10 Best Front Load Washing Machine In India 2022- July 2022 report with Buyer’s Guide

“Best front load washing machine in India 2022” showcases the most current arrivals as well as existing front load washers that have substantially improved consumers’ washing and drying experiences.

Washing machine manufacturers are investing more and more in R&D activities these days, and as a result, the fully automatic front load washing machines are increasingly widening their space among users. Front load washing machines are the No. 1 choice of Indian consumers in 2022.

best front load washing machine in India

In this highly competitive market, the question “which is the best front load washing machine in India in 2022 ?” requires more relevant facts and arguments to be answered.

After extensive research and analysis, we at Homewatercog have compiled a list of the top 10 most elegant front load washing machines in India in 2022, which you should consider if you are in the markets for one. 

Later in this study, under the Buyers Guide section, we have answered several important FAQs and offered links to papers that cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced ideas on washing machines. Make sure you read the Buyer’s Guide part; it will be a watchful and useful area for you.

We also offer unique information on the best top-loaders and semi-automatics. You can look at these washing machines if they fall into the segments of your choice. 

Before we go through the mentioned front load washing machine reviews, let us have a look at how we choose the best washing machines in India in the front load sector. 

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How we picked the best front load washing machine in India 2022

To ensure that the machine has the most up-to-date technology, offers the greatest washing and drying outputs, has a long lifespan, acquires a fair operating and maintenance cost, and is safe for you and your family. We analysed every washing machine that we have suggested here as “the best front load washing machine in India 2022” on the following measures under different wash load capacities.

  • Wash drum Material
  • Pulsator only
  • Motor type
  • Spin RPM
  • Heater availability
  • Water Consumption
  • Wash quality based on user’s feedback
  • Dryer performance based on user’s feedback
  • Use of Technology, auto drum clean and other modern features
  • Safety features
  • Parts quality
  • Additional features under a fixed price range

To compile our list of the “Top 10 best front load washing machines in India 2022,” we examined 50 different washing machines from the top 7 companies, on the parameters listed above.

Top 10 Best front load washing machine in India 2022

1. LG front load washing machine 6.0 Kg-FHM1006ADW – best front load washing machine in India in 6 Kg capacity

Product Overview:

The LG FHM1006ADW model is an improved version of the LG front load washing machine 6 Kg FH0FANDNL02.ABWPEPL model. Some changes and this washing machine has now been rated as a 5-star energy-efficient machine by BEE, and strongly qualifies to be tagged as one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

On 22nd May 2006, LG released a press note, declaring that it has launched some washing machines in the market with a technology that would revolutionise the washing machine industry. It was the Direct Drive technology where the motor is fitted directly to the washing machine drum which enables a more robust and controlled drive with much-reduced vibration and noise. 

Six years later, in the year 2012, LG managed to provide 6-way motions to the wash drum, which they called 6 Motion control technology, with the help of their Inverter direct-drive motor. These developments were a marvellous achievement towards a better wash-output and increased efficiency of the washing machines. 

The current, LG front load washing machine 6 Kg model, which we are discussing now, comes embedded with both these achievements at a very reasonable price. Though other front loaders with similar wash capacity are also enlisted ahead, the LG 6 Kg is the most popular, and a kind of, best 6 Kg front load fully automatic washing machine in India. There are several other reasons, for which I positioned it in my list of the best front load washing machine in India 2022

Let’s look at the specification followed by their description:

Key Features:

6 Motion Control technology
Inverter Direct Drive
Smart Diagnosis
Inbuilt Heater 

Other Features & Product Description:

 6.0 Kg Wash Capacity , 1000 RPM Spin Speed , Stainless steel Wash Drum , Auto-restart, Child Lock , Auto Tub Clean, 10 Wash Programmes , Waterproof touch Panel, Time delay, 2 years on product & 10 years warranty on motor

The 6-motion technology gives multi-direction rotation to the clothes ensuring all-around cleaning of the clothes and fight the most hardened stains, every time. 

The Direct-drive motors provide a longer life to your washing machine along with more efficiency, less noise and vibration. 

The Inbuilt heater serves best to the purpose of getting bacteria and allergens free clothes. Also, hot water loosens the stubborn stains and you get clean clothes with every wash.

You no longer need to worry about what went wrong with your fully automatic front load washing machine. The smart diagnosis feature empowers the machine to auto analyse 86 different types of errors and suggests easy solutions to them.

These advanced features help you to reduce the maintenance expenses as you know the problem and a repair person cannot trick you easily.

