 4 years on product, 10 years spare part support

Product description:

The IFB laundry magic wash programs gives you a perfect set of combinations of temperature, wash load, the time required for wash process completion and the Spin RPM. All these parameters display in the LED panel upon selecting a wash program.

For instance: If you select the Wash+Dry 2hr program, the display panel will show you the load it can wash and dry completely in 2 hrs. It also shows what temperature and spin rpm it will wash the clothes

Similarly, the different programs show their corresponding wash parameters.

This washer dryer combo auto-selects the right combination of drum motion from the assigned 9 swirl motions. For example, for delicate clothes, it will select cradle wash motion that tumbles your clothes to give the right wash without damaging its fabrics.

The 9 swirl motions this washer dryer refresher makes uses are as follows: Roll and Mix, Tumble, Loosen, Deep clean, Soft soak, Gentle Scrub, Sway, Separate and Squeeze out

All these motions have been marvelled with the help of a silent and energy-efficient VLCD Motor.
This machine comes embedded with a special water circulation pump that enables turbo water jets ejection on the clothes through the inner ridges of the door opening. This inner ridge also comes installed with LED Lights. Just like what we see in Refrigerators, these LED lights glow on opening the door. You will feel delighted to see your washing machine lit from inside.

Moving ahead to the Drying system, the IFB Laundrymagic 3-in-1 washer dryer refresher combo offers 5 types of drying. These include Cupboard dry, Eco dry, Gentle Dry, Steam dry and aroma dry.
Now, what is Aroma dry or the Refresher dry?
This is what imparts freshness and fragrance to your clothes. IFB offers 4 types of aroma fragrances branded as “Sensora” with this washer dryer combo that you can choose from. The refresher capacity of this washer dryer combo is 2.5 Kg as we have mentioned above too.

There’s a lot to talk about on this washer dryer refresher combo but in very few words: This washer dryer combo provides you with germ-free, wrinkle-free clean clothes with an aroma of your choice that keeps you fresh all day long. Besides all these, it is indeed an economical washer dryer that has been certified 5-star rating by the BEE. Overall, there can’t be more reasons why we say it to be one of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022.

2. LG 10.5 Kg / 7.0 Kg Washer Dryer Combo – FHD1057STB Inverter, Wi-Fi, In-built Heater, Turbo Wash (Black VCM )

Product Overview:

The LG 10.5 Kg/7.0 Kg washer dryer combo is the first to introduce you considering its suitability to a medium-size family, the price it comes for, and the advanced features it is equipped with. It emerged as a winner and made to our list of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022.

Key Features:

| AI DD Technology

Available in 3 cycles, Cotton, Mixed Fabric, Easy Care, The AI DD technology optimises the washer dryer combo to impart perfect wash motion by detecting the weight and sensing the fabric’s smoothness ensuring complete care of your laundry.

| LG Steam+ Technology

LG Steam+ Technology does two important jobs; first, it ensures that the post-wash clothes carry 30% fewer wrinkles. Second, it ensures the elimination of mist and allergens that lead to respiratory issues or skin allergies by up to 99.9%.  

| LG ThinQ with Wi-fi

With LG ThinQ Wi-fi, you can now control and monitor your washer dryer combo anytime from anywhere. It requires the installation of the LG ThinQ App and synchronisation with the washer dryer combo.

| Smart Diagnosis System

With the LG Smart Diagnosis system, you know about the error codes displayed when your washer dryer combo faces some issue. It also suggests the troubleshooting steps that need to be taken in those situations. 

Other features:

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive technology
  • 360-degree TurboWash Technology
  • Washing Capacity: 10.5 kg
  • Drying Capacity: 7 kg 
  • Max Spin Speed: 1370 RPM
  • Multiple Wash-programs
  • User-friendly with features like Child lock, Auto tub clean, eco hybrid, and Auto Restart
  • Elegant Look and Design
  • Durable Machine with Waterproof body
  • Warranty: 2 years on product & 10 years on the motor (under T&C)

Product & its features description:

6 Motion Direct Drive technology enhances the wash quality by providing 6 different motion (Stepping, Filtration, Tumbling, Rolling, Scrubbing, Swing) to the clothes, ensuring better wash output in every wash.

With TurboWash 360˚, LG claims to complete the laundry work in just 39 minutes. This is made feasible by many advanced features embedded in this washer dryer combo, including the presence of 3D multi nozzles that reach every inch of your laundry. 

