5 Best Top Load Washing Machine In India 2021

It’s time to review the best top load washing machine in India 2021. Earlier, under the best washing machines in India tag, we went on analysing “different parameters” that led to the selection of the best front load washing machineswasher dryer combos, and semi-automatic washing machines. But the reviews of top load washing machine was something much requested by our readers. The reason for this high demand is well understood. Best Top load washing machine in India.


According to a Tv Veopar Journal( TVJ) report, 7 Millions units of washing machine reigned to the Indian market in 2019-20. Among the fully automatic washing machine category, top load washing machines acquired 66% of volume (20 lakh units). In contrast, the front load washing machines reached only 10 lakh houses.

With the above extractions, the reason for the high demand for fully automatic top load washing machines can be well understood.

How we picked the best top load washing machine in India 2021

Washing machines have extensive know-how and Know-why bases: from technology use that provides high values to construction mechanisms that limit manufacturing cost; use of material to compatible design; better wash quality assurance; being gentle on fabrics; hygienic washed clothes, and a lot more. We have covered these extensively in our washing machine section, and these parameters only formed the base of our selection.

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Additionally, customer reviews and acceptance, pros and cons; post-sale services were some other factors that formed reasons for including a washing machine in our list of “5 best top load washing machine in India 2021.”


The shortlisted best top load washing machine in India 2021 sells fast on the internet and hence you may see OUT OF STOCK status when buying. To counter such conditions, we are providing additional options just below the item as OUT OF STOCK BUYs.

The top load washing machines under the “Out of stock Buys” section are as good as what we have mentioned und our best top load washing machines list. Hence, you have detailed description of 5 best washing machines top load in India but in actual you get 10 best top load washing machines or even more, available in the Indian markets 2021

Let’s move to our list.

Best Top Load Washing Machine In India 2021

1. Samsung washing machine review 6.5kg | Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL review

The Samsung washing machine review 6.5 kg WA65A4002VS/TL concludes excellent remarks. This washing machine is a robust and beautifully designed washing machine equipped with features that makes it one of the best top load washing machines in its segment. Before exploring detail, let’s take a quick look at its key features:

Key features:

Center jet TechnologyWater Level Selector
Monsoon modeSoak Technology
680 RPM Spin SpeedEco Tub Clean
Diamond Drum6 Wash programs with Quick Wash option
Magic FilterAir Turbo

Please read the detailed observation of the Samsung washing machine review 6.5kg WA65A4002VS/TL model under the product description section below.

Product description/ Samsung washing machine review 6.5 Kg WA65A4002VS/TL:

Centre Jet Technology: The centre jet technology removes clothe’s tangling. It allows the detergent water to penetrate deep inside the clothes, thus removing the tough stains. It happens as the jet of water propels from the centre and lifts the cloth stuck at the base.

Power Consumption: The Power consumption by this fully automatic top load washing machine is 300 to 350 Watts. The top rated washing machine under the similar wash load capacity has similar power consumption ratings. Hence the Samsung 6.5 Kg WA65A4002VS/TL can be called as as energy-efficient washing machine. This washing machine further emits less CO2 and is an eco-friendly washing machine. (Samsung claim as per their internal testing)

Diamond Drum: As the name indicates, the wash drum of the Samsung top load 6.5 kg washing machine has diamond-shaped ridges. The ridges are soft in construction and provide effective scrubbing being gentle to your clothes. These soft curls are perfect for preserving the fabric quality of your delicate garments.

 Magic Filter: The magic lint filter is easy to remove, wash, and re-install. It collects the lint and other small particles hidden in your clothes and protects the drain pipe from blockage. You get clean, lint-free laundry in every wash.

 5-water Level: The five different water levels lead to water-saving and give better energy efficiency. Further, you get the option to choose the water level to facilitate better cloth wash.

Soak: The soak button on the panel allows you to select the soaking feature—the process of soaking clothes before the wash loosens the dirt and stains. Further scrubbing delivers a stain-free wash.

 Eco Tub Clean: The Eco tub clean feature notifies you when there is a need to clean the washtub. It cleans the washtub without any chemical and diamond ridges, thus remaining effective in the long run.