This washing machine comes with other user-friendly features where you get better control of the wash mechanism. Features like various spin options; Temperature control options; provision to add a missed laundry, shower wash are a few of them.

You also stay safe as this machine has multiple safety features. To mention a few, child lock; protective rat mesh, auto restart; waterproof touch panel; high and low voltage protection — the obvious reasons- why I say it to be one of the best front load washing machine in India in 2022.


If not available: Buy LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHT1006ZNW, White, 6 Motion Direct Drive)

2. Bosch Front load Washing Machine 6.0 Kg -WAB16060IN

Product Overview:

The Bosch front load washing machine 6 Kg WAB16060IN, has been available online since June 2016 and has been rocking since then. You may find the spin RPM a little less here (It’s 800) but that in actuality it is enough to get rid of initial water loads and reduce the line drying time. Rest every features it comes embedded with strongly supports its inclusion in our list of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

Noteworthy to mention here that we are considering front load washing machines with spinning mechanisms and not the washer dryer combos that come equipped with tumble dryer to facilitate getting total dry clothes. 

The front-load washing machines we are discussing here will spin the clothes to remove water up to some extent. For complete dryness, we will have to go with line drying( laying your clothes under the sun).

Let’s get back to the current bosch model under discussion and take a look at key features followed by detailed description.

Key Features:

AntiVibration Design 
Vario drum
Vario perfect
Inbuilt heater

Other Features & Product Description:

6 Kg Wash Capacity, Ecosilence Drive motor, ActiveWater Plus feature, Water Perfect, Active water and foam detection, AllergyPlus wash programme, 2-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor, Max 800 rpm spin speed, Quick wash programs- Super 30, Prewash feature, Auto Drum clean, Child lock, Laundry reload, Wash programs: Super 15’30’, Hygiene, Kids Wear, Drum Clean, Delicate / Silk, Wool, Synthetics, Daily Wash

Now washing clothes will not disturb your baby’s sleep. With the innovative Anti-vibration design, the bosch front load washing machine imparts just 49 dB during washing & 65 dB while spinning, making this front loader an extremely silent washing machine.

The Vario drum design is a kind of smooth ridges in the drum that gives thorough wash to your clothes without being harsh to its fabrics. So, if the fine textiles of your precious garments worry you for a good wash, You need not worry anymore with this Vario drum equipped washing machine. 

With Vario perfect technology, the bosch front load washing machine saves up to 20% more energy than normal wash processes.

The Inbuilt heater enables you to get clean and hygienic clothes every single time.

ActiveWater Plus feature is a smart technology that saves both water and electricity consumption. It senses the load and consumes water accordingly.

The Allergy Plus wash mode assures hygiene clothes with zero detergent residue and allergy, causing germs free clothes. This is made possible with the hot water and spinning mechanism. The hot water kills the germs, and water-logged spinning removes all detergent residues from your cloth, making it looks shiny and clean. With no detergent residue, the washing machine is an excellent choice for people whose skin is allergy-sensitive.

The EcoSilence Drive Motor, together with an Anti-vibration design, keeps you away even from a fraction of any harsh noise that occurs during the wash process in the washing machines and provides energy-efficient drive to the wash drum. 

Further, in conditions when you run a sort of time but need to wash clothes, the Speed Perfect feature gets the washing time reduced for you by up to 65 % of what it takes in normal mode.

 Also, the Bosch front load washing machine 6 Kg WAB16060IN comes loaded with several other features like the capability to work on the low water pressure of 0.3 bar; option to add a missed laundry during Wash; Spin speed options; temperature control option; child lock, and a few others as listed above. All good reasons for calling it one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

 If Not Available : Buy IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Aqua Energie water softener)

3. Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 6.0 Kg- 5 Star WW60R20GLMA/TL, White, Hygiene Steam

Product Overview:

Available online since the first quarter of 2020, the Samsung front load washing machine 6 Kg WW60R20GLMA/TL, is now a popular model among users. Apart from being a BEE 5 star rated front loader, it bags many modern features that make it a best front load washing machine in India 2022 in the 6-litre wash-capacity segment. Let us dive into understanding why is it so attractive.

Key Features:

5-star BEE rating
Digital Inverter technology
Diamond Drum
Hygiene Stem technology

Other Features & Product Description:

6 Kg Wash Capacity, Max 1000 rpm spin speed, 3 Wash Programs, Prewash feature- Cotton Fabric wash; Wool fabric wash; Delicate , Quick wash feature, 3-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor, Eco Drum Clean technology, Child lock, Comes with Anti Rat Cover, ice blue LED display, Delay end, Inbuilt Ceramic Heater

Washing machines consume a lot of power, so it is a kind of need today that your washing machine be power-efficient. This Samsung front loader is a BEE 5 star rated tool backed primarily by Direct drive technology. 

