Awesome Wall Decor Items you must take a look at

William Morris (1834-1896), the popular British textile designer, Poet and Novelist once on home and wall decor items, said and I am quoting:

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

Connect yourself to the plain walls of your home, and you will feel as they are asking to interact with you. Through these interactions, they can be friends with you and be by your side when there is none.

Not much, but considering the moods, spirituality, and wish for happiness, we studied a wide variety of home and wall decor items and have come up with a list recommending wall decor items that you should look upon if you really want your home decor items to make a better sense.

Wall decor items

1. Blooming Flowers Metal Wall Decor items (AHD-225)

  •  Available in multiple colours, it is a metal-based handmade, Made in India wall decor item that you can install on the living room walls, your bedroom walls or on a portion that you feel more suitable.
  • The product’s dimension is 114.3 x 7.62 x 45.72 cm, with a net weight of around 7 Kg.
  •   With a 3D design, these blooming flowers are eye-catchers and impart a unique look to your wall. 
  • Manufacturer assuring customisation on request, you have an opportunity to get the colour of your choice.
  • . This wall decor item can be used in the home, office, or as a gift for your loved one..

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2. 3D Home and Wall Decor item Butterfly with Sticking Pad (Shimmer Golden)(Set of 12) by Xtore®

  • Our next wall decor item is an assembly of 12 beautiful-looking and designed shimmer golden coloured butterflies that stick to the wall of your home and resembles the beauty of nature inside your home. You can gather them in one place or place them in pairs/ sets on the wall, closets, fridge, doors, TV, cars and so on.
  •  They come with tacks and has double-sided adhesive in the body of the butterflies.
  • Each butterfly has been designed with perfection out of craft paper with a metallic finish look that imparts a premium look to the place they are positioned.
  • You also have the option to choose colours in this premium wall decor items with Xstore.
  •  Satisfy your creative thrust of decorating your wall in your own way. Choose a colour that blends best with the wall of your home. The shimmer golden colour has been found to look excellent on all backgrounds.
  • Please clean the surface before pasting these butterflies.

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3. Live Love Laugh MDF Plaque Painted Cutout by Art Street ready to hang as a wall decor items

  • 6 mm thick letters, laser-cut from Pinewood, can be hanged or pasted on a location of your choice.
  • This wall decor item comes pre-finished in Black colour.
  • Wall, front door or one your front gate, this beautiful wall decor conveys a positive message to you and a person visiting you.
  • It can be easily installed with add-on fittings with a plain reverse side, even on an irregular surface.

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4. Metal Mapple Leaf for decorating your Living room wall or bedroom (Set of 3) by CraftVatika

  • The gold-colour metal maple leaves have been designed with perfection to impart a premium look to the place they have placed. You can place them distanced-uniformly on your living room wall or can be a beautiful wall decor item for your bedroom. Any other use though feasible, is not recommended by us. 
  • It comes in a set of 3; these maple leaves are 5.5 inches in height, 5 inches in width and have been made from Iron.
  • Let your contemporary style home decor find a worthy addition with this Wall Hanging Art.
  • Bring home this beautiful home decor item and add an eye-catching touch to your living/ bedroom walls.

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5. Sunburst Big Leaf Shaped by CEPS Beautiful Designed Gold Metal Wall Decor items for Home or office

  •  Glass and Metal ( Mild steel ) made a beautiful wall decor item.
  • Gold shining finish leaves with a centre mirror with an overall weight of 1.2 Kg
  • Plating /Colour: Gold shining finish Weight: 1.2 kg
  • 26-inch x 26 inches in size
  • Best suited for Living room, Hotel reception wall, office reception wall or on the bedroom wall, this beautiful item looks like sunflower or similar to a morning sun imparting rays, bringing auspiciousness to the place it has been kept at.
  • You can also use this wall decor item as a gift, especially to a person inaugurating a new house.

