7 Best Latex Mattress In India 2021

Before putting ourselves work on natural latex mattresses in India and recommending you the best latex mattress in India 2021 (includes mattress for back pain), we believed providing complete information on the mattress types should be done first. Thus, we produced a comprehensive report on all mattress kinds, including the natural latex mattresses in India. It talks of the property they pose, the pros and cons of 100% natural latex mattresses, and the factors you must check when buying a latex mattress. It is a complete buyer’s guide for you. Make sure you read it if you wish detailed information on mattresses.

Best Latex Mattress in India 2021

Now by any means, if you have decided to go with a 100% natural latex mattress and not any other type, reading a general list (a list that includes best among the various mattress kinds) may not help you much. You need a report that explicitly mentions the best latex mattress in India 2021, and our current report does the same.
It brings you the top 7 best latex mattress reviews and states why you should choose one, or more, among them.

Hello and welcome to HomeWaterCog, a home and garden-based review website that genuinely believes in serving its readers with the best, unbiased and genuine information. We do not accept any paid promotion for any product and recommend only the tools and appliances we find better in our study.

Before naming our selected best latex mattresses and review them, let’s see how we made these selections.

How we picked the best latex mattress in India 2021

When buying natural latex mattresses in India, determining/ finding if the foam used is 100% natural latex foam is really tough. We have highlighted this problem in our types of mattresses report too, and have suggested ways to make a comparatively better selection. While selecting the best natural latex mattresses in India 2021, we have kept those learnings in consideration. To briefly point some of them:

  • Identifying 100% natural latex mattress- we have tried not to include synthetic or blended latex mattresses.
  • Consider the manufacturers and not the assemblers cum sellers. It must be a genuine company with certifications from recognised institutions if it’s an importer and assembler.
  • Certified manufacturers recognised by the testing laboratories, assuring the varified quality of the latex mattresses they are selling.
  • Existing users’ approval and feedback have been taken into account, too, as these interviews pave the way to the right mattress buying.

We have tried to go extensive in assuring the recommended mattresses are 100% natural latex mattresses. Yet, we disclaim that even our findings might have flaws born out of errors in the information we gathered by several means. We do not have made any physical visit to the manufacturer’s unit. Still, with the available resources, phone calls, and other verification modes, we have tried not to get wrong in selecting the best latex mattresses in India 2021. 

Though publishing this report after long and thorough research, our hunt for more evidence supporting the ingenuity of the latex mattress is still on. We will keep updating our report with our new findings in the time ahead too.

Now let’s move ahead and see which-all natural latex mattress in India have made to our list.

Best Latex Mattress in India 2021

1. Dreamzee Tavasya – 7 zone 100% natural latex mattress- Globally certified- Ultra Luxury Organic Mattress with Anti-Bacterial Shield Globa – Size: 84 x 60 x 7 Inches (7 x 5 feet, 7 Inch thick)

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Product Overview

Available online since April 2021, the Dreamzee Tavasaya is a natural series mattress of Dreamzee that has been awesomely designed to provide excellent support to your entire body, based on the body part’s shape and weight. Read the product description part to understand this “7-Zone Technology” in detail. Certified Globally for quality standards; the Dreamzee 7 inch 100% natural latex made mattress is our first recommendation under the best latex mattress in India 2021 tag. Let us look at the key features of this 100% natural latex mattress, followed by its detailed description..

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressPinhole structure
Medium Firm mattressBacteria and dust mites resistant; Hygenic
90 Kg/m3 DensityOrganic Cotton layered cover; Reversible
Queen Size : 7 x 5 feet, 7 Inch thickQuick bounce back; Zero Motion Transfer
7 zone TechnologyGlobally certified
Temperature Control technology12 years warranty
key features of DreamZee tavasaya 100% natural latex mattress

Product Description:

First things first, The 90 density makes this latex mattress idle for almost all types of users, provided the user does not wish a desired level of softness. The manufacturer says it to be medium-firm; nevertheless, people with a critical back pain problem too can use this mattress. 


As per our observation, 90 density in latex mattresses is appropriate for people facing a critical back pain problem, whereas those with moderate back pain issues can use a 100% natural latex mattress with 80 density. Though, both these mattress comes under medium firm category.

The 7 zone of comport and support is an excellent way to providing a complete refreshing sleep. In the 7 zones, the different zones with an ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) ranging from 24 to 34 support the various body parts from Head to Toe uniformly and keep your spine straight.