As we know Direct drive motors do not use belts and pulleys hence causes little vibration, requires less maintenance, delivers better control during the swing motions when in wash operations. All these factors lead the machine to be power-efficient, less noise producing and better wash output delivering machine- almost everything that we may desire from the best front load washing machine in 2022.

Better wash results need better scrubbing and aid that loosens the tough stains on the fabric. This Samsung front loader achieves all these with its Diamond drum and Inbuilt heater. The Inbuilt heater enables the loosening of tough stains with hot water while the Diamond drum gives effective scrubbing while being gentle to your clothes’ fabric. one step ahead, the Hygiene steam technology, again backed by the inbuilt heater, post the wash process, refines the fabric’s texture of your clothes and kills any allergy-causing residues.

The drum releases steam from the bottom, sanitising the clothes thoroughly and removing all types of bacteria and allergens. This is just like double protection where your clothes remain new and skin-friendly for a long time.

 The heater is ceramic built, meaning it doesn’t scale up fast and provides long life. The life of this beautiful wash drum is secured with Eco drum clean technology. It keeps the wash drum fresh and clean without the use of any harsh chemicals. Further, it notifies you when it needs cleaning. So your investment with an aspect of durability, in the long run, is assured safe.

This machine is equipped with quick wash features to take up some less dirty clothes that you do not want to run through a full wash cycle. This saves both time and energy consumption.

With great wash features, the Samsung 6 Kg washing machine also looks beautiful from the outside. It comes with LED display technology that enables an easy and clear view of the running programme and makes operation and control easy.

In case you desire to elongate the wash cycle or make a delay in its completion, you can set a delay time in this washing machine.

Child lock helps protect your wash cycle from being stopped by accidental pressing of some button by the cute, curious kids in your home.

The three different wash programs, i.e. Cotton wash, Wool wash and delicate wash, allows you to choose a program that suits the fabric type of your laundry.

Every feature in this washing machine is the need of consumers now and it is indeed one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

4.LG front load washing machine- 6.5 Kg- 5 Star – FHT1265ZNL, Luxury Silver, 6 Motion Direct Drive

Product Overview:

If 6.5 Kg wash capacity is your choice, We recommend going with the LG front load washing machine 6.5 Kg with model number  FHT1265ZNL; it is, indeed, one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022 in the 6.5-litre segment. It can satisfy all your look-outs with its advanced features, better wash outputs and energy efficiency. With a little high price from the 6 kg washing machines discussed above, you get 1200 RPM spin speed, making the spinning job more effective. Let us understand its features in detail, ahead.

Key features:

6 Motion Control Technology
Inverter Direct Drive
Smart Diagnosis
5 Star BEE Rating

Other Features & Product Description:

6.5 Kg Wash capacity, 14 wash programmes with multiple download options, Steam Wash, Stainless Steel Drum, LG ThinQ NFC, Inbuilt heater, 2-year warranty on product and 10-year on motor, Max 1200 rpm spin speed, child lock, time delay, Waterproof Touch Panel, Auto Restart, Tub Clean, Baby Care, Quick wash programs- Super 30

The LG front load washing machine 6 Kg has three primary hardware attractions and one software feature that asserted me to list this washing machine among the best front load washing machine in India 2020. They are – the 6 Motion Control Technology, the Inverter Direct Drive and the Stainless Steel Drum that tumbles at the end of spinning, and the Smart Diagnosis.

Let’s see how these features help you get better wash quality, spend less on energy consumption, and avail a good long-duration user experience. 

The 6 Motion Control Technology moves the wash drum in 6 different directions, thereby rotating the clothes all-around. Since the clothes turn all around, your clothes get effective scrubbing throughout while not being tangled to each other. 

In the Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly attached to the wash drum with the help of fasteners. This eliminates the use of belts and pulleys; hence the rotating parts are reduced significantly. The fewer rotating parts lead to minimum energy loss as it happens in the belt pulley assembly. Also, since less rotating parts, the wear and tear losses are low.

With 6 motion drum rotation, the direct-drive technology, the presence of a stainless steel drum with smooth ridges bring absolute results. The stainless steel drum, for its metal properties, provides better clothes scrubbing; doesn’t promote germs or bacteria growth; doesn’t rust easily and hence lasts long. Further, with the auto tub clean feature, the tub cleans itself making use of hot water at around 85-degree centigrade. 