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6.Buddha Metal Hanging wall decor item by Wall centre ( Art beyond imagination)- Mild Steel – 31 cm Diameter 

  • If you are looking for wall decors that impart peace and tranquillity in your home, bring home the Mild steel Buddha wall hanging Art with 1 Ft diameter.
  • This wall decor has a circular ring around Budhha. Usually, the experts say it to be a positive energy circle auto developed around a person in Meditation.
  •  Build from 14 gauge mild steel, this wall decor item has been given a matte finish with black colour static powder coating. 
  • Easy to install, and as it stands 2 cm away from the wall, it creates a drop shadow look, making it appear three dimensional under the light.
  • This home wall decor can be used as indoor decor or outdoor decor or used as a gift.
  • The high-quality metal user and matte finish powder coating make it durable and UV-resistant. 
  • An awesome wall decor item, in my opinion, you can go ahead with confidence; you are gonna love it.

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7. Welcome Namaste Lady Wall Metal Wall by Akriti Brass Art for Entrance Gate Decor (14 x 2 x 28 cm, 340 g)

  • Welcome the guest in your home with a Welcome Namaste lady metal wall decor item by Akriti Brass Arts.
  • According to Vastu, it is a religious wall decor item; made from fine grade Aluminium and Finished antique, it retains its shine for a long time. Easily cleanable with cotton.
  • As Per Vastu Methology: religious/ spiritual art or idols or home wall decor items, if placed in N-E Direction in Pooja/living room, brings blessings and good health to the residents.
  • Decorate your sweet home, office or business place or gift it to your loved ones; this is an ideal home decor item/ wall decor to spend money on.
  • Size in Cm: 14 cm x 2 cm x 28 cm with only 340 gms weight.

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8. Artificial Maple Leaves Creepers by Optima Traders -Orange Color – Wall Hanging Garland Vines Plants for Home Office Festival Decor.

  • The optima orange coloured Artificial Maple leaves creeper is an awesome home decor item/ wall decor item for events or festivals apart from being used as a regular home decor item.
  • With 12 creepers, each covering 7 feet, this wall decor can be used on walls, balcony-in, home, or office.
  • Made from premium artificial polyester fabrics, the maple leaves look natural in appearance. They can be easily cleaned with water spray guns or normal running water.

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9. Boho Home Decor – Hanging Rectangle Maple Wood Wall Shelf by Indian Yards for Wall Decor

  • Made from premium quality material, the Macrame wooden hanging shelf is light in weight and has a dimension of length= 12 Inches, Width= 6 Inches and a thickness of 0.5 inches.
  • Made from 100% recycled cotton yarn, this wall decor item has been handcrafted by women of the Nilgiris. The height can be adjusted by a change in knots below the plank. You can extend it to 21 Inches. So in this way, if you want a length varying pattern of this wall decor on your wall, you can purchase the required quantity and adjust its length to make the pattern.
  • Strong, sturdy and durable, the wood has been given a smooth finish and can be used as a living room decor/ bedroom decor, office, or as a gift.
  • Vacuum cleaning has been recommended by the manufacturer and suggested not to wash it with water. This will help retain its beauty for a longer time. In the absence of vacuum cleaning, even dusting it with a cotton cloth will retain its look easily.

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10. Metal Iron Painted Round Boat Wall décor by CraftVatika Art for Living Room and Office –Multicolour.

  • The tenth item in our recommended hanging wall decor items is the Metal painted Round boat wall decor by Craftvatika. It is awesome Metal Art that adds a vibe of creativity.
  • Only 710 gm in weight, this wall decor item is easy to install and comes in a dimension of 16.5 Inches Height x 16.5 Inches Width x 1 Inch Depth.
  •  It can be easily cleaned and doesn’t require much maintenance.
  •  It has been crafted fine enough to attract the attention of visitors. Available in multicolour, you have an option to choose one that blends best with the colour of your wall.
  •  Bring home this beautiful wall decor item and enrich your home ambience with a creative vibe appeal.

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Thanks for going through the above Home Wall decor items. Please make a self-level check with the seller before buying any of these home decor items. We cannot guarantee the build quality or material/colours mentioned in this report. There may be a deviation, or there may not be. Our primary idea before scripting this report was to make a list of beautiful wall decor items that can relatively guarantee better service span and help our readers save their precious time navigating between the thousands of home decors/ wall decor items available online.

We will further enrich this list weekly with more home decor items, so keep checking this page, and please share this report with your friends and family members if you liked our findings.
Thank you so much!

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