 These 7 different zones are; Head and Neck Support, Shoulder and Upper back support, Lumbar support, Pelvic support, Knee support, lower leg support, and Foot and Ankle support.

Made with the Dunlop process, the Dreamzee latex mattress is 100% natural latex composed mattresses with Pinholes that facilitate better air circulation, leading to non-heat generation between the mattress and the body.

Dreamzee imports 100% natural latex foam from Srilanka and assembles it in India. Since made chemical-free, these 100% natural latex mattresses are anti-allergic and dust mites resistant. Also, there isn’t a respiratory disorder threat as there are no Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the mattress, making it a suitable latex mattress for all group people.

The mattress is reversible and can be used on both sides, 

Because of the original latex properties, this mattress keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

100%Natural latex foams are known for providing zero motion transfer; your partner doesn’t get sleep-disturbed on your landing in the mattress. While turning, these foams bounce back quickly to support body movement, and hence these are better suited to kids and old-aged people, where the turning movement needs effort to be applied. 

All in All, this Dreamzee mattress is going to be a good deal if bringing home. It is indeed one of the best latex mattress in India in 2021.

The company provides 12 years of manufacturing warranty, so you get assurance of a good return on your investment.


These are made-to-order products, and hence the company is not allowing cancellation and return on this product. Also, the company has clearly stated that their warranty doesn’t cover comfort level preference. Please contact the manufacture/ seller to get a better understanding of these disclaimers.   

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About DreamZee:

Dreamzee is an Indian origin company with its Head Quarter in Delhi. It deals primarily in the manufacturing and supply of mattresses. It manufactures mattresses in three series, i.e. The natural series (Latex mattress), The Hybrid series (Latex foam + Spring mattress), and the Eco Series (Mattresses best for backpains comprising of natural latex + cool memory foam + HR foam + Bonded foam). The current mattress is a new yet popular latex mattress produced under their natural series.

Dreamzee imports 100% natural latex foam from Srilanka and assembles it in India. Dreamzee natural latex mattresses are certified by several testing agencies in India and abroad, including GOTS Japan, ECO Institute Germany, OEKO-TEX United Kingdom, ABC United states, LGA Germany, and STORK United states, and SATRA technology UK.

The prime focus being on the quality, purchasing a mattress from Dreamzee is sure not to disappoint you. They are indeed one of the best latex mattress producers in India in 2021

 2.Morning Owl’s 8-inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress -Luxurious Soft Mattress, Pin Holes, King Size () with free 2 Pillows

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Product Overview

The second mattress in our list of the best latex mattress in India 2021 is the 8″ 100% natural latex mattress from Morning Owl. The properties of a genuine latex mattress are pre-defined; and this mattress is good to offer all those properties. Morning owl is a globally certified mattress producing company; hence, good quality and durability are assured in the long run. Let us move ahead and find the in-depths why this mattress is one of the best natural latex mattresses.

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressTemperature adjusting as per climatic conditions
Plush FirmnessPin Core Design
80 Kg/m3 DensityNo motion transfer
King Size : 6.5 feet x 6 feet, 8 Inches thickGlobal certifications
Better pressure relieving15 Years manufacturer warranty
Key Features of Morning Owl 8 Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Product Description:

A 100 % natural latex mattress with anti-bacterial and anti-mites properties, the morning owl latex mattress is a skin and health-friendly mattress- It does do not causes respiratory problems because of zero Volatile Organic compounds (VOC). Also, it is Eco-friendly and can be decomposed easily post completion of its life span.

It comes with a pin core design that allows better air circulation and doesn’t heat up due to the high body temperature while sleeping. In fact, due to its natural latex properties, this mattress exhibits temperature-adaptive behaviour, i.e. it warms up in the winter season and cools in the summer.

Morning owl on this mattress offers a 100 DAY TRIAL period and a manufacturing warranty of 15 years. It means you are out of risk for any manufacturing wear and tear occurring self in the mattress. 

Drawbacks encountered in the memory foam mattress like sagging after a while, poor body turning support, and others are no longer an issue with the Morning Owl natural latex mattress.

Another factor that boosts customer’s reliance on this mattress is its certifications; the company owns global accreditation, meaning its product undergo a test for quality standards before being introduced in markets. 