Another notable feature is the tumbling of the washtub at the ned of the spinning cycle. The tumbling action restricts the clothes from sticking to the tub wall, and clothes wrinkles also get reduced significantly. Also, the machine rebalances the washing load to accommodate for spinning misalignments. Else, it depletes the spinning speed. 

Further with LG ThinQ NFC, the Smart Diagnosis comes into play. You can download multiple wash programs that you think will be suitable for your clothes. All you need to do is download the LG ThinQsmart App and connect it to your washing machine. One step ahead, the app helps in troubleshooting too. You can diagnose up to 86 errors– See the error code displaying at the display panel and know the problem referring to the app.

 Among the other important features, 14 different wash programs allow you to choose the right wash type for your cloth fabric type. Allergy care. Quick 30 programme, delicate wash are few to name. It means you can go for a quick wash for less dirty clothes, saving both time and energy consumption.

Steam wash highlighted prominently as a special feature, is the Allergy care wash only. The steam passage through the clothes sterilises bacteria and removes up to 99.9% of germs and allergens.

Among the safety-related features and a few others that make this machine stand firm in the tough competition of the best front load washing machine in India 2022are

Waterproof Touch Panel– Wet hands or water droplets falling on the display are no longer a threat to cause short-circuiting with a waterproof touch panel.

Auto Restart: The machine resumes its operation from the point it stopped when faced with a power cut.

 Tub Clean: Hot water at 85 deg centigrade cleanse the tub as an auto function.

Child Lock– Lock the wash program from any interference, be it by mistake or by the R&D actions of the cute, curious child in your home.

Baby Care: Two-stage temperature treatment, i.e. 15 minutes at 40 deg centigrade and then washing at 60 deg centigrade kill the allergy-causing germs and the clothes are safe to your baby’s soft skin. This feature is beneficial in the rainy season when the chances of skin-related infections are more.

Heater- For Steam wash, babby care wash and other hot water requirements.

 The fuzzy logic – Checks the extent of grease and dirt extents and uses the soap and water accordingly. 

Time Delay- You get the option to delay the wash cycle completion by 3 to 19 hours

5.Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 6.5 kg-WAK20166IN-Titanium

Product Overview:

In the 6.5 Kg wash capacity category, Bosch front load washing machine 6.5 Kg with model number WAK20166IN is my 2nd-favourite front load washing machine after the one discussed above. Available since the Ist quarter of 2017, it has bagged significant positive votes owing to its design, wash performance and competition supremacy features.
In comparison to the last 6.5 Kg wash capacity LG washing machine, there are some demerits but has some merits too. Overall assessment signifies it to be one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.


In comparison to the last 6.5 Kg wash capacity LG washing machine, there are some demerits but has some merits too. Overall assessment signifies it to be one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

Key Features:

Anti-vibration design
VarioDrum & VarioPerfect
Active water PLUS
Built-in water heater

Other Features & Product Description:

6.5 Kg Wash capacity, AllergyPlus, SpeedPerfect, Eco silence inverter motor Max 1000 rpm spin speed, 10 wash programs, 2-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor, Reload function, ExpressWash with, Super 15/ 30 min program,Child lock

The Bosch front load washing machine 6.5 Kg with model number WAK20166IN comes with Varioperfect and Ecoperfect. Varioperfect is a high-performance programme that consumes 20% less energy and saves time by 65%. In contrast, Eco perfect is a feature that helps to save 50% energy while washing.

Now, it might appear to you that the fast washing process and energy saving ability may be accompanied by rough wash action on clothes, deteriorating your clothing’s fabric. Bosch assures the same doesn’t happen with its VarioDrum feature.

With a Flat paddle and wave droplet design, the wash drum ensures deep cleaning while being gentle to your clothes. The water intake by the machine is adjusted by its Active Water feature as per the load and fabric type conditions.

With an inbuilt heater, this front loader is tough on tough stubborn stains and allergy-causing reasons. 

What causes allergy- obviously detergent residues or some infectious bacterial root that withstands the detergent’s toxicity. Allergy plus features assure removal of both these allergy-causing reasons. Further, clothes washing at 60 deg gives germ-free clean clothes that are safe to use for allergy-prone skins.

If you are early in the cycle, the Reload feature allows you to unlock the door and add extra clothes to the washing machine. The quick wash feature allows you to take up a quick wash in just 15 minutes or 30 minutes for less dirty clothes- Super 15 and Super 30 are two such wash programs.