Quick Wash: The quick wash feature allows you to select a light but clean wash, especially for your clothes’ daily use. It leads to power saving power and, of course, your precious time.

Warranty: 2 years on product, 2 years on motor: You will cheer the massive Samsung warranty as it takes off your worry.

Suitable for families with 4 to 5 members

Post the Samsung washing machine review 6.5kg and analysis; we are confident that you will not be disappointed if we bring this machine home.

In few words, it is one of the best top load washing machine in India 2021, and you will love it.

2. whirlpool stainwash ultra 7kg 

Our next best top load washing machine in India 2021 is from Whirlpool- the whirpool stainwash ultra 7 Kg fully automatic top load washing machine. 
Whirlpool stainwash ultra 7 kg can be an ideal choice to bring home as it is a widely loved whirlpool top load washing machine. With its aesthetic design and performance output, you can expect it to fulfil what you may be looking from a fully automatic top load washing machine. Before we move ahead and discuss all its features, let’s look at the key features of this washing machine.

Key features:

Smart Inbuilt HeaterZero Pressure fill technology
Stainwash programDynamix technology 
25 stains removalSmart lint Filter
Hard Water Wash6th Sense smart detergent dosage
Zero Pressure fill technologyAuto tub clean
SPA WashDelay Wash

Detailed description Whirlpool stainwash ultra 7 Kg:

 Smart Inbuilt Heater: With a Smart inbuilt heater, you have the option to heat the water up to 60 deg centigrade. The hot water kills 99.99 % of germs and allergens. This ensures complete sanitisation of your laundry.

Stainwash Program: The stainwash program removes even 48-hour old stains effectively. This feature is beneficial in situations when you are not in the position of washing your clothes immediately.

25 Stain Removal: The ability to heat water empowers this machine to clean up to 25 tough stains, be it some dry stain or some oily stains.

3 Hot Water Modes: Whirlpool stainwash ultra 7Kg (fully automatic top load) is smart enough to detect the clothes’ fabric and heat the water accordingly. This ensures the non-damaging of clothes fabric and better stain removal. The three hot water modes it can provide are Warm mode, Hot water mode, and Allergen free mode.

Hard Water Wash: Tough stains removal, even in hard water, is an easy game with whirlpool stainwash ultra 7.0. The Hard Water wash program reduces the consumption of detergent when washing with hard water and gives a thorough cleaning to the laundry. It intelligently maintains the softness and color of your clothes by remaining gentle to the fabric.

Zero Pressure fill technology: Filling the washing machine with water even at low water pressure does not need much time with Whirlpool stainwash ultra 7Kg. It fills the tub 50 %faster even at a low pressure of 0.017 Mpa. ( Internal Lab test result, as claimed by Whirlpool).

SPA Wash: The pulsator and drum of whirlpool stainwash ultra 7.0 has been specially designed, with 50% lesser holes than normal wash drums that, in turn, ensures smooth washing of clothes. SPA wash ensure 40 % less tangling and give a perfect wash to your clothes.

Dynamix Technology: ensures proper mixing of detergent in water. The soluble detergent thus reaches the tough stains and loosen them in the SPA wash cycle. Further, During the spin cycle, it leaves zero detergent residues even when the inlet water pressure is low.

Smart Lint Filter: The lint filter of whirlpool stainwash ultra 7.0 has been intelligently positioned at the bottom. The bottom positioning itself has a process advantage. It ensures a better collection of lint in every wash. Further, It is smart- gets self-cleaned in every spin cycle, and you get rid of the additional job of removing, washing, and re-installing the lint filter at a time interval.

6th Sense smart dosage: Now no need to put extra detergent in the washtub. This washing machine uses its 6th sense technology to detect the load and uses the detergent in the detergent tray accordingly.

Auto tub clean: The whirlpool stainwash ultra 7.0 comes with an auto tub cleaning feature that ensures tub cleaning after every wash. This ensures the non-deteriorating of the washtub and increases the durability of your washing machine.

Delay wash: With the Delay Wash feature, you get the advantage of differing the wash operation cycle from 3 to 24 hours. So you can now manage your time as per your convenience. The Delay wash allows you to get required soaking of clothes. Needless to mention the benefits of soaking the clothes before wash.