These properties and a huge satisfied customer base make this mattress one of the best latex mattress in India 2021. Far from disappointing you, bringing this mattress home is sure to enrich your sleeping experience; You are going to love it.

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About Morning Owl:

The company is active in the mattress manufacturing and supply business since 2018. All activities, right from procuring latex to its processing and finishing, is done in India only. They have a manufacturing unit in Kerala. The company has got necessary certifications from Global agencies like OEKO-TEX Germany, ECO Institute Germany, BRIT QUALIS United Kingdom. It also claims to be is an ISO 9001 certified company (ISO certificate not found on their website as when written this report). All-in-All, we can say that Morning Owl possesses all the necessary qualifications that we looked for; and its latex mattresses own the features that make them the best latex mattress in India 2021.

3. Morning Owl’s 6 inches 100% Natural Latex Mattress- Medium Firm Mattress with Pin-core Holes- King Size (6.5 feet * 6 feet) – 80 Density, ILD 31- 2 Pillows Free

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Product Overview

Our next mattress in the list of best latex mattress in India 2021 also comes from the house of Morning Owl. This time with 6-inch thickness, 80 Kg/m3 density and ILD OF 31. This 6-inch mattress is made of 100% Natural Latex with a cotton fabric cover. It is a medium-firm mattress that provides better pressure relief and is perfect for mild to moderate back pain facing people. Let’s see its features and understand them briefly.

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressPin core construction
Medium Firm mattressGlobal certifications
80 Kg/m3 Density100 days trial and 15 years manufacturer warranty
King Size; 6.5 feet x 6 feet; 6 Inches thick
Key Features of Morning Owl 6 Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Product Description:

Available in king size, the Morning Owl 6 inch mattress is a 100% natural latex foam mattress that enriches your sleep experience with its many inherent features. These features primarily include; temperature behaviour of the mattress as per climatic conditions, skin-friendly and hygienic to respiratory organs, supports body turning movements because of its quick bounce back capability.

Additionally, as a medium-firm mattress, it contours to the body shape and acts at the pressure points, relieving the pressure developed out of a busy schedule. It also makes this 100% natural latex mattress adaptable to a wide range of people, almost all age groups people, except those who have a critical back pain issue. We recommend using a more firm mattress, some with density 90 or above, to these people,

The Morning Owl 6 inch 100% latex mattress is temperature adaptive, hence cool in the summer season. Further, the pin core design of the mattress makes it even more comfortable by facilitating enhanced air circulation.

Morning Owl offers 100 Days trial and 15 years manufacturer’s warranty on this mattress, too. Many different testing agencies across the globe that morning owl have been certified with back this big warranty. Overall, this mattress is, indeed, one of the best latex mattress in India 2021; it will be an excellent buy; you may go with it confidently.

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4. Dreamzee Vilasa’s 5 Inch – Medium Comfort- Globally Certified 100% Natural Latex- King Size (6.5 feet x 6 feet)

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Product Overview

The next mattress on our list of the best latex mattress in India is a 5-inch thick mattress from Dreamzee. We have seen the company’s profile in the Dreamzee mattress discussed above. With latex imported from Srilanka and assembled in India, this mattress is also a natural series mattress of Dreamzee.
The 5-inch Dreamzee is a medium comfort mattress best suited for people who like some less firm mattress. Besides the core benefits of a 100% natural latex mattress, the organic cotton fabric cover is another factor that makes this mattress more special. Let’s see its specifications and discuss them briefly ahead.

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressTemperature Control technology
Medium Firm MattressOrganic cotton fabric used for its construction
80 Kg/m3 DensityGlobally certified mattress
King Size: 6.5 feet x 6 feet, 5 Inch thick12 Years manufacturer warranty
Key Features of Dreamzee Vilasa 5 Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Product Description:

We have just passed reading about a 6-inch thick mattress; if you want a less thick 100% natural latex mattress, the Dreamzee 5 inch mattress can be a perfect latex mattress for you. The comfort level is medium, and the current mattress perfectly imparts the excellent properties of a genuine latex mattress. It is temperature adaptive (Temperature Control technology backed), Non-harmful to health with Zero VOC, bacteria and mites resistant, Quick bouncy that support body’s turning movement in bed- beneficial for all age people, especially senior citizens or kids.

The mattress comes with an organic fabric (Cotton) cover that has been beautiful designed to impart a brilliant and attractive look to the mattress. Dreamzee mattresses are globally certified and offer a manufacturer warranty of 12 years. Overall an excellent mattress; best latex mattress in India to bring home- go for it. 