Even in the fast wash cycles called “Express Wash“, the machine operates silently due to its anti vibrational design and Eco silence drive motor. With the Eco silence drive, as the motor is directly mounted on the wash drum and not using any belt and pulley assembly, decreases the energy need of the machine, and increases the life of the motor as the direct mounting method produces little heat and hence small tears outs. In shorts- It comes with every feature that the best front load washing machines in India are offering in 2022.

6.Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 7 kg- WAK24168IN, Silver, Inbuilt Heater

Product Overview:

The next washing machine under the best front load washing machine in India 2022 also comes from Bosch. This time with 7-litre wash capacity- the Bosch front load washing machine 7 Kg with model number WAK24168IN. 
Varying temperature wash programs that suit specific fabric types are the main attraction of this washing machine. The other features are the same as we have seen in Bosch’s 6.5 Kg washing machine discussed just above.

Key Features:

Anti-vibration design

Other Features & Product Description:

3D aqua spa, SpeedPerfect. Built-in water heater, Eco silence inverter motor, Reload function, 2-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor, Max 1200 rpm spin speed, 10 wash programmes, ExpressWash with Super 15/ 30 min programme, Child lock, LED display and foam detection system, Unbalanced load detection and multiple water protection

To mention briefly what we saw in its 6.5 Kg model, the Anti-vibration design ensures smooth and silent operation during the wash and spin cycles. The Vario drum feature ensures deep cleaning while being gentle to your clothes.
With Vario perfect, this front load washing machine saves time and energy consumption, and with the inbuilt heater, the bosch front loader we are discussing ensures tough stains and allergy-causing reasons eliminations.
The additional attraction to this front loader is the option to wash clothes at different temperatures. The range of temperature wash options allows you to get a wash as per the fabric of your clothes and the hardness of dirt spots on them.

A brief look at the different wash programs is as below:
Cotton Cold, Cotton 40°, Cotton 60° Super Clean, Synthetic 30°, Daily Wash 30°, Delicates/Silk 30°, Wool, Spin/Drain, Rinse, Drum Clean 90°, Kidswear 40°, Hygiene 60°, Sari 30°, Monsoon 40°, Super 15/30min
If a 7 Kg front load washing machine is what you are looking for, I suggest go ahead with this Bosch front loader. You will not be disappointed.

The other safety and related, efficiency and related features are the same that we witnessed in its 6.5 kg wash capacity machine we discussed just before this machine.

So if a 7 Kg front loader is your need, we recommend going with this Bosch’s model, it is the best front loading washing machine in India in 2022.

7. LG Front Load Washing Machine 7.0 Kg-5 Star-FHM1207ZDL, Luxury Silver, 6 Motion Technology

Product Overview:

In the 6.5 Kg LG front load washing machine discussed above, there was a steam wash program that served perfect for delicate clothes; it is not present in this 7 Kg model. However, a separate wash program for delicate wash is available here. It washes the clothes with hot water at 20 deg centigrade with the option of increasing the temperature. Samsung has majorly highlighted this feature. It is indeed a positive development ensuring better fabric care. With other features remaining the same as the 6.5 Kg mode, this front loader makes strong to our list of the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

Key Features:

6 Motion Control Technology
Inverter Direct Drive
Inbuilt heater
5 Star BEE Rating

Other Features & Product Description:

7 Kg Wash capacity Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members, Stainless Steel Drum, Smart Diagnosis, LG SmartThinQ. 10 wash programmes, Max 1200 rpm spin speed, 2-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor, child lock, Time delay, Tub Clean, Waterproof Touch Panel, Auto Restart, Baby Care, Quick 30 wash programs

We have highlighted the major difference between this 7 Kg front load washing machine and the 6.5 kg model, both coming from the same band, in the product’s overview section above. While other features remain identical, the 7 Kg LG front load washing machine is indeed the best front load washing machine in India 2022 in the 7 Kg wash capacity segment.

After two machines recommendation in the 7 Kg segment of our best front load washing machine in India drive, let’s move to the 8 Kg wash capacity segment.

8. Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8 kg WW80J4243MW/TL, White, Inbuilt Heater, Eco Bubble

Product Overview:

The 8th machine in our best front loader 2022 list comes from Samsung; the wash capacity being 8 Kg this time. Samsung is known for its quality products, and this 8 Kg front load washing machine comes with truly modern features that enable the users to get clean and hygienic clothes every wash while being simple and easy to use &troubleshoot.
The Samsung 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine with model number WW80J4243MW/TL is one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022 for many other reasons too. Let us understand the features under the product description ahead.

