5 Best Quilt for Heavy Winter

A warm body gives a warm sleep and our shortlisted best quilt for heavy winter will help you achieve that. Your visit to this page indicates that you are looking for a heavy winter quilt and that you would want to learn more about the guidelines for choosing a suitable quilt for an exceptionally harsh winter.

best quilt for heavy winter

Before we continue, allow us to point out that this website contains other helpful information that may be useful to you in comprehending the fundamentals of these winter necessities and choosing the finest one for your family.

Best Blankets for heavy winter

Quilt Vs Blanket Vs comforter ( Core difference explanation)

Our current report recommend 5 best quilts for heavy winter, brought to you after a detailed study and analysis that lasted for three days.You will also get answers to some important questions, in the buyer’s guide section, that will teach how you should choose a double bed quilt for heavy winter, for your family.These answers and related contents on this website, together,  will further clarify your view on the winter necessities that we use in our home. You will now be able to differentiate genuinely among the many quilts available in the market and the best quilt for heavy winter.

Some parameters in all these quilts are common, let us know them first:

Common Features of our selected Best Quilt for Heavy Winter

  • All these quilts are double bed quilts for heavy winter that can easily fit two two adults inside.
  • With the exception of some particularly frigid places, such the Ladak region, which are typically at height and where the temperature stays in the minus range for the majority of the year, these lightweight quilts can withstand extremely cold temperatures. These quilts for heavy winter have been shown to provide good warmth in other parts of India, including Delhi.
  • Made from Polyester, the outer fabric of all these quilts is antiallergic and skin-friendly.
double bed quilt for heavy winter
  • The filling material used in our selected best quilt for heavy winter is ultra-fine microfiber, and hence they are light in weight.
  • The stitch pattern is of the box type that ensures the stability of the filler material in its place.
  • Despite the fact that we have only mentioned one particular colour, practically all of these quilts are available in a variety of colours. When you get to the add to cart page, please choose the colour of your choice.
  • Even though we have made every attempt to accurately represent the quilt in our article, we nevertheless urge our audience to personally double-check the seller and ensure that the seller gives a replacement or warranty on the quilt you purchase.

Let’s see which quilts made it onto our list of the “5 best quilt for heavy winter,” with the rest of their attributes having been clearly described in the descriptions of the individual heavy winter quilt.

Best Heavy Winter Quilts List

1. Selective Premium Super Soft Microfibre Quilt for Winter Heavy

Specially made for low-temperature regions, the Selective premium quilt is big enough to fit two adults. While the inner filling material is 100% ultra microfiber, the outer Polyester surface gives a super soft touch to this quilt.

Since it has gained a lot of user popularity since 2017, there is scarcely any justification for excluding it from our list of the best quilts for heavy winter. similar to the winter in Delhi.

Wash Instruction: Dry Clean only

Total weight : 3 Kg 900 grams

Size: 7.9 Feet Long X 7.5 feet wide

2. Ab Home Decor soft microfiber double bed quilt for heavy winter.

Ab Home Decor’s soft microfibre double bed quilt for heavy winter is our second recommended best quilt for heavy winter.

Ab Home Decor’s soft microfibre double bed quilt for heavy winter is our second recommended best quilt for heavy winter. This quilt weighs about 4 kg and is big enough to fit two adults inside without feeling cramped. This blanket, which has 450 total TC, is stunning because to its wine colour, flowery pattern, and velvet material. It is filled entirely with ultra-fine microfibre and is incredibly soft.

Wash care: The company permits machine washing, but we advise getting it dry cleaned or giving it a hand wash because the quilt weighs 4 kg and could cause problems for your washing machine as it will absorb water and throw off the balance during the spin cycle.

Total weight: Approx 4 Kg

Size: 7.9 Feet Long X 7.25 feet wide

 3. Double bed, 500 GSM premium comforter from Mamma Yo

According to the maker, this one is a comforter. Its GSM is 500 and it is filled with microfiber. Without a doubt, 500 grammes of microfiber per sq meter is the ideal amount to combat severe winter, which is why it made our list of the best quilt for heavy winter.

It is a 7 feet by 7 feet comforter that can comfortably fit two persons. It is also reversible, so you may use it on either side.

The microfibre does not move from its locations thanks to the box pattern stitching. The cloth used for the outside cover is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. This comforter weighs just 1 kg (770 grammes) in total.

Key instructions for maintenance and care include:

  • Machine washable
  • Wash it under 30 degrees centigrade
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use bleach
  • Dry at a temperature lower than 135 degrees Fahrenheit (around 57 degrees Celcius)

 The next best quilt for heavy winter comes from Monte Carlo.

4. The Monte Carlo double bed quilt for heavy winter with 350 GSM ultra fine poly fibre filling.

This quilt’s peach flower pattern print on its polyester outer cover will have you smitten at first glance. This quilt includes three additional stitch layers around the edges in addition to the box pattern stitch, which guarantees a solid grip on the fillings. 