Multiple Wash-programs: TurboWash 39, Baby steam care, Cotton+, wool, delicate, rinse + spin, duvet, allergy care, gentle care, quick 30 programs, sportswear, Wash+Dry, Dry Only, stain care, Easy Care. The Allergy Care cycle as certified by the British Allergy Foundation(BAF) reduces 99.9% house dust mite allergen.

Child lock, Auto tub clean, eco hybrid, and Auto Restart are useful safety-related features that further enhance this washer dryer combo’s user-friendliness.

Elegant Look and Design- Beautiful design with a prominent display and easy to press buttons further add value to this washer dryer combo.

Durable Machine with Waterproof body: Boosted with Durable Tempered glass door and a seamless design with a waterproof touch panel are other features that make this washing machine durable in the long run.

With an overall analysis, we found this LG washer dryer combo to be certainly one of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022.

3. Samsung 7.0 kg / 5.0 kg Washer Dryer Combo -WD70M4443JW/TL, White Colour.

Product Overview:

This washer dryer combo is hot favorite now. Many readers have opted for it and can be a perfect washer dryer combo for you too. Samsung owns a big name for manufacturing and supplying washing machines in India; and thanks to their post-sale support system that has made this washer dryer combo acquire an unshakable position in the list of the best washer dryer combo in India since its launch in mid July 2020.

Key Features:

| Air Wash technology

In Air-wash technology, super-hot air passes through the clothes that sanitise the garments, making them germ-free and frees the clothes from any bad odour, making them smell fresh. It’s a unique feature that adds valid reason to our decision of including this washer dryer combo in our list of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022.

| 59 Min. Wash & Dry

They say wash, dry and go in 59 Minutes. What does it mean, and where does it apply?. It means you can wash your clothes and make them ready dry to wear in just 59 minutes. But that only applies when you want some 3 or 4 lightly soiled clothes (Under 1 Kg weight) ready to wear within an hour. It’s not for a full capacity wash load or the clothes carrying tough stains. But for quick preparations, as I mentioned earlier, the 59 minutes wash and dry cycle is an excellent provision to opt for.

| Eco Bubble technology

Eco Bubble technology provides powerful cleaning by turning the detergent into bubbles, leading to quick penetration in fabric and removal of dirt effectively. The one thing that results in energy saving is the process operates even at low temperature. The results have been tested is based on lab test reports carried by Springboard Engineering on EMPA strips, between standard detergent solution and bubble technology without mechanical action.

| Bubble Soak technology

The next eye-catching thing in this washer dryer combo is the Buble Soak Technology. We can address it as an extension to the Eco bubble technology that concentrates on the bubble’s penetration in the clothing’s fabric. It ensures loosening of the tough stains due to the active bubble’s action and even the hard stains get removed easily without the machine getting harsh on the fabrics.

Other features:

Among the other special features that have made this washer dryer combo popular among the users are:

  • Digital Inverter motor: Direct drive with no use of belts and pulley promotes less maintenance, long warranty, less vibration, i.e. less noise, better to say minimal noise as it has been observed, and guaranteed durability in the long run. It has been awarded with a 20-year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE)
  • Eco drum clean- enables removing 99.9 % dirt, odour-causing bacteria from the drum, and keeping your washer dryer combo hygienically clean. Your washer dryer combo, owing to its advance technology, notifies you when it needs cleaning.
  • Max Spin Speed: 1400 RPM
  • Wash Programs: 12
  • Washing Capacity: 7.0 kg
  • Drying Capacity: 5.0 kg 
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years on product and 10 years on motor

4. Voltas Beko 8 kg Inverter Washer Dryer WWD80S, Grey)

Product Overview:

The Voltas Beko 8 Kg Washer dryer with advanced features like wash and wear; Gentle wave and 1400 RPM spin speed is another washer dryer combo that can satisfy your need to get clean and ready to wear clothes in little time. With the advance features and technology it comes embedded with, this washer dryer combo is indeed one of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022.