With the above features and a huge satisfied customer base, it has made strong in our list of the best top load washing machine in India 2021.

3. Whirlpool washing machine whitemagic 7kg 

The Samsung 7.0 Kg whitemagic washing machine is an easy-to-use washing machine with 123 wash technology, has got a long warranty and is capable of performing good even in hard water conditions. With 6th sense technology it wisely distributes the load uniformly, fills water 50% faster, and reduces the clothes tangling by up to 40%. There are many more reasons why it is included among the best top load washing machine in India. Check details ahead.

Key features:

6TH Sense Smart SensorExpress Wash
123 WashDelay Wash
Hard Water Wash ProgramZPF Technology
Spiro WashAuto Tub clean
12 Wash ProgramsSmart Lint Filter
Aqua StoreLED Digital Display 
Back Control PanelChild Lock

Product description:

6TH Sense Smart Sensor- The 6th sense smart sensors senses low voltage and water conditions automatically and indicates through the display panel. Your washing machine thus gives excellent performance in the long run without requiring frequent services and repair.

123 Wash refers to the three-step wash process through three press buttons. It indicates the easiness with which you can operate this washing machine.

Spiro Wash- The Spiro wash technology enhances the wash quality by rotating the cloth all over and thoroughly. It indeed facilitates an effective scrubbing and gives better wash output every time.

12 Wash Programs- With 12 wash programs, you have plenty of option to choose from. You have the freedom to make a micro classification of your laundry based on its fabric quality, weight or how you use that particular cloth. Your fabric quality is safe with Whirlpool washing machine white Magic 7Kg. It is smart enough to sense the fabric quality and give a suitable wash. The 12 different wash programs include daily wash, wash only, Rinse + spin, gentle wash, etc.

Express Wash- The express wash feature reduces the wash cycle time from 30 to 40 %. So if you do not feel like going for a thorough wash, you can save your time and energy with the express wash feature without compromising the wash quality.

Hard Water Wash Program enables you with an option to get effective washing even with hard water. When in full auto operation, it senses the water type and chooses the hard water wash cycle.

Delay Wash- With the Delay wash feature, you can defer our wash cycle timing as per your convenience. The delay time ranges from 3 to 24 hrs, giving you leverage on your busy schedule and providing ample soaking of the clothes.

ZPF TECHNOLOGY is the Zero Pressure fill technology. It is beneficial when the inlet water supply pressure is very low. It enables filling the washtub 50 % faster.

Auto Tub clean– It s necessary that the washtub should remain free from any detergent residue. Auto tub cleaning plays a significant role here. It enhances the washtub life by self-cleaning of the washtub.

Smart Lint Filter- It collects any dirt residues or hard microparticles and does not allow scattering on the washed clothes. Further, It also protects the drain pipe from clogging.

Aqua Store feature allows you to store water for the next wash cycle. It proves helpful when there is uncertainty in the water supply in your area.

LED Digital Display: The LED Digital display gives a clear vision of the running action. It also gives a beautiful look to the display panel.

Back Control Panel- Sine the control panel is on the backside. There are few chances of water spillage on the panel. The look of the panel is thus preserved, and your machine looks beautiful for a longer time.

Child Lock- With the child lock feature, the user does not need to stay at the machine in order to safeguard it from some accidental button pressing by kids in the home. The child lock feature barres any interruptions in the running wash program if some kid presses the button accidentally. Hence the program setting remains safe.

Another best top load washing machine in India 2021 by whirlpool. Go with It!

