The Rise of AI Technology in Human Lives

Of course, we are busier today than we were almost a decade ago. Still, we live a better life, and most of us fetch a good time with our families despite a hectic work schedule. Thanks to the rise of AI technology in human lives, that has made a presence permanent in our homes today.

We have Smart Washing Machines today that do the laundry, ready to wear, at just our one command. Our home is more secure today with Smart locks, and we have an additional hand in the form of Alexa (Smart home devices). There are many similar examples where the rise of AI Technology has turned the events in human life like never before. The continual advancement study in this subject promises a powerful and digitized existence in the future as well, which is the icing on the cake to what we have today.

History and Future of AI Technology

AI technology in human lives
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While Britannica reports that the first AI program was a checker program created by Arthur Samuel for IBM in 1952, predicts that it will double  the yearly economic growth of 12 developed countries by 2035. Though the possession of AI equipment is a costlier thing today, the above studies ensure it to be easily accessible to the common man soon. Let us look at 5 ways that AI has advanced in our lives and made them more lively today.

5 Common Uses of AI technology in Human Lives

  1. Smart Television: With AI televisions that feature voice control technology, using a remote control device is no longer necessary.
  2. Smart Home Gadgets (Electronics): In addition to executing activities based on voice requests, smart home devices can be synced with other smart equipment to provide a hands-free operation experience.
  3. Smart Home Appliances: Smart Home appliances such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and geysers may now be synchronized to your smartphone, allowing you to operate or troubleshoot them via an App. This will save you a lot of time.
  4. Smart electrical devices: We no longer need to be physically present at our switchboards to turn on or off our bulbs. We can now navigate through the many lights and fans with a single touch at the mobile phone. This not only saves us time and energy, but it also saves us money.
  5. Smart Kitchen Devices: Comfort and luxury only make sense if they also provide health benefits.AI technology has quietly penetrated our kitchen and performs time-based chores such as making coffee at a certain time or preparing food to consume while watching TV. People with impairments will benefit greatly from this.


AI technology has created new prospects for employment & growth. Unlike what we used to see in Hollywood movies, technology transfer is a genuine thing today. Those who are friends with AI technology are beneficiaries of real-time assistance and help today, and those who are yet to make friends with it should participate in the rise of AI technology in human lives because it is only the future of mankind.

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