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5. Morning Owl 6 inch-100% natural latex mattress- Firm mattress with 90 density and ILD of 40 with 2 free pillows- Quee size ( 6.25 feet x 5 feet)

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Product Overview

The next mattress is a queen size 100% natural latex mattress, 3rd from Morning Owl and 5th in our list of the best latex mattress in India 2021. The thickness is 6 inches, and density is 90 Kg/M3. 90 density indicates it is firmer than what we have seen above in the list from Morning Owl. It is an orthopaedic latex mattress for people who like something firmer to sleep on or those who have critical back pain issues. The ILD (Identification Load Deflection) for this mattress is 40.
The company is also providing two pillows free with this 100%latex mattress. Let’s learn more about this latex mattress.

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressTemperature adaptive property
Firm mattress Global certifications
90 Kg/m3 DensityBetter air circulation
Queen Size (6.5 feet x 5 feet, 6 inches thick)100 Days Trial and 15 years of manufacturer warranty.
Best for people with back pain issues
Key Features of Morning Owl 5 Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Product Description:

We have seen the details of the morning owl company, their certifications and 100% indigenous manufacturing capabilities above. The current mattress is a similar mattress that, for its 100% natural latex mattress properties, provides features that impart quality sleep besides being hygienic to health. 

Quick bounciness helps in body turning movement and makes moving on the bed easy. This property also makes it a suitable mattress for small children or senior citizens.

This mattress contours to the body shape and hence is pressure reliving. The Morning owl 6-inch mattress is resistant to bacteria, mites formation in the long run. 

As in the other mattresses, Morning Owl is offering 100 days trial and manufacturing warranty of 15 years.

As we know that Morning owl has got national and international certifications, the products are tested and verified for quality standards. Bringing this 6-inch queen size 100% natural latex mattress will be a worthy buy.

Other features that make it even more attractive are the Pin core structure, facilitating better air circulation and no heat generation, 100 Days Trial period and a manufacturer warranty of 15 years.

So if a 6 inch queen size mattress is what you are looking for, this could be the best latex mattress in India for you.

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6. FoamsIndia- 4 Inch thick-100% Natural Latex Foam Pearl Mattress- Medium Firmness with One Latex Elegant Pillows Free

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Product Overview

Founded on April 24, 1996, By Mr Jayakumar G, Foams India marked its Silver Jubilee year in April 2021. It has been a Pioneer in the business of manufacturing and supplying 100% natural latex mattresses. The company has a wide range of customisable size manufacturing capabilities, and it deals in providing 100 % natural latex mattresses and produces the best latex mattress in India for all age people. They have a national and international client base. Our recommendation for this natural latex mattress is based on its availability with online sellers, though FoamsIndia produces several other sizes. You can order the size of your choice by visiting their website.
Foams India manufactures Mattresses in three categories, The Popular mattress, the Pearl mattress and the ortho mattress. Our current recommendation is a pearl mattress. Let’s find out the specification ahead.

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressQuick-bouncy, pressure reliving and No-sagging in the long run
Firm MattressZipped Cotton Cover
80 Kg/m3 Density15 years of manufacturer warranty
Single Size ( 6 feet x 3 feet, 4 inches thick)Free Natural latex Pillow-1 no
Pin Core technology manufactured.ISO certified
Anti-allergic; Anti-bacterial and dust mites, healthy and hygienic
Key Features of Foams India 4 Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Product Description:

Important to mention; We are recommending only the mattresses that are available on online platforms and made to our parameters leading to selection as best latex mattress in India 2021. There are numerous other sizes too that these companies manufacture and sell. You may visit the manufacturer’s website to order a customised size or purchase one that is available with them.

The Current mattress is a Single bed 100 % natural latex mattress with a four-inch thickness.

It is a medium-firm mattress with a density of 80. Such mattresses are good for all ages people, including people with Moderate back pain issues. If a person is suffering from a severe back pain problem, we recommend going with a 90 Kg/M3 density mattress.

Due to its natural latex property and pin core technology, this mattress doesn’t produce heat below the body. There is an upgraded level of air circulation in this latex mattress compared to the natural latex mattress without holes. It bounces back to its original shape as soon as the weight is released, supporting body turning movement. 