Key Features:

Diamond drum
Eco Bubble Technology
Digital inverter technology
Smart CheckEasy Trouble-shooting

Other Features & Product Description:

8 Kg Wash Capacity, Max 1200 rpm spin speed, Eco Drum Clean Technology; Chemical-free, Drum Sanitization, Bubble Soak Technology, Ceramic Heater, 3-year warranty on product and 10 years on motor, Additional Cycle: E Cotton, 15 Quick Wash,, Prewash feature- Cotton Fabric, wash; Wool fabric wash; Delicate, Quick wash feature, Child lock, Delay end, ice blue LED display

What is Eco bubble technology- They say it activates the detergent fast to penetrate fabric and remove even the tough stains; that too at low temperature. And, it has been proved in their internal lab test. 

What does it mean?

It means you do not need to use your heater much. The tough stains can be removed at a low temperature with the help of Eco Bubble technology. This way, you save energy because your washing machine consumes less energy to heat the water.

The next big thing in this machine that makes it one of the best front load washing machine in India 2022, is the Bubble Soak Technology.

Sounds similar, but differs in the working mechanism.

 The bubble soak technology forms a bubble layer around the clothes loosening and removing the tough, stubborn stains. The two form a deadly combination that assures clean and shiny clothes after every wash.

Be it a full-length wash cycle or a Quick wash– where you give a short wash of 30 minutes to your light dirty clothes resulting in time and energy saving; these technologies work equally well. 

There is also a provision to delay the wash completion cycle with the Delay end feature. The delay can be assigned in one-hour breakups the maximum being up to 24 hours.

And for troubleshooting, there is a smart way. Download the SmartCheck app on your smartphone and get to know the error displayed in the display panel. It also suggests troubleshooting measures/ steps.

Ahead, this front load washing machine comes equipped with every feature that its competitors are offering. The same can you must have looked at the features snippet above. The working of these features has been explained throughout this report on the best front load washing machine in India 2022. It is safe, efficient, good performing, durable and of course, reliable. It’s a Samsung.

So we have seen 2 machines in our segment of best front load washing machine in India 2022 with 8 Kg wash capacity. Let us move to 9 Kg segment.

9. IFB Front Load Washing machine 8kg-5 Star-Senator WXS, Silver, Aqua Energie water softener

Product Overview:

IFB is a major producer of High-end fully automatic washing machines in India. It has got its own range of latest technologies that strengthen its product and market share, particularly in the fully automatic front load washing machine segment.
The machine under review i.e The IFB Front load washing machine 8 Kg Senator WXS model, comes with technologies such as Air Bubble Wash, Ball Valve Technology, Crescent Moon Drum and 4DWash system that make this washing machine one of the best front load washing machine in India in 2022. Let us look at its features and discuss them under the product description.

Key Features:

Air Bubble Wash
Ball Valve Technology
Crescent Moon Drum
4DWash system

Other Features & Product Description:

8.0 Kg Wash Capacity, Stainless steel Wash Drum, 1400 RPM Spin Speed, Cradle Wash, Repeat Wash, Inbuilt heater, Aqua Energie, Express Wash, Laundry add Reload Function, Spin Speed Options (RPM), Temperature Options, 4 years warranty on product, 4 years warranty on motor, Auto-restart, Child Lock, Auto Tub Clean, Self Diagnosis, Time delay, 7 segment Touch LED, Foam detection system, Auto Imbalance Sensing, High low voltage protection, Protective Rat Mesh Pre wash, Easy Iron/Inbuilt anti-crease

The Bubble wash technology- Clothes soaks air bubbles to fight stubborn stains.

The Ball valve technology- provides enhanced wash to the laundry by allowing the water out and keeping the detergent concentration more in the wash drum.

Crescent Moon drum is perfect for protecting the clothes from the hard hits during the tumbling process and remain gentle to the fabrics.

The 4D wash system creates 360-degree water circulation through clothes, removing the stains at every point of clothes. 

There is a particular wash program for the silk sarees which takes care of the precious silk fabrics and provide a gentle, soft wash to them.

Besides these unique features, numerous other features have made this machine stand strong on our parameters of selecting the best front load washing machine in India 2022.

Cradle wash is a unique fabric-friendly wash that provides perfect cleaning to the clothes without being harsh to the fabrics, or better to say -being gentle to fabrics. 

The Aqua Energie filter is a hard water softening technique of this machine where it breaks bicarbonates of water into crystals and washes the clothes without any the need of additional detergents. In simple words, it treats the hard water into soft water and then washes the clothes.

The design of the crescent moon drum is perfect for protecting the clothes from the hard hits during the tumbling process and remain gentle to the fabrics. The increased foam in washing machines is no longer an issue with the senorita aqua wxs as it detects and dilutes them during the wash process.