Key Features:

| Fast + technology

The Fast+ technology you can reduce the washing time by up to 55% compared to a conventional washing programme. The company doesn’t talk of any limitation concerning load or stain toughness type, yet it is understood better to go with lightweight and less-soiled clothes if you are looking for quick preparation.

| Gentle wave

The wash-drum in the Beko 8 Kg washer dryer combo comes designed with unique inner outlines that create powerful waves imparting gentle but thorough washing to all kinds of fabrics.

| Pro smart inverter motor

The Pro smart Inverter motor is a direct drive motor that provides superior energy efficiency, low mechanical friction hence lowers noise levels, and improves durability in the long run.

| Silent tech

A step ahead, apart from the pro smart inverter the company has provided the machine with special shock absorbers and S-shaped sidewall design. The unique design-attributes balance the loads inside the drum, arrests any vibration and reduce the noise levels, making the washer dryer combo run smoother in the long run.

Other features:

  • Washing machine; 8 kg
  • 16 wash programs
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
  • StainExpert feature
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 2 years on motor

Product & its features description:

Voltas Beko StainExpert feature imparts a particular combination of wash waves, soaking phases, water temperature and increased tumbling action that can counter stubborn stains, providing you clean washed clothes.

5. LG 12 kg Washer Dryer Combo -FH6G1BCHK6N with Twin Wash feature

Product Overview:

The LG 12 Kg Washer Dryer Combo with Twin wash provision is an excellent and royal washer dryer combo that provides you with all sort of satisfaction from a washer dryer combo. It does your laundry super fast, Provides clean and hygienic clothes, gives durability, secures safety and a lot more. This washer dryer combo is the best washer dryer combo in India. Let’s see what all it offers, in detail.

Key Features:

| LG Twinwash

LG Twinwash is a Two-in-one washer dryer combo. You can run one or both at a time. With the available two different washers supporting varying loads, you can now segregate/ differentiate your clothes based on its fabric types or the stiffness of stains that your laundry carries with it, to give them a thorough wash. This way, you get better assured of preserving the fabric’s quality of your laundry.

| LG ThinQ smart features

Not satisfied with available wash programs, you can download one from the various wash programs available on the LG website through the LG ThinQ App.
And if you are in a hurry, there are advance wash programs to help manage your time while catering to your family’s needs

| 59 minutes wash and dry

the 59 minutes wash-and-dry programme and while among others include, specifically, the Turbo Wash feature which is a prime attraction to this marvellous Washer Dryer Combo.

| LG Steam Plus feature

Further, the Twin wash equipped with Powerful Steam plus feature helps you remove allergens and dust mites, making the clothes safe and hygienic.

Product & its features description:
One step ahead, the addition of hot water, owing to the presence of an inbuilt heater, allows clothes washing at high and varying temperatures, assuring further germ-free and clean clothes that are safe to both adults as well as kids.

Among the several other features making this washer dryer combo one of the best washer dryer combo in India in 2022 includes:

  • Washing Capacity: 12 kg
  • Drying Capacity: 8 kg 
  • Suitable for families with 8 to 10 members
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive technology 
  • Smart ThinQ app.
  • Smart Diagnosis System
  • crease care
  • child lock
  • tub clean
  • Eco Hybrid
  •  Fuzzy Logic & pre-wash
  • 1400 RPM spin speeds, and a
  • Warranty of 2 Years on Product & 10 Years on the motor (Under T&C)

6. Bosch 8 kg/5 kg Inverter Washer Dryer (WVG30460IN, White, Inbuilt Heater)

Product Overview:

The sixth machine in our list of the best washer Dryer Combo in India in 2022 is the Bosch 8 Kg/5 Kg Washer Dryer with model number WVG30460IN. It’s an outstanding washer dryer combo equipped with every feature that ensures safety, durability, hygiene, better wash quality and user-friendliness in the long run.

Let’s look at some important features that decide the effectiveness and impact of a washer dryer combo on its user. 

  • Wash and dry within 60 Minutes
  • Save time or reduce consumption with VarioPerfect
  • Allergy plus washing at 60 deg
  • VarioDrum features
  • Fresh laundry in 15 mins
  • Maximum spin speed: 1500 rpm
  • AntiVibration design
  • Unlock and Reload
  • The EcoPerfect feature saves 50% of the energy used while washing.
  • WaterPerfect 
  • Non-stop wash and dry programme 
  • friction-free EcoSilence drive motor 
  •  Large LED display
  • 24 hours end time delay
  • Child lock
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor

The feature and performance everything is marvelous and this washer dryer combo qualifies strong to our list of the best washer dryer combo in India .