The mattress is resistant to bacteria and mites and does not sag in the long run. It comes with a zipped cotton cover. These covers can be easily removed and washed when needed.

Apart from a 15-year manufacturer warranty, Foams India gives a free natural latex pillow with this mattress. 

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7. Foams India- 100% Natural Latex Foam Portable Mattress- Mattress Single bed size (6 feet x 2.5 feet, 2 inches thick)

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Product Overview

Foams India acquires another position in our list of the best latex mattress in India 2021. Please note the thickness this time. This time it is Just 2 inches!. The size is 6 feet x 2.5 feet, indicating you need 2 such mattresses to take up the entire area of a queen-size bed. This can be an excellent option if you are a frequent mover or need light but a quality mattress. It can be a great portable mattress, or you can even use it as a topper. 
Being a 100% natural latex mattress, it exhibits its default properties, making it a very safe and hygienic latex mattress. Nevertheless, It doesn’t possess pinholes; heating of the mattress is not an issue owing to its natural latex mattress properties and no filler content. Users have found this mattress convenient to use. Let’s see its highlights ahead.

Key features:

100% natural latex mattressEasily foldable and easy to maintain
Medium Firm MattressBacteria and dust mite resistant
80 Kg/m3 DensityNon-allergic, hygienic to use
Single bed Size (6 feet x 2.5 feet, 2 inches thick)Pressure-relieving
It comes with a cotton zipped cover that can be easily removed and washed.10 years of manufacturer warranty
Key Features of Foams India 2 Inch 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Product Description:

Let’s talk about density first. The current mattress is an 80 Density medium-firm mattress. It implies that it is preferable to most users as it contours to the body shape, acts as a pressure-relieving mattress. People with non-severe back pain issues can too use this 100% latex mattress. We recommend using a natural latex mattress with 90 Kg/m3 density if you have critical back pain issues.

A 100% natural latex mattress is temperature adaptive, hence cool in summer and warm in winter. It is quick bouncy and supports body movement on the bed, making it perfect for senior citizens and kids.

It is a portable type of mattress that can easily be folded and stored in a small space. It comes enclosed in a cotton fabric and a zipped outer cover. 

The zipped outer cover is made from bamboo fabric, making it an organic hygienic mattress cover that can easily be removed/unzipped and washed when needed.

The company is providing a 10-year manufacturer warranty on this mattress. Hence, your investment is right in terms of the durability of the mattress. 

The mattress has a huge base of satisfied customers, and it can be a perfect mattress for you. So we recommend – go with this latex mattress; indeed, it is one of the best latex mattress in India in 2021.

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Some Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why Organic latex mattress?

The primary reason why use an organic latex mattress is its health friendliness. Several other mattresses available in the market today are well built to provide good support and comfort, But they have drawbacks too. The drawbacks in these mattresses arise primarily due to the material they are made of/from. These materials are mainly chemically composed materials that contain Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs causes respiratory problems and produces heat. The natural latex mattress is an organic mattress that doesn’t possess side effects like causing allergies, bacteria and mould growths in the long run, causing headaches, respiratory problems etc. 

2. Are latex mattresses good for back pain?

Back pain issue primarily depends on the firmness and not on the material the mattress is composed of. We have recommended different firmness for different levels of back pain issues in our current report on the best latex mattress in India. Please note these points in the product description before placing an order.

3. Are Latex mattresses good for senior citizens or children?

Senior citizens and children are two age groups that are highly affected by the side effects of the different kinds of mattresses. A natural latex mattress is the safest way to distance yourself from these side effects. It possesses features that help breathe healthy, being skin-friendly, and support body turning movements on the mattress. Hence very safe for both the senior citizens and children.


Latex mattresses can be a perfect solution to any issues you may have faced with your regular mattress. Our latex mattress review and recommendation of the top 7 best latex mattresses in India 2021 is a gentle attempt to help you select the right mattress for you and your family. In the list of 7, you may have noticed only three manufacturers have been selected. It signifies very few latex mattresses can be relied on to be 100% natural latex foam made. The mentioned latex foam mattresses stand eligible on our selection parameters; You can choose one that most appeals to you.

We also encourage you to asks us your doubts related to mattresses in the comments section below. We will be happy and try to reply to you in possible early time. Also, if you liked this report on the best latex mattress, please share it with your loved ones and help them benefit from genuine research.

Thank you so much for reading this report in full.

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