Auto balancing system takes care of the unevenly distributed loads and balances them for uniform washing.

Post our recommendation of 2 machines in the 8 Kg wash capacity segment as the best front load washing machine in India 2022, let us move to the 9 Kg segment.

10. LG Front Load Washing Machine 9 Kg-5 Star – FHT1409ZWS- best front load washing machine in India in 9 Kg segment

Product Overview:

Our last machine under the category of the best front load washing machine in India 2022 comes from LG. Apart from 2 kg extra wash capacity, The LG Front Load Washing Machine 9 kg with Inverter, Wi-Fi, Fully-with model number FHT1409ZWS comes with some additional features than what saw in its 7 Kg wash capacity front load washing machine, above. Let’s see all its features as categorised in the table below, and we will discuss, briefly, the additional features under the product description section of this washing machine.

Key Features:

6 Motion DD technology
 Inverter Direct Drive
Stainless steel Wash Drum
Steam wash

Other Features & Product Description:

9.0 Kg Wash Capacity, 1400 RPM Spin Speed, 14 Wash Programmes, SmartThinQ wifi_control, Allergy Care, Baby Steam Care, Pre-wash, TurboWash, Fuzzy Logic, 2 Years comprehensive warranty & 10 Years on Motor,3D Scrub Pads, Auto-restart, Child Lock, Auto Tub Clean,Time delay, Spin Speed Options (RPM), Temperature Options, Quick 30 Program, Waterproof touch panel

This washing machine comes with several additional wash programmes. Still, the two wash programmes that reduce your wash time and give you a hygienic washing every time are- The Turbo wash process and the steam wash feature.
In the turbo wash process, the pressurised water jets falls on the clothes and makes the rinse cycle more fast and efficient, Whereas, the Steam wash feature reduces the germs in your clothes by 99.9 %, as obtained in the internal laboratory test of LG.
With the LG ThinQ Wi-Fi feature you can, now, do your laundry from anywhere at any time. The Smart remote control feature enables you to do this. You can also download 20 additional wash programmes with its download cycle option.
With a wash load capacity of 9 Kg, this washing machine is, indeed, the best front load washing machine in India 2022 in the Kg segment. You should bring it home if you are a family of 7 to 8 members.

Buyer’s guide for choosing the right Washing machine

Due to rapid growing all-around competition, human life has become as busy today as it was never before. An average human being, be it a man or a woman, has to do more work today to survive in the competitive environment and to maintain his social lifestyle standards. As such a normal human being, hardly has been able to manage some time for himself or his family. And to get some relief and make the day to day work more manageable, the human being has been taking the help of technology since ages.

One such technology that has widely helped human being to bring a change in life and make it easier is a “Washing Machine”. With a washing machine, we do not have to think it’s a day or night, all that is required is the source required to run the machine, and the machine itself. We are now ready to wash our laundry at any moment. All we need to do- put our laundry inside the machine, press some buttons on the panel of washing machine and get to relax. In contrast, the machine accomplishes the job for you.

Now getting into the technical aspects of this beautiful invention, it is obvious to have queries in mind related to the washing machine. Here are some links for you to get answers to those queries. Understanding these concept will help you in selection of your own best front load washing machine in India 2022.

1. Washing Machine and its Types?

 Here you get to know, What is a washing machine? What are the different types of the Washing machine ( Semi-automatic Washing machine, Full automatic Top load washing machines, Front load Washing machines, Front-load washing machines Vs Top load washing machines etc.

2. What are the parts of a washing machine?

 This article includes the different parts and its working inside a Washing machine.

3. How to choose a washing machine?– The factors you should consider while choosing a best front load washing machine in India 2022.

Assuming that we have read all the above articles, we are now clear with the basic concepts of the washing machines like; Types; working; the advantages of one over another, and also the factors we should consider before choosing a washing machine. Let’s us move in our next section where we will see some FAQs related to Washing machines.

1) What factors should I consider when looking to buy a best washing machine in India 2022 ? 

The factors which you should consider while buying a washing machine depends on several factors. The first one is, of course, your budget. The rest factors depend on your need or expectation from a washing machine. You can read an in-depth article on how to choose a washing machine here.

2) Which is better? Top loading washing machine or front loading washing machine?

As far as the quality of wash and energy efficiency is concerned, technological advancement has reduced the differences between a top load washing machine and a front load washing machine in India. 

 But, In general, a Front load washing machine is considered better than a top load washing machine. There are several reasons to support that. You can read a comparison between a front load washing machine and a Top load washing machine here.