This quilt is the heaviest we’ve seen so far at 5 kg net weight. Its length and width make it the ideal quilt for accommodating two adults, with no room for nudges. The finest deal to combat the bitter cold, the best quilt for heavy winter like that in Delhi.

Wash Care Instruction: Dry Clean Only

Dimensions: ‎2.3L x 2.5W Meters

Weight: 5 Kg

5. Homerica Premium Double Bed Quilt for heavy winter

The Homerica Premium Double Bed Quilt for Heavy Winter with 340 GSM Filling is the fifth and last quilt on our list of quilts for heavy winter.

This 4.5 kg heavy blanket is ideal for both households and hotels. The exterior cover is made of polyester with a floral pattern print, and the inner filling is made of high-quality microfibre with 340 GSM filling. It is made by a reputable manufacturer and is offered on practically all popular e-commerce sites that market quilts.

Wash care Instruction: Dry Clean

Dimension: 7.5 feet x 7 feet

Weight: 4.5 Kg

These were the top 5 double bed quilts for a heavy winter that we shortlisted.

As was promised at the start of this research, let’s now head over to the Buyer’s Guide section to find the answers to some basic, yet crucial questions.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a quilt can be very difficult, especially for beginners who are not familiar with fabric types and GSMs. They thus struggle to choose a suitable quilt that provides the most warmth for the severity of winter they experience in their area.

In light of the foregoing, having a basic awareness of some ideas will be very beneficial when purchasing a quilt, blanket, or comforter. These fundamental ideas have been laid down as questions and straightforward responses. Please read the questions carefully and comprehend the essential criteria for choosing the best quilt for a heavy winter for your family.

1. What is a quilt?

Quilt is a thick bedspread that we use in winter to protect ourselves from winter. The thickness of the quilt depends upon the GSM of the filling material. The more grams per square meter the more thick is the quilt.

A quilt is made up of three layers: the top layer, the bottom layer, and the middle layer of filling. The exterior layer is typically made of cotton, polyester, or velvet, with the filler being an insulator like cotton, microfiber, polyfiber, or any other natural or synthetic fabric. However, if a manufacturer wish, it can use any natural or artificial fabric as a layer to cover the filling materials inside.

These three layers are connected to one another through stitching. A pattern is used when stitching. Even though the patterns can be made in a variety of shapes, stitched heavy winter quilts with a box and diamond pattern are still popular today.

The quality and the extent of effectiveness against coldness depends upon the quality of the materials used in the quilt.

2. What is a quilt used for?

Quilts are used to protect ourselves from extreme winter, if protection against heavy winter is not your requirement and you need a bedspread for usage in AC or mild winter, a quilt may not be necessary. You need a dohar, a throw, a light blanket, or a comforter instead.

3. What are the different types of quilts?

Numerous criteria can be used to categorise quilts. Depending on the style of ground you desire, there are several answers to the question “what are the different types of quilts?” Is it based on the process of production, the materials used in the quilts, or the kind of quilt that is based on patterns and prints?

4.What is the difference between a quilt and a blanket? (Quilt Vs Blanket)

As we just learned, a quilt is a three-layered bed spread with a central layer made of filler material; in contrast, blankets are often either single layers of velvet or two layers of velvet with no filling material.

5. What is the difference between a quilt and a comforter? (Quilt Vs comforter)

Usually quilt is used to protect ourself from heavy winter, and is generally a thick bed spread, the comforters are intended to provide you comfortness against any type of climate. The comforter are generally thinner than the quilts, and can be used against light winter or in summer. The material used for he manufacturing the comforter decides the conditions of its use.

Recently, it has been noted that the phrases comforter and quilt are occasionally used interchangeably. Some comforter manufacturers produce products with high-quality microfibre stuffing that can also be used to guard against extremely cold weather. One such example is the item we ranked third on our list of the top five quilts for harsh winters.

This could cause confusion, so before proposing the double bed quilts for heavy  winter, we thoroughly investigated them to help you against such perplexing scenarios.

6. What is GSM in quilts or comforter?

Grams per square Meter, or GSM, refers to the weight of the filling material per square metre of fabric in quilts or comforters.

A minimum of 400 grammes of microfibre, or 400 GSM, must be present in a space that is one metre square, according to the manufacturer.

7. What is TC in blankets or other fabric?

The blankets and other fabrics (towels, shirts, etc.) have TC, much like quilts and comforters have GSM. It stands for Thread Count and refers to the horizontal and vertical arrangement of thread layers inside an unit area. The TC of the material will reveal how dense it is.


With our recommended list of the 5 best quilt for heavy winter, and the answers to the questions related to quilts, blanket, and comforters; we are sure this report will prove helpful to you in buying the right double bed quilt for heavy winter.

 As stated, this heavy winter quilt report has been prepared paying due consideration to winter conditions in India. You may please go with a quilt that you find the most appealing.

Hope you loved this report, if so please share it with your loved ones. If you have any questions about the products you require for your home or garden, you can also email us at info@homewatercog.com.

Thank You.

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