Buyer’s Guide

We use front load washing machines, and it dries our clothes, does it mean it’s a washer dryer combo. The answer is “No”- It is not a washer dryer combo; instead it is a spinning based washer cum dryer machine that removes a large portion of water from the laundry but doesn’t give absolute dry clothes.

And Since we have gone extensive on the spinning-based washing machine in one of our articles earlier, it is time to understand a washing machine with a dryer or a washer dryer combo that we went through above in the list of the best washer dryer combo in India. How are these machines different from a spinning based washing machine. To understand it better, we should first focus on understanding a dryer as a single unit.

What is a Clothes Dryer?

Often, especially in rainy or in the winter season, when there is little or no sunshine, getting the clothes to dry after washing becomes a tough job. A washing machine with dryer or a clothe dryer proves useful under such conditions. 

 A cloth dryer is a device which removes the moisture from the clothes and makes them complete dry, which is not possible with the spinning mechanism in washing machines. The dryer comes either with a rotating drum called “tumble dryer” or with a “static drying chamber”. In both the types, hot air passes through the clothes which remove the moisture from the clothes. The air can be heated by electrical means or by a gas-based burner.

If you do not wish to choose one combo from the best washer dryer combo in India, you can choose to bring a separate dryer unit.

How do Cloth dryers work?

The “tumble dryer” takes air from the surrounding, heats it and directs the airflow through the clothes to the outside atmosphere through the vent, removing the moistures in cloth. However, some dryers come with a condenser which cools the humid air and converts it into water. These dryers are known as” Ventless dryers”. But, when it’s a vented dryer, it becomes essential to route the hot, humid air to the outside atmosphere to maintain indoor hygiene. A condenser dryer; Heat pump clothes dryer are similar dryers that use a heat exchanger that condenses the hot air.

 A “static drying chamber” dryer comes with a vertical chamber with a heating unit at the bottom which heats the air. The hot air passes through the clothes and makes them dry.

What is a Washer Dryer Combo?

 A washer dryer combo or a Washing machine with dryer is an all-in-one washing unit which performs the task of washing, rinsing, spinning, and drying your laundry in a single tub. In general, we can say it’s a Washing machine with dryer. Despite the all-in-one action, these units are very compact in design and are best suited for use in tiny houses or small apartments where non-availability of sufficient space is a constraint. Most models come with a wheelbase which enables smooth shifting and relocation within your home. As a single unit performs the entire task, these machines are very energy efficient.

 The capacity selection for the washer dryer combo ( Washing machine with dryer) should be made based on the family size. A Washer dryer comes with two capacity ratings- one, for wash capacity and second for drying capacity. The drying capacity of a Washer dryer is always less than washing capacity. The smaller dryer capacity is because more free space inside the drum is needed to enable thorough airflow through the clothes. You can either wash your clothes or dry them or carry both the process in one single run. If you want washing, rinsing, spinning and drying in a single run, the maximum capacity you can load the machine is less than or equal to its drying capacity rating. For Instance, if you have a washer dryer combo with 8 Kg washing capacity and 6 kg drying capacity, and you want your clothes to undergo washing and drying in a single run, you can, at maximum load 6 Kgs of clothes. Also, when you instruct the machine to dry after the wash, the run time increases significantly. If you want to wash the clothes and dry them simultaneously, you should go with separate units of Washer and Dryer.

 A better way to go with a separate washer and dryer, to match the what the best washer dryer combo in India is offering, is using a front load washer and stacking the matching dryer above the washer. This would reduce the space requirement. Or you can buy a laundry centre, which may come with front load or a top load washer with a stacked dryer above the washer. The stacked dryer in a laundry centre operates both on electricity and on gas-fired heat production. The gas-fired dryer works as good as electric powered dryers and can save significant power in the long run.

Difference between spin and dryer

As we know, a washing machine performs the task of washing and spinning the clothes, many a time, a question arises what a spin is in a washing machine?

The spin or the spinning action in a Washing machine removes the water from the clothes, but this removal of water does not give total dryness. You have to lay the clothes under the sun to get the required level of dryness.

 On the other hand, the dryer is specially designed to remove the leftover water in the clothes after spinning. Your washing machine may come or may not come with a dryer, depending on the type of machine you choose. However, there are separate stand-alone dryer units available in the market, which you can bring home and carry the operations as you want to accomplish.