Also, Front-load washing machines are more popular in many countries according to a report published at allied market research.

3) Which washing machines consume less power? Front-load or Top load? 

The consumption of power by a washing machine depends on the type of washing machine and how you are using it. Under identical conditions, In general, a Front-load washing machine consumes less power as compared to a top load washing machine.

4) Which motor is better, direct drive motors or belt drive motors in a washing machine? 

A direct-drive motor is, indeed, better than a motor driving the washtub pulsator through a pulley and belt assembly. It provides, not only a better and controlled agitation to clothes, but also, makes the washing machine more energy efficient. Your maintenance cost also gets reduced due to fewer numbers of moving parts. Most brands are offering a warranty of 10 years on their direct drive motors. All the washing machines recommended as the best front load washing machine in India 2022 here comes equipped with the direct drive type of motor.

5) Is the water pressure necessary for a fully automatic washing machine? 

Modern fully automatic washing machines come with advanced features that have made the washing process more user-friendly and better, but these software-controlled washing machines come with the limitation to complete the wash cycle within a specified time. If it doesn’t get the water quantity (required to complete the wash cycle) at a sufficient pressure necessary to maintain the wash cycle time, it will abort the programme.

However, these constraints are no longer an issue now as many washing machine brands have come up with technology that requires very little water pressure.

For instance, Whirlpool has come up with ZPF (Zero Pressure Fill) Technology that ensures that the washtub gets filled 50%faster even if the water pressure is as low as 0.17mpa.

6) Why are front load washing machines more expensive than top load washing machines? 

The high cost of a front-load washing machine primary due to its design that facilitates better washing of clothes, and makes the machine more energy efficient, but at the same time, it incurs a higher manufacturing cost also.

By design, we mean the horizontal layout of the washtub and the advanced features that it comes equipped with.

7) Which is more efficient washing process? Hand wash or machine wash? 

The real difference between the hand wash and a machine wash is the removal of stains, which primarily takes due to scrubbing action. Modern washing machines, these days, are coming with 3D scrubbing technology, but when it comes to the removal of tough stains, the hand wash results are sure to outperform the machine wash results. Our recommended best front load washing machine in India will not depress you with its wash quality, though.

8) Which Washing Machine is more gentle to clothes? Front-load or Top load? 

The gentleness of the washing machine to clothes is dependent on the design of the washing machine. Modern washing machines are coming without agitators and with specially designed wash drums ( For instance Vario drum in select models of Bosch washing machines) that provides better scrubbing without being harsh to the fabrics of clothes.

9) what is the difference between a front load and a Top load washing machine?

The differences are many but the motive is one- Better wash quality. Both the machines have their own importance and advantages. for instance : a Top load washing machine is easy to operate, it is best washing machine for people who have problems when bending. There are other advantages like presence of scrub stations in some best top load washing machine in India. The front loaders on the other hand gives a better wash and scrubbing to the laundry due to its unique to and fro / clockwise and anti clock wise motion along the horizontal axis. Somewhere the front loaders are popular while in some countries the Top load washing machines have a larger market capture. click here to read more about the Top load washing machine Vs Front load washing machine.

10) What is fuzzy logic? 

Fuzzy logic is an advanced wash programme that automatically selects a wash cycle based on its analysis of loaded clothes. 

All you do is load the clothes in your washing machine and press the start button. The fuzzy logic programme will sense the load in the wash drum; recommend the quantity of detergent needed to accomplish the wash process. It automatically takes an amount of water best for washing those clothes and complete the wash cycle in a self specified time that it displays on the LCD screen.

Final Thought & Disclaimer

Our motive behind shortening the best front load washing machine in India 2022 is to help our readers understand the latest trends in the front loader’s segment better. If purchasing a washing machine is a difficult call for you, You may please go through this helpful guide. It consists of Top front load washing machines that have widely been accepted and appreciated by the users. We also have an exclusive report on the best washing machines brands in India that gives detailed know-how of the facts behind these astonishing appliances. Please read the report to know more.

Also, we have published explicit reports on the best washing machine brands in India and a few other topics dealing with washing machines. Please read these reports if you want detailed information on the various machine types.

Thank you for reading this article in full. Please share it with your loved ones to benefit them with our findings.

Disclaimer: We have tried to provide authentic and right information about the best front load washing machine in India, yet we do not rule out possibility of error in the specifications listed after every best front loader. Hence, we request you to make a personal level cross check for features, warranty and other parameters when buying any of the above listed front load washing machines.

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