4. Haier washing machine review 6.2 kg 

Widely searched and accepted, the Haier Top load washing machine 6.2 Kg is one of the best top load washing machines in India 2021 available online.
We analysed the performance of the Haier Washing machine 6.2 Kg HWM62-AE model on different parameters with an approach to get the insights. The Haier washing machine review and analysis was a fantastic experience for us, as it stood firm on all the parameters. It is beautifully designed and equipped to meet the best washing machine eligibility in its segment. With an aesthetic design and better performance record, this top load washing machine is sure to attract your attention towards itself. We will discuss the detailed features that make this washing machine unique in its segment, but before that, let’s take a quick view of its key features

Key features:

Oceanus Wave DrumChild lock
Bionic Magic FilterFuzzy Logic
Balance Clean Pulsator8 wash programs & Unique Ariel Cycle
PCM CabinetWarranty: 2 years on product, 5 years on motor

Product description:

Oceanus Wave Drum- The Haier washing machine 6.2 Kg – HWM62-AE model comes with a stainless steel cubical shape wash drum. The Cubical shape directs stronger water flow through the clothes. The stronger water flow penetrates through the stains and removes them effectively. The process may sound harsh on the clothes, but it’s not. It is a non-abrasive process that takes care of the fabric quality and provides a better wash output. Ocean wave technology is one feature that has widely made this washing machine popular.

Bionic Magic Filter: The Bionic lint filter is a hygiene lint filter that is optimised to collects maximum lint and residues from the clothes. As a result, the clothes undergo deep cleaning and looks more shiny and clean after every wash.

Balance Clean Pulsator: By balance pulsator, Haier here means that the pulsator used in this washing machine can provide a balanced water flow (soluble detergent water) in all clothes types. Be it your heavy clothes like bed sheets, blankets, or light garments that need a gentle wash to avoid wear and tear. The Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine ( HWM62-AE) can maintain the pulsator thrust as per the load conditions.

PCM Cabinet- The cabinet of this washing machine is made of pre-coated metal(PCM). The coating has been done with non-rusting alloys that protect its outer body from rust and deterioration in the long run, even in moist conditions. The machine efficiently retains its glossy look at a small wipe with some cloth. As a result, your washing machine looks beautiful for a long period.

Unique Ariel Cycle- It is yet another feature of this machine that makes it popular among users. The Ariel cycle is an additional wash cycle that works as per fabric condition consuming less detergent and delivering excellent wash output in every wash.

Child lock:   You can lock the assigned wash programme to the washing machine with the child lock feature. Your wash program doesn’t get interrupted by accidental button pressings, as usually our little cute and naughty kids do.

Fuzzy Logic– Fuzzy logic is an advanced multiple process approach incorporated in different types of equipment. In washing machines, it checks your laundry’s initial dirt condition, i.e dry dirt, tough stains, greasy adhering, etc. Based on this analysis, it adds a suitable amount of detergent and water. It also senses the load conditions, spinning direction, and various other conditions to adjust them for the best wash outputs. When spinning in the wrong direction, fuzzy logic either corrects the direction or reduces the spin speed to adjust for an imbalance.

This washing machine has been one of the best-selling washing machines in the current top load washing machines. Available on online platforms since July 2019, it has managed to stand tough in the list of best top load washing machine in India 2021. Our primary motive behind providing the Haier washing machine review for 6.2kg HWM62-AE model is to facilitate our readers with an option to make the right decision when considering a washing machine buy.

5. Whirlpool washing machine 7 kg (Whitemagic elite 7.0)- features description

Whirlpool whitemagic elite 7.0, like the whitemagic 7 Kg model, is another success story of whirlpool. This washing machine has been given 5 start rating by the BEE, comes embeded with a 360 watt motor and latest features like 123 wash, hard water wash, zpf technology etc, that makes it one of the best top load washing machine in India in 2021. Read details ahead and make a choice of it.

Key features:

Steel – Spa DrumZPF Technology
5 Star BEE rating740 Rpm 360 Watt motor
123 WASH12 Wash Programs
Spiro WashAuto Tub Clean
Hard Water WashDelay Wash
Express WashAqua Store
Smart Lint FilterBack Control Panel
Power Scrub TechnologySmart sensors Indicators

Product description:

Steel – Spa Drum: The new Spa Wash System delivers the perfect wash with 40% less tangling of clothes 

123 WASH: 123 Wash is a simple three-button instruction wash where the machine intelligently takes care of all the washing needs once you press the 1-2-3 button. This feature makes the Whirlpool white magic elite 7.0 extremely user friendly without compromising on the wash quality. It’s like an intelligent student who understands all activities to do on the teacher’s call.