Since we are clear with the basic concept of a Washer dryer combo, and has our list of the best washer dryer combo in India, it will not be tough to decide what all you should look out when buying a washer dryer. Still, we encourage our readers to make a self level cross check with the seller when buying a washer dryer combo that you feel as the best washer dryer for your family..

Also, we encourage you to leave your queries in the comments section, if any. we will get back with a reply in the possible early time. 

Thank you very much for reading our report on the best washer dryer combo in India, till the end.

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  1. Thanks for these useful information, I liked the Samsung 7.0 kg/5 kg washer dryer combo. Even one of my friends owns this washer dryer combo. He also addressed it as best washer dryer combo. But unfortunately there are not much substitutes in India.
    Can you guide me with how a washer dryer combo is different from front load washing machines with drier.

    • Dear Gunja,
      Thanks for appreciating our content. It is nice to see that a washer dryer combo in our best washers dryer’s list is also being appreciated by users. we have prepared this list based on several similar feedbacks and research. Further, I see you facing difficulty in understanding the difference between a front load washing machine and a washer dryer combo. Please note that though both have front door loading mechanism and more or less a similar look, the difference lies in the drying mechanism. We have stated how a dryer works and what is the difference between spin and drying. Reading them, under the buyer’s guide section, will help you get the right answer for your query.
      request you to read the buyer’s guide section. Refer our list of best front load washing machines to get a product based differentiation between the two.

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    • Dear Mr. Praveen,
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    The Washer Dryer combo suggested above, do they dry the clothes 100% or do we need to put them in air for some time ?


    • Dear Mr. Jain,
      The Washer dryer combos unlike the front loading washing machines are meant to completely dry the clothes. Earlier people used to buy a separate dryer unit to solve the issue of wet clothes, especially in humid conditions. But, with the availability of combo units you get washer and dryer combined as one unit. Important to mention here, In India a very few companies are manufacturing these types of washer dryer combo units. The recommended units are the best washer dryer combo in India available in 2021. You may choose one which you find more interest in.

      Thank you so much for your query.

  4. Thank you for the very nice and elaborate article. In terms of drying performance, which one is better – washer-dryer combo machine or separate washer and dryer. I mean in terms of the time taken for drying and the energy consumption for 100% drying etc, how to the two options compare?

    • Hi Nandita,
      Thanks for your query and sorry for the delayed reply.
      Separate washer and dryers, in my opinion, are a bit better than a combo unit, as they dry the clothes little fast, but it makes the system bulky. 100 % drying is a bit slow process in combos, but the results are awesome, also it looks beautiful in your home. As far as the energy consumption is concerned, we are going to update this report with power consumption analysis before the end of third week this month. Please co-operate till then. Thanks again.

  5. Hi. Would you be able to suggest which is the best washer dryer combo for a family of 4? I am looking for a reduced drying time.

    • Hi Mr. Amandeep,
      Thanks for writing us.
      Washer Dryer combos are AI technology-based machines. They assign the wash and dry time according to their algorithm. You can still have control over the drying time.
      If You want to run the Dry Cycle only, Please make sure you switch off the spin speed button. If you want a reduced drying time while operating a wash&Dry cycle, you can assign a drying time of your choice through the dryer knob, this however may not give complete dryness, as the AI will follow your instruction beside its own algorithm.
      For a family of four, I would suggest going with either the Samsung 7 Kg/5 Kg washer dryer combo or the Bosch 8Kg/5Kg washer dryer. Both are popular equally. Both these washer dryers combos have quick wash options for light dirty clothes. In Samsung, it is called 59 Min wash & Dry cycle.

  6. Thank you for your reply. Does these washer dryer combos also comes with in built heater? If yes, can you please suggest a model.

    • Dear Mr. Amandeep,
      First, I would congratulate you for being conceptual. Folks, usually, bring home the front loaders by paying an amount that would have owned them a Washer Dryer Combo. The difference in dryness is thus noticeable.

      Of course, the models I listed had built-in heaters.
      You may choose them, particularly the Bosch washer dryer combo. You can also rely strong on the IFB washer Dryer Refresher. By paying roughly the same price, you can get an additional feature- refresher. It’s a brilliant washer dryer combo, and will suit perfect for your family of 4.
      I am leaving a link down below for these three washer dryer combos.

      IFB washer dryer refresher combo.
      Bosch washer dryer combo
      Samsung washer dryer combo


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