Spiro Wash: The Spiro wash feature is another intelligent feature that gives 20% better cleaning by creating an advanced wash motion in a unique circular direction. The water passes through all portions of your laundry and provides a clean wash every time. 

Hard Water Wash: With the Hard water wash feature, you do not need to adjust the features when washing clothes in hard water. The Whirlpool white magic elite 7.0 senses the water type and adapts a suitable operation. The hard water wash feature also does not consume too much detergent and saves water by avoiding unnecessary spin cycles.

Express Wash: Express Wash feature reduces the wash cycle time by 30 to 40 % without compromising your laundry’s wash quality. This feature helps when you wish to give a quick wash to your clothes and save your time. 

ZPF Technology: Low water pressure consumes more time in filling the washtub and lengthens the wash operation time, but with ZPF technology, the Whirlpool white magic elite 7.0 fills up the washtub 50% faster even in situations when water pressure is as low as 0.17 Mpa 

Auto Tub Clean: With the Auto tub clean feature, you do not need to clean the wash tub separately after wash. The washtub is self-cleaned, and the durability of the washtub is secured.

12 Wash Programs: Heavy, Daily, Delicates, Hard Water Wash, Woollens, Whites, Bedsheets, Sari, Spin only, Rinse+Spin, Aqua Store, Wash only, 

Delay Wash: The delay wash feature empowers you with an option to differ your wash operation timing for 3 to 24 hrs. So you can now set the finishing time of the wash operation as per your convenience.

Aqua Store: The Aqua store feature allows you to store water in the washtub for the next wash cycle. This feature is helpful in areas where water availability is uncertain. 

Smart Lint Filter: The lint filter smartly accumulates the lint or other micro-particles. It prevents them from scattering on the washed clothes or passing and clogging the washing machine’s drainpipe.

Back Control Panel: With the control panel at the back end, your washing machine retains its new type look for a longer time; there occurs no water spillage on the display panel. Also, it prevents the display panel from damaging due to water seepage inside. 

Smart sensors Indicators: Smart sensors sense and indicate low water and voltage conditions and protect your washing machine from any possible damage risk. The intelligent sensors further reduce the detergent consumption by sensing the load conditions and recommending a matching detergent usage.

740 rpm spin speed; 360 Watt motor

5 Star BEE rating: The Whirlpool white magic elite 7.0 not only gives a clean wash to your laundry but also saves power as it comes with a 5-star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

Power scrub technology: The Power scrub technology enhances the wash quality and removes the tough stains by effectively scrubbing the clothes even in hard water conditions.

Suitable for 3 to 4 members: If you are a small family of 3 to 4 members, the Whirlpool white magic elite 7.0 can be the right pick. 

Warranty: 2 years on product and 10-years on motor assures value for your hard-earned money.

With these 5 best top load washing machine in India 2021, we are confident you get why you landed this report, but you may face an out of stock situation as these machines sells very fast on Internet. Keeping that in view, we, down below, have provided additional 4 best top load washing machine in India 2021 that are equally good as the machines in the list above.


  1. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65A4002VS/TL, Imperial Silver, Center Jet Technology)– best top load washing machine in India 2021
  1. Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65T4262GG/TL, Light Grey,wobble technology)
  1. Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70A4002GS/TL, Imperial Silver, Diamond drum)
  1. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star (WHITEMAGIC ROYAL PLUS 7.0, Grey, Hard Water Wash) – best top load washing machine in India 2021

Best top load washing machine in India 2021: Bonus Pick

Samsung washing machine review 6.2 kg WA62N4422BS/TL

The Samsung washing machine review for its 6.2 Kg WA62N4422BS/TL Fully automatic top load model illustrates how it eases the laundry work with its modern features. With the sink provision in this Samsung model, the user attains the satisfaction of optimum wash. The beautiful look and compact design make this washing machine more lovable. Good build materials like the Stainless steel for wash drum and pulsator further ensure durability in the long run. In this model, Samsung has considered the user’s preference for a better look and optimum wash performance. Let’s move ahead to find details of its features.

Key features:

ACTIVWash+Quick Wash
Wobble TechnologyMagic Filter
Diamond DrumEco Tub Clean
6 Wash cyclesDelay end
5 water LevelMonsoon spinning
Ice Blue LED Display680 rpm max spinning speed

Product Description:

ACTIVWash+: As the name indicates, active wash+ allows the user to perform manual pre-wash scrubbing activities in the washing process. It comprises a sink at the top of the washing machine, i.e., around a meter from the bottom. That’s a perfect height to work at. The manual scrubbing activities help to weaken the tough stains before putting them in a wash cycle. A push-button operated water nozzle has been provided at finger’s reach. So you do not need an additional water mug on the machine top.

Wobble Technology: Wobble technology allows all-round scrubbing and removing the tanglings of the clothes. The pulsator wobbles in multiple directions and makes a fine detergent solution that penetrates the fabric’s core to remove tough stains.

Ice Blue LED Display: The Ice blue LED, of course, imparts a catchy look to the display panel. The readings are precise, and you get clear visuals of the ongoing wash cycle. The press buttons are soft and responsive to the finger touch. After every button press, the soothing sound demonstrates the brand impression- you enjoy the experience of using a quality product.

Diamond Drum: The Diamond drum, along with the wobble technology, adds features to Samsung’s hat. The diamond-shaped ridges on the drum make fruitful use of the wobbling pulsator action and provide an effective scrubbing to the clothes. Though the ridges scrub the laundry throughout, they do not damage the fabrics as they have been designed to be gentle on your clothes. This feature was a prime factor that motivated me to do this Samsung washing machine review

Eco Tub Clean: Once the wash and the spin cycle is complete; your washing machine needs a tub clean. The tub clean is a must to preserve the metal quality from getting deteriorated by the detergent action. It ensures a better life for the wash drum. Samsung, in this model, has provided eco-friendly means to clean the washtub. By eco tub clean, Samsung assures non-use of harmful chemicals for cleaning the washtub. It takes care to clean the washtub after the spin cycle. Further, the machine notifies you when there is a cumulation on the washtub, and it needs cleaning.

Quick Wash: With the Quick wash feature, the user can bypass the lengthy wash cycle and quick-wash the laundries that are not much dirty. This feature leads to time-saving, resource-saving and helps you quickly be ready with clean clothes.

5 water Level: 5 water levels allow the user to wash clothes in little water. According to the wash cycle, the machine takes a water level, but you can change it- increase or decrease the water content as per your wish. This washing machine uses HE detergents only and washes the clothes in as little water as possible.

Magic Filter: The magic filter performs the task of extracting lint and residues from your clothes. They have been placed at the bottom and are easily detachable. The lints inside the magic filter are easy to clean under running water. The lint collector doesn’t allow small particles to pass through the drain pipe.

6 Wash cycles: With 6-wash cycles, your washing machine is capable of giving suitable fabric wash to your clothes. Be it a delicate garment or a heavy one, you can select a wash cycle that suits your laundry’s fabric type.

Delay end: Delay the end of the wash cycle by up to 24 hrs.

Monsoon spin feature: Fast spinning option to quickly dry your clothes

680 rpm max spinning speed

The tempered glass door assures the non-breakage of the door glass.

Warranty: 3 years on product, 10-years on motor

Closing Remark: The Samsung washing machine review for 6.2Kg WA62N4422BS/TL Fully automatic top load washing machine has been a good experience. The machine comes loaded with features that enhance the washing process while being gentle to the clothes and has got almost everything in its prize range, making it one best top load washing machine in India 2021.


5 best top load washing machine in India 2021 along with 4 best fully automatic top load washing machines to counter out of stock situations, and 1 Bonus pick- overall Top 10 fully automatic top load washing machines in India that, as per our research and their sales record, can be a perfect washing machines for you and your family, if you want to bring home a top loading washing machine. You may choose one that suits your family size and budget, I am sure your selected washing machine will not disappoint you.

Thank you so much for reading our report, If you have some questions, you can write to us in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer your queries.

Additionally, we declare error presence, generated somehow while research and content creation, cannot be denied in the products descriptions. So, please make a personal cross-check with the seller for product specifications before purchasing any